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Name: Kaeladormi, (mortal disguise: Kaelynn Mercer)
Nickname(s): Kaelynn, Kaela, Kael. As far as it's clear you're talking to her, she doesn't mind what you call her.
Title(s): Lost One, Wanderer
Dragonflight: Bronze
Age: 289
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Uldum, Azeroth
Class: Warrior, Mage, Rogue (in-game)
Occupation/Hobbies: Duelist, tactician, traveler, scholar. Her hobbies also include solving and creating riddles.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Affiliation: Caverns of Time (formerly), Wyrmrest Accord (formerly), Heartwing
Loyalty: Asherystrasz; Heartwing, Azeroth
Status: Alive
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Languages: Common, Thalassian, Darnassian, Dwarven, Orcish, Draconic. She has basic knowledge of Runes, Glyphs, and Eredic symbols.

Do not be fooled by Kaeladormi's personable appearance; behind the tired smile of a High Elf, she hides a callous warrior. She had been called many things in her life, calculating, stoic, wise or even neurotic. In truth, Kael is as calm and contemplative as any other Bronze, although she may be rather impassive and objective. She is quite curious about the cultures across Azeroth and often dwells in libraries or cities of different races for months or even years. She is reliable and loyal, valuing faithfulness above most things. Her enigmatic, solitary character has prompted others to tell stories and myths about her which are mostly nowhere near the actual truth. She is sober, sage and practical, tries to stay patient with others -and she usually succeeds as she is very disciplined. Kael may fall into the depths of self-criticism, especially after what happened to her in the Nexus War, cogitating over 'what ifs' and over-thinking her actions in the past. Other than blaming herself for things she did or did not do, Kaeladormi is a quite intelligent and farsighted dragon, and she is somewhat elegant in every move she makes.
Also, Kael has an unfortunate tendency of going into a rage after losing someone (or something) very important to her, and so she tries to stay unattached.
She has recently acquired a habit of poring over gnomish and goblin plans for days, looking for ways to be able to fly again. Kaelynn misses being able to use her wings, but fortunately she had gotten used to it, and doesn't make mistakes like jumping off a cliff just to realize midway towards the ground that she won't be able to stop herself from crash-landing anymore.

Dragon Form: Kaelynn possesses a rather slim, elegant, somewhat ethereal form with a long, thin tail and small, pale bronze scales. Her eyes are a bright, yellowish color, ever-glowing, swirling with a golden shimmer. She has a pair of black onyx horns on her head and a couple down on the back of her neck to her shoulder blades. Her body is not heavily plated and seemingly designed for quicker moves and stealthier approach. She is also not very large, smaller than most dragons her age, but she is swift, expeditious and often takes advantage of her size and agility.
Perhaps the thing that stands out the most, is her left wing. The gossamer membrane had been damaged severely in the Nexus War, leaving Kael without the ability to fly. The once proudly held wing is now left badly torn and tattered, and so Kaeladormi is rarely seen in her Dragon Form, as she tries to avoid evoking others' probable pity.

Mortal Disguise: Kaelynn takes the appearance of a willowy, well-built High Elven woman with straight, nearly shoulder-length, sandy brown or blonde hair. She has fair complexion, fine features and smooth skin, except for the small claw-mark scar that runs across the left side of her jaw. Her bright, almond-shaped eyes are blue like the ocean with small streaks of bronze blending into the cerulean color.
Her upper-arms are covered in tattoos that are possibly nothing but randomly placed shapes. But each of them represents a memory, may it be a painful lesson or a happy moment.
She often wears leather armor with varying shades of brown, gold or sandy yellow, albeit she is not averse from plate mail or heavier armor. Kaelynn does prefer stealth over rushing head-first into battle, especially since she cannot use her Dragon Form that effectively anymore. Wherever she goes, she brings at least one blade with her, and she doesn't like to leave her sword alone for more than a day or so.

Kaeladormi was born in the lair of her parents, hidden between the mountains that separate the great deserts of Uldum and Tanaris. She was the third to hatch of the clutch of four siblings, though even her youngest brother had always been larger than her. Kaela's parents were in the dawn of their lives, both her mother, Teliadormi, and her father Rheidormu being over thousands of years old. They passed away when Kaelynn was six years old, only a couple weeks apart, leaving the clutch of four in the Caverns of Time where they would be looked after by their kin and trained to become Keepers themselves. Kaeladormi, however, did not wish to remain in the Caverns. It took her some time to convince her superiors, but in the end, they let the little Bronze head out on an adventure.

As a young drake, Kaeladormi traveled across Azeroth to research other races. She often stayed with one chosen society and watched as they grew, evolved and progressed. For nearly a one and a half centuries she studied the beings of Azeroth, but after so many years she had to acknowledge that she had, in fact, grown bored. Once that realization came to her, Kael chose to take off again, this time searching for adventure, rather than new races to study.
She first traveled to Northrend, but only stayed for a little while before returning to the Caverns of Time to help one of her brothers with finding some kind of artifact and lend a hand to his research. It was during that time that she met another Bronze Dragon, Varandormu, and after Kael was done in the Caverns, they decided to continue their journeys together. They fought beside each other in many fights and became strong allies. And later on, best friends.
Years passed nearly unnoticably. When the two heard the news about the Dragon Queen, Alextrasza's capture by the vile Dragonmaw Clan they knew they would both be needed in the fight. Although the battle, which was later known as the Battle of Grim Batol, concluded with the victory of the 'flights, it did not end without casualties. Varandormu died during the final battle, leaving Kaeladormi on her own, scarred and furious. To calm her mind, she traveled to Northrend and stayed in Sholazar Basin for a while, then, feeling the need to make herself useful, joined the Wyrmrest Accord in Dragonblight.
Kael was allied with the Wyrmrest Accord until after the Nexus War, in which her left wing was injured quite badly. Knowing that she would possibly never be able to fly again nearly drove the pugnacious dragon into madness. Seeing her rage over the lost ability, her Bronze superiors decided to send her back to Tanaris, but she never returned. Instead she began traveling again, though this time it was much slower to get from one place to another, seeing that she could not use her wings.
She soon wandered to Northrend again, after hearing about Asherystrasz's Heartwing, and found her place quick enough beside the Dragons that live on the Island and serve the Father of Dragons.

"May your wings be strong, may your aim be true, and may your enemies' head hit the floor without you taking a scratch."
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