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I cannot tell you how proud I am of that (unfinished) picture. The size makes it look weird, but in bigger resolution, it's lookin' a little better!

Name: Arysius, (disguise name: Arys Sunchaser)
Nickname(s): Arys, Ary, Mouse
Title(s): N/A
Dragonflight: Netherwing
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Netherwing Ledge, Shadowmoon Valley, Outland
Class: Spellcaster, Rogue (in-game)
Occupation/Hobbies: Arysius used to work as a bartender, though it seems like that was an eternity ago. His hobbies include exploring, reading books about alchemy and trying to learn as much as he can about his own origin and 'Flight. Ever since he learned how to use his wings, his favorite thing in the world is flying.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Affiliation: Himself, Heartwing
Loyalty: Netherwing, Asherystrasz; Heartwing, Azeroth
Status: Alive
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Languages: Draconic, Common, Thalassian, Darnassian

Since he is still practically a hatchling, Arys may be a little too irresponsible and imprudent. He is adventurous and courageous, open toward all new things and very curious about the world that surrounds him. He may seem very shy at first, and he tends to stay quiet around people he doesn't know, but this vivacious drake is actually quite sociable and friendly.. though his truly inoffensive humor might annoy some seasoned dragons as he's slightly immature. He likes to make sarcastic comments and be all presumptuous, but truthfully, he has a heart of gold. He is selfless and protective of the ones he holds dear, but quite stubborn and disobedient. He is not good at following orders, though that is only a concomitant sign of his age. Though his pugnacious personality gets him in trouble from time to time, Arys is a pretty shrewd, witty and adaptable lad. He's naturally good combatant unless he is stuck in his High Elven form as he has never been trained to use weapons.

Dragon Form: Arysius' true form is a darker blueish color mixed with stripes and patches of violet. His somewhat shark-like head is adorned with an azure crystal-horn, and glowing cerulean eyes. He is a moderate sized Drake, although possibly smaller than most Drakes of larger 'Flights that are his age. (Well, if you convert their age to Netherwing-years. >.>) The membrane of his wings is a darker, iridescent color and so are the crests at the end of his tail. There is one brass bracelet on each of his onyx-clawed feet. Even in his Dragon Form, Arysius is rather light and some would even call him skinny. The scars that mark his body are a slightly lighter color, some bigger, some smaller. He acquired them during some unfortunate events. Long story short; a Dragonmaw Orc decided to nail Dragon armor into his flesh. ..Thank the Titans, the plates have been removed.

Mortal Disguise: Arysius takes on the form of a young High Elf with long, silvery-ashen hair and bright blue eyes. He seems to be in his teenage years, a boy rather scrawny, preferring to wear light leather armor or simple cloth. He only carries a dagger around him for emergencies, as Arys is not very good in combat when he has to use his elven disguise. He does excel at sneaking though, having mastered the skill when he was but a whelp. He is light on his feet and quite stealthy. A small bit of his left ear and the tip of his right little finger is missing, and he has gained quite a few smaller scars during his time with Heartwing.

A quiet click. Patches of greenish light percolating through the tiny crack on the side. The side of the black egg that used to be the whole world of a Netherwing hatchling. The miniature whelp stumbled to its small, clawed feet after fighting his way out of his crumbling home, opening his icy blue eyes for the first time and glancing around. He was sitting at the feet of a lone iridescent crystal, one of the many that litter the dark soil of Netherwing Ledge. A few moments later he heard the dull thuds of orcish boots approaching. Somebody grabbed his wings and he was lifted into the air although the tiny dragon tried his best to break free. Clawing, biting whatever he could reach. The grip on his wings tightened as the orc let out a low grunt and headed back to the Dragonmaw Base Camp.
As one of the many children of Karynaku, Arys was born in Shadowmoon Valley after the broodmother's capture by the Dragonmaw Clan. Many of his brothers and sisters have been brainwashed by the vile orcs, and Arys could only escape them thanks to marvellous luck. As he was struggling against the Dragonmaw orc that was sent to collect him from the field, one of Arys' wings was damaged. The orcs deemed him inefficient and he was to be thrown off the Ledge, into the nothingness surrounding the torn-apart Outland. The whelp, not knowing yet how to fly, was rescued by an adventurer, a human called Andaleeb. Andaleeb brought Arys back to his homeland on Azeroth determined to raise the tiny hatchling. He hid Arys in the Deeprun Tram, though after the whelp learned how to take the form of a High Elf, Arys was allowed to walk the streets of Stormwind and explore on his own. He helped out at the inn ran by the retired Andaleeb and spent his free time trying to master his abilities as a dragon -with more or less success- until the day he was seen. He was out at a lake, peacefully sunbathing in his true form when dragon hunters attacked him. Arys fled back to the Deeprun Tram but found the inn destroyed and Andaleeb dead. He used the tram to get to Dun Morogh, then flew away from his pursuers. The wounded, grieving drake found shelter in a cave located near Hammerfall, but he soon had to flee again.
Once he had gotten rid of the Dragon Hunters that chased him for weeks, Arysius returned to Stormwind once more, and sneaked onto a ship that brought supplies to Northrend. The young Drake hid in boxes and got off the ship near the Howling Fjord by diving into the freezing cold water and swimming to the shore. He wandered the Fjord for some time before traveling to Dragonblight through the Grizzly Hills. He didn't stay for long, however. Tales about a group of Dragons and the great Red One, known as the "Father" found the curious Netherwing and his wings soon brought him to the Isle.

"If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?"

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