Elysigosa's Evolving Opinions of Heartwing

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Elysigosa's Evolving Opinions of Heartwing

Post#1 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:48 am

Back in August; Elysigosa started as a brand new Whelpling in Heartwing dedicated to evolve with Heartwing's actions. After mulling over some ideas, I figured it'd be a decent idea to post Elysigosa's opinions about various members as she's grown up. Just note that these are her opinions from her position.

Aerenstrasz, Lord of Heartwing: (Elysigosa values him as her Father Figure. 12/31/17)
"He's similar to a protective Older Brother to our entire little family. His father was "The Father" and he holds his father's legacy quite well... In my opinion. If he ordered me to jump off a cliff, I'd happily do it.
On a side note... He gives very good hugs."

Aerdranstrasz, Heir of Heartwing:
"While I consider Aerenstrasz to be alike an Older Brother; Aerdranstrasz takes that role in a more literal manner. He enjoys tormenting myself and Mayastrasza over silly little things. I remember a time in which he threw fire and growled playfully. Every now and then we wrestle... Though he acts much as alike a stubborn ass every other moment."

Azraelstrasz, Son of Asherystrasz:
"A grizzled war veteran with unclear motives and intentions. He curses damn near everything to ensure specific uses. Sometimes I can still feel the pain of the curse he placed on one of his books. It spread over my body, through my scales, inflicting endless pain until I could stand it no more. Despite the negatives, I respect Azraelstrasz. I'm glad he's sort of on our side."

Antonius Augury:
"Effectively, he's the father I never had. Well. The first of two. Antonnius Augury took me from Gjalerbron at my request just after my hatching. We wandered into the Grizzly Hills, marveling at the fallen husk of Grizzlemaw and the Glowfly nests housed all around its stump. I was allowed to find a sickly queen and nurse it back to health. I still have her in a jar with which I keep in my box. I learned how to take information from the minds of others by practicing on those harmless insects. I love how they sparkle... Despite his absence as of late, I still greatly value that human."

Older Opinion:

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"By far the strongest human I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He's not the brightest... But he makes up for this with a great deal of heart. His sole goal in life at this moment is to gain the trust of Hestiastrasza. I certainly wish him luck in that pursuit... Hestiastrasza, Dalmion and myself were involved in the final blows dealt to Malphaezar, the Dreadlord whom hunted us in the area surrounding Gjalerbron."

"He scares me, in all honesty. His unpredictable behavior after I'd rejected his proposal leads me to believe simply that I have to be extremely careful around him. Yet... I hurt him. I caused him pain. If anything else; I deserve more extreme punishments from those on High."

Elandril Oakhide:
"He convinced me to stop drinking."

Older Opinion:

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"With my mother being... Gone... Hestiastrasza has somewhat taken that role. She allows me to sleep in her Cavern when I'm feeling lonely. There's no other Blue Dragons in Mithres Alymna at this moment. While Araligos and Scaligos are a part of Heartwing; I've not seen either of them in quite some time. Hestiastrasza is incredibly strong and brave. She idolizes everything I hope to be as a Dragon. I know that she's a runt for her age, but so am I. I'd adore the chance to be as strong, kind and wonderful as she is. Hestiastrasza treats me like an adult. For that and so much more, I have no end of respect for her."

"Why do I have to make everyone's lives more miserable? For a time; Hestiastrasza could match my emotional energy blow for blow. I'm happy she still allows me to call her 'Mother', but I find that I've simply done more harm than good by being a whiny little child."

"Whatever I did to make you angry with me; I'm sorry. A million times. All I wanted was a hug, but I don't blame you for finding me so detestable."

"I wouldn't let anyone hurt her. She's effectively my little sister... Despite being a Red. Can you tell I don't have any Blues to talk to? Well. There's Vaerylgosa, but she just stands next to Quel'Azelios all day and offers no conversation beyond 'Go to Bed'. I prefer Snowball Fights with Mayastrasza any day."

"The adopted Daughter of my Blood Mother. She's the only real sister I have. Where did she go?"

"Why did he leave me behind? Was I a bad daughter?"

"He saved my life. I owe him quite a bit for that. At least he let me hold Quel'Azelios."
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Re: Elysigosa's Evolving Opinions of Heartwing

Post#2 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:03 pm

A really good idea here! Mmh...maybe one day I must doing a confidence post about my character! :D

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Re: Elysigosa's Evolving Opinions of Heartwing

Post#3 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:55 pm

Really neat post you got there! Better than what I could do! <3
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Re: Elysigosa's Evolving Opinions of Heartwing

Post#4 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:44 am

Cute! I love this! #brainstorming
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