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Name: Lenaladormi

Nickname(s): Lenala Vorathal, Lin Sparkgear.

Title(s): The Expanded, obviously a self-given title.

Dragonflight: Bronze.

Age: 2.

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Caverns of Time, Tanaris, Kalimdor.

Race: Dragon. Her mortal guises include a High Elf and a Gnome, Lenala and Lin, respectively.

Class: Time Guardian.

Occupation/Hobbies: Soup cook, enchanter, scholar.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Affiliation: Heartwing. Though, on account of her mother, she does have some ties to the Keepers of Time.

Loyalty: In order: Azeroth, Heartwing.

Status: Alive.

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.

Relationship status: Single.

Languages: Common, Thalassian, a smattering of Dwarvish and gnomish, and a complete understanding of Draconic.

Personality: WIP



Facial appearance: Akin to a teenage elf. Lest she's been in a battle, it would appear relatively unmarred.

Eye color: Sapphire in Elf form. Green in drake or gnome form.

Hair style:
Gnome: A goddamn tower of braided hair.
Elf: Held back by an ornate hairband.
Drake: HORNS.

Hair color: Black.

Jewellery: She usually has none.

Scars/Facial tattoos: N/A.

Additional info(optional): Her scales are more like the Bronze Tarecgosa recolor, as a drake. Shinier, basically.



Tattoos: N/A

Scars: N/A

Armor: She wears what can be considered enchanted robes woven with black and gold mageweave, for her casual wear. She wears what I can only describe as the Time Lord's Regalia for battle.


The Staff of The Youngling: A staff with a firey blue orb hovering within the evidently unfinished top of the staff. Lenala uses this to augment her spellcasting by a metric ton. The staff aids her in using the sand that all Bronze are known for unleashing, too. Formerly the Key of Time.

Additional info(optional): She has goddamn claws. And fire. And lightning.



Relatives: Rinadormi (Mother, status unknown.) Quozenodormu (Father, alive.) Alinaedormi (...Sister.) Dendormu (brother.)

Present relationships:

Aridormi - BEST FRIEND.
Adiastrasza, Miormi, Nelisera - ADOPTIVE MOTHERS.
Cerulegos - APPLE DADDY.
Asherystrasz - ADOPTIVE FATHER.
Lunaeries/Orodormu - ...
Rogan - Hated.
Aryiastrasza - Cordial. They cooked together!
Aerenstrasz - One word. Three, actually. "Grow a pair."

Goal(s): Serve Azeroth.

Beliefs: Don't Be An Idiot-ism.

Home/Dwelling place: Aestheril/Heartwing Island.

Magic: She uses arcane lightning and sand.

State of well being: Sane? Well?

Summary of your character's present being: Currently perfecting soup cooking.

Fears: End Time. That's literally her biggest fear, witnessing the Hour of Twilight/End Time.

Quotes: "I have expanded."
"...I have stared into the abyss."

Summary of Backstory: ALSO A WIP

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