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Name: Jallen Silverstone

Draconic Name: Thielexstrasz

Nickname(s): Jay, Jall or Jal

Title(s): None
Dragonflight: Red
Age: 976
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Born in a secluded area in Northrend
Mortal form: Half elf
Class: Warrior/Fighter
Occupation/Hobbies: Blacksmithing, Wandering
Alignment: Neutral Good

Affiliation: Red Dragonflight
Loyalty: Red Dragonflight

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Languages: Draconic(14%) Common(100%) Zandalari(3%) Orcish(5%) Thalassian(42%) Darnassian(71%)

Jallen is very...casual about things. He enjoys meeting new people and making friends. He is as Curious as a cat. Believes that everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. He enjoys teaching others the art of blacksmithing if they are interested. Appearances do not matter its all about the first impression. He has an opinion on justice and injustice, those who are just have a righteous cause and strive for a better tomorrow. Those who are unjust are selfish, deceiving, and down right cruel, he has a personal goal to great a better world for those who live on Azeroth and will stop at nothing to protect it.

In his draconic form he usually flies around areas where mortals are not heavily populated in. In this form he enjoys soaring as high as he can and with each day he strives to go higher. Though due to his lack of time spent with his own flight, he does not know much about his own kin.


Facial appearance: Rugged, strong jawline (everyone needs one of those..) :D
Eye color: Hazel
Hair style: Wild
Hair color: Black
Jewelry: Enchanted ring a friend gifted to him.
Scars/Facial tattoos: None


Tattoos: None
Scars: Upper torso

Armor: Jallen's wears mainly mail and leather but some areas are covered by plate. He uses plate here because...well he likes his organs :lol: , he may also wear a bandana and a shoulder pad made of plate.
His shoulder pad, gloves, pants and shoe wear are made of a mix between leather and chainmail.

His gloves are specially crafted to allow him to have amazing grip of his weapon but at the same time keep his hands well protected, the palm and a small ways up the finger is covered in plate so that if he were defenseless and had to resort to covering his face he would not harm his hand to much.

His pants are made of fine durable leather and on the sides and front it is covered by scale mail.

His boots are steel toe, have a small plate that runs up the front of the boot but the back side is bare leather.

The shoulder pad is made of a comfy durable leather. He will sometimes where a cloak to cover his identity as well.

Weapons: He has a few weapons he likes to keep around or nearby.

He usually carries a staff or a walking stick.

When he's feeling playful he wields a mighty War hammer made of stone, the hilt and pole leading into the head of the hammer is made of steel.

When he is sparring he enjoys using a Great Curved Sword made of Khorium.

When things are serious and the lives of others are at stake he uses a Halberd gifted to him by a dear friend. The Halberd is well crafted and enchanted to be lightweight but strong with a high durability, It is made of Adamantite.

Misc.: He is well built and strong in his dragon form he is fit, well defined, and strong.


Relatives: Dead and or unknown

Goal(s): Create a better world for the children.

Beliefs: Everyone deserves a second chance.

Home/Dwelling place: Mainly Grizzlemaw when he is not traveling.

Magic: Red Dragonflights natural gift ;) Total annihilation and the ability to heal.
Weakness: Arcane Magic.

Current being:
Cheerful, he is currently happy about his life.
Healthy, he wears no wounds and is not ill.

Fears: Death of friends, Failure, Embarrassment.

Additional info(optional): For the small time his father was alive he taught Jallen as much as he could. Having doing so Jallen had successfully Affiliated himself with the Red Flight but is not a very involved member. Though he seeks to be with a little help. :?: (Im bad with words XD)


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but TODAY IS A GIFT. That is why they call it the PRESENT. (Gotta love Oogway :3)

Childhood History: Jallen and his parents usually lived in their mortal form and having doing so they purchased a home in a small rural village. One day the quiet village was raided by a an unknown enemy. The Marauders quickly set the village ablaze, Jallen's parents fought relentlessly but remained in there human form. They did this because if they would become draconic and failed then Jallen would have become a target for some of the people in the village. Jallen's father worked relentlessly to push back the assault so that his mother could have a running start. This was no help.. HIs father only lasted so long and soon the Marauders chased after his mother. Jallen's mother was given a moment of rest and doing so she found a hiding place for Jallen, quickly turning and grabbing the Marauders attention once again and leading them away. Jallen was found by a normal mortal family that raised him. When he was old enough he set out on his own quickly discovering his powers that led him to his Flight. The rest is mainly him wandering around, trying to find himself.

Side note: Love you Heartwing!! <3

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