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Aerenstrasz of the Tyranistres

Lifedawn, Aeren

Leader of Heartwing, the Dragon-Phoenix.

491 years old


Asherystrasz’ Sanctum, hidden lair.

Red Dragon

Sorcerer, Pyromancer, Druid, Warrior.

Lawful Neutral


The Father of Dragons, Asherystrasz. Heartwing, the Red Dragonflight, Azeroth, Aryiastrasza, His Children; Aerdranstrasz and Selinastrasza.

Sexual orientation

Consort of Aryiastrasza

Draconic, Common, Thalassian, Darnassian

Shy. He has social anxiety. And only after recent events, has he been able enough to talk to other people, although he is still socially anxietated by the female gender. He used to run in panic from people of the female gender, seeing as he has lived unaware of their existence, until his arrival to Heartwing Isle. He has only known of the existence of the male gender on Azeroth, until his father, Asherystrasz, removed him from his lair and brought him into the real world. Despite all this, once he has settled his anxiety, he is calm, courageous and firm in his decisions. He has a natural talent for strategy planning and he is quite smart, due to him spending most of his time studying and reading books.

Physical appearance

Elven Form
He has an elegant face with soft features that the attracted gender would see as quite handsome. He has blue eyes as a high elf would have, but yet sometimes, his eye color may change to red or golden, depending on the situation.
Human Form
As his twin-brother’s human form, they are identical in appearance. He has a wrinkled face with green eyes.

Draconic Appearance
His dragon form is identical to his twin-brother as well. He has a rough facade, a big-width jaw and teeth that could pierce steel. He has golden eyes, as a direct descendant of Asherystrasz.

Eye color
Blue (Elven Form).
Green (Human Form).
Red (when using his best abilities).
Golden (Dragonform)


Elven Form
He has long silver hair, always seen elegantly brushed. The hair goes down to his torso and on the back down to his shoulderplates.
Human Form
He has red hair with clasps of metals bracers around them. His hair is also well brushed compared to the identical form of his twin-brother Hydra’s.

He has a small ring on his pinkie that was given to him.

He has minor purple scars across his abdomen, which are the aftermath of an encounter he and Aryiastrasza had with a dragon-hunter mercenary of the Twilight’s Hammer.

He wears a red robe designed in Dalaran. The clothing piece is tailored from a few different pieces of fabric, created to resemble his draconic form. The robe has short sleeves, dropped slightly over the top of his shoulders, the dark red, almost brown fabric layering over the red one, ending in a silver trim. The chest part of the robe hugs around his body, from the base of his neck and to the waist, where one can see a fabric which resembles crimson scales. The back of the torso is adorned with several inscribed runes, which continue to the front of the chest, decorated with a silver and crimson gem. The continuity of the robe's fabric is interrupted by the belt placed around his middle and then continues down with a dark red row of scales, on the front and the back. The kilt part of the robe is made out of several layers of fabric, each layer trimmed with silver.
His staff is named Dragon’s Gaze. And it channels his inner draconic powers when he is in his mortal forms. It has a red crystal decorating the spire of the staff.The spire of the staff is made out of iron. The hilt ends the complexity of the staff with a smaller red crystal.


Father- ImageAsherystrasz
Mother - ImageSelnastrasza ✞
Twin-brother - ImageHydrastrasz ✞
Known brothers -
  • ImageHalionstrasz
  • ImageArchaeion
  • ImageAatrastrasz ✞
  • ImageVaeristrasz
Known sisters -
  • ImageSelenistrasza
  • ImageValnastrasza
  • ImageAradiastrasza
Daughters/sons -
  • ImageAerdranstrasz
  • ImageSelinastrasza

Home/Dwelling place
Artificially created Chrysalun Chamber forged by himself and his father that pictures a cabin in the woods close to a lake. Another place he calls home is Bloodmoon Isle.

Red Dragonflight’s abilities of annihilation & healing.

Not getting strong enough in time to be a proper leader for Heartwing, and failing to protect Aryiastrasza.

“Always and forever”

“You are worthy of my love. Your love has done so much for me. You have enhanced me and you made me better. It is thanks to you that there is hope - not just my hope - that I can indeed become a true, great leader. All, thanks to you. And my father saw that.” Aeren to Aryia.

“Don’t be without fear. Be with fear, but overcome it. There is a term for that, it is called courage”

"Don't despair, child. Words only hurt if you allowed yourself to let them"

Summary of backstory

Not many were aware of Aerenstrasz' existence before his twin brother, Hydrastrasz, heir of Heartwing, perished in the line of duty.

Aerenstrasz was born as twin younger brother to Hydrastrasz, hatching just a short while after him, from the same egg. Despite their physical identity, their lives could not have been any more different. While Hydrastrasz was groomed to one day follow in his father's footsteps, introduced to the mortal world since his young years, Aerenstrasz was kept away from everything, secluded for four centuries.

While Asherystrasz' attention seemed to be more focused on Hydrastrasz, he was anything but indifferent to his other son, whom he trained and educated as well and while he was not always around, his consort was. Selnastrasza's only purpose at that time was to look over the one who would one day follow in his father's footsteps as well and thus, year after year, she raised the young dragon in the best way she could. Despite her care towards Aerenstrasz, the two never had a true mother-son relationship, she was more his supervisor than his mother and thus, upon her death during the Black Rebellion inside Heartwing, Aeren remained unaffected.
The potential seen within him by his father was also seen by his twin brother. Despite being hidden away, Aerenstrasz was often visited by his twin brother, who always insisted that he could see true potential in Aerenstrasz. Hydrastrasz often spent time with Aerenstrasz, and they often spared against each other in playful and often, serious fights. Hydrastrasz knew by then that Aeren’s strength and knowledge already surpassed his. Although Aeren was inexperienced, he held potential that outweighed everything that he lacked. But the two had conflicts every time they met, due to Hydrastrasz' wish to make Aeren better and stronger, sometimes pushing him to the point where the tension was so great it caused a teeth baring argument.

Despite this, the two brothers loved each other and their father loved them equally. However, while Hydrastrasz was out there, fighting for one cause or another, Aerenstraz grew up in a secluded area. He spent his days training and studying anything he could. He learned about the mortal world, about the past and history of his kind. He studied philosophy, learned about the Makers and he sometimes found himself reading about worlds that never were and have never been, about adventures and heroes, love and more.
[Alive] Aerenstrasz - Leader of Heartwing
[Alive] Aerdranstrasz - Child of Aeren
[Alive] Azraelstrasz- Second son of Asherystrasz - Not part of Heartwing

[Deceased] Asherystrasz - Retired leader of Heartwing
[Deceased] Hydrastrasz - Former Leader of Heartwing

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