Aerdranstrasz - Son of Aerenstrasz & Aryiastrasza

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Aerdranstrasz - Son of Aerenstrasz & Aryiastrasza

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Artwork by Lydia Eason (exclusive artwork)


Artwork by Omupied


(named after Aerenstrasz and Hydrastrasz)

Aerdranstrasz of the Tyranistres

Aedras Phoenixborne, Aedrian Crownflame, Aedran Phoenixcrown, Aery (by Selina). Aeri (by other Heartwing members)

The Young Lord, Keeper of Azeliastres, Leader of Heartwing, Director

3 years


Heartwing Isle - Grove


Aerdran has an innate affinity for the destructive powers of the Red Dragonflight, which is in contrast to his sister's healing powers. Aerdran has specialized himself in Arcane Magic, but his firepower is his most destructive offense
Lawful Neutral

Heartwing, Sorcerer's League

Legacy of Asherystrasz, Aerenstrasz, Aryiastrasza, Heartwing, Azeroth, The Red Dragonflight, The Dragonflights


Sexual orientation

No marital relationships

Draconic, Common, Thalassian, Darnassian, Titan and Ancient Darnassian (as of Legion: Nightborne storyline).

- Previous as a whelp -
Aerdran has two distinctive personalities depending on how acquainted he is with a person. More than often, he is shy and generally staying away from large amount of people. Being very person-shy. He often likes to be quiet around people he doesn’t feel he has gotten to know fairly well.

Around his own sister, he doesn’t see himself as someone who should be passive. Rather he acts like a guardian in front of her, acting stout and high. Often sometimes coming off as threatening if he feels his sister is in danger.

He can have quite an ego, mostly in moments where he feels he has achieved something great. Likely so, he is always fond of his own accomplishments.

- Current as a drake -
Aerdran has been tested through many things which has shaped him to be the person he is today. After the Fall of Heartwing at the Broken Shore. Aerdran was tested in his compassion and how far he was willing to go in what he believed to be the only salvation for Heartwing. He was faced with a crippling realization, if he could not lead Heartwing, Heartwing would fall into the maw of Helius.

Aerdran was forced to mature and in so his compassion and tender personality was hardened to the point of it being buried away. The Aerdran now is the result of fearing for the lives of others, feeling compassion for their lives, and feeling the weight of everyone's lives upon his shoulders.

For this and through having an life on the verge of being taken away from him. Aerdran molded into a person, that saw every day of life as a blessing, and truly believed that there was no greater string of fate steering and pulling him forward. The only life he could have is the one he made for himself. This made Aerdran understand the compassion his father had for Heartwing and why. He now truly doesn't see people as obstacles to him as he did as a whelp, but now sees Heartwing as the only means in which he and Azeroth will survive.

Physical Appearance
Elven Form
He has an elegant face with soft features and marked jawline. He has golden eyes as a high elf would have, but around dragons, the eye color of his dragonform shines through his mortal form, embedding his eye sockets with the iconic golden screening of the Tyranistres bloodline.
Draconic Appearance
His face is scarred and often even if once could've been considered attractive is now filled with the tiniest cuts and bruises that could not fade with healing.

Eye color
  • Blue/Golden (Elven Form)
  • Red (when using his superior abilities)
  • Golden (Dragonform)

Elven Form
His elven form is derived from his father’s reflection. He has shorter silver hair than his father, and used to always have it bound with a knot. After Vyrnastrasza cut his hair after he gathered his new robe from Dalaran, he now let it fall down, with each major lock of hair splitting.

He has a pendant around his neck that has an illustration of his mother; Aryiastrasza inside it.

He has some burned skin scars around his body from the destruction of the Heartwing Isle, he just barely escaped.

He wears a red robe with golden linings, the same design of the Magisters of Silvermoon. The clothing piece is tailored from a few different pieces of fabric, created to resemble his draconic form. The robe has short sleeves, dropped slightly over the top of his shoulders, the dark red, almost brown fabric layering over the red one, ending in a silver trim. The chest part of the robe hugs around his body, from the base of his neck and to the waist, where one can see a fabric which resembles crimson scales. The back of the torso is adorned with several inscribed runes, which continue to the front of the chest, decorated with a silver and crimson gem. The continuity of the robe's fabric is interrupted by the belt placed around his middle and then continues down with a dark red row of scales, on the front and the back. The kilt part of the robe is made out of several layers of fabric, each layer trimmed with silver.

His staff is named Tyras’ircar. It can channel his inner draconic powers when he is in his mortal forms for a short period of time. It has a red crystal decorating the spire of the staff.The spire of the staff is made out of iron. The hilt ends the complexity of the staff with a smaller red crystal. A gift from his grandfather.




Grandparents (Father's side)

Grandparents (Mother's side)



Home/Dwelling place
He currently dwells between his parents’ home and the now home in Howling Fjords of Heartwing.

He currently uses arcane and fire oriented abilities, alike with the innate nature of the Red Dragonflight. Although he seems more like an offensive caster than one of the supportive nature like his sister.

To see his grandfather, father or mother in ill situations, or see any harm come to his twin-sister or those of his family, Tyranistres or Heartwing.

“If my heritage is what makes me worthy. I do not want to be a leader. I want to be a leader, because I am worthy, because I can aspire courage in the hearts of dragons, that I make sure Heartwing is in the best hands.” - Aerdranstrasz to Paragon Kaeladormi

Summary of backstory
Aerdran was born to Aerenstrasz and Aryiastrasza in the Grove of Heartwing, that was made by dragons to be a sanctuary of life within the boundaries of Heartwing. The land artificially created and blossoming with life, it became the nesting grounds of the Ruler of Heartwing’s first son.

Aerdran was met with a crowd of dragons and few mortal allies. Already from inside the shell of his egg, he began learning. And learning would become invigorated livestock, only next to important to the essentials of staying alive. His birth was foreseen long ago by the Father of Dragons before his parents even knew notion of Aryiastrasza’s twin pregnancy.

The grove whispered and sung the arrival of this new infant young whelp. A small light of happiness within the endless torrent of darkness that the war had wrought upon. Yet as he hatched, his twin sister Selinastrasza soon followed. Having lived with Selina inside the egg, they had already grown to know each other very well. Since that day, the two became nearly inseparable.

The following days, Aerdran’s life would be books, food, sleep and repeat. Only really nurturing himself with the love from his sister, father and mother. And in his grandfather’s only moment to spare, he received one of the twin artifacts that would further help them have a chance of survival in this war. An enchanted staff was given to Aerdran and an enchanted rose was given to his sister.

Days passed and his father and Heartwing left on an important mission into the past of the War of the Ancients. A topic, Aerdran himself would say he was quite educated with. He felt quite cheated on, that he did not get to join the mission as well. But he knew that mission was no place for newborn whelps.

Later that day....

“They all stopped in their tracks as clouds suddenly covered the setting sun. The air moved in a sudden blast, hot, heavy, and a distant roar brought fear to their faces and in their hearts. As they looked up, they noticed it was not the clouds covering the sun, but a massive black dragon, engulfed in fire and death, looming high above the isle of Heartwing.”

Aerdran, Selina, Khalidormu and the remaining band of whelps summoned the last vestiges of their power as they activated the Aegis Crystal’s Chrysalun Chamber, and transported them into the home that Asherystrasz had created for his son. 3 weeks, they spent in the chamber, growing ever more tired. Lastly by the effort of himself, Aethrasgos, Hestiastrasza, Aridormi and Khorozdormu. They managed rip open a gateway between Azeroth and the Chamber, reuniting the young twin whelps with their parents.

Legion Storyline
Aerdran was with the rest of Heartwing as they journeyed to the Broken Shore, after their Legion had given them the ultimatum that either their home; Mithres Alymna or Azeroth itself possibly would fall.
[Alive] Aerenstrasz - Leader of Heartwing
[Alive] Aerdranstrasz - Child of Aeren
[Alive] Azraelstrasz- Second son of Asherystrasz - Not part of Heartwing

[Deceased] Asherystrasz - Retired leader of Heartwing
[Deceased] Hydrastrasz - Former Leader of Heartwing

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