Tarodormu [Deceased]

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Tarodormu [Deceased]

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Name: Tarodormu
Nicknames: Taro, Taro’ill (Mortal form)
Titles: None
Dragonflight: Bronze
Age: 246
Birthplace: Tanaris
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Occupation: Formerly, guarding the Caverns of Time. Currently, whatever Luna wants to torture him with. :P
Hobbies: Sparring, flying, learning about the past, training
Affiliations: Heartwing, Keepers of Time (formerly), Mortal historians
Loyalties:Keepers of Time, the people of Heartwing
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Languages: Draconic (100% fluency), Common (60% fluency), Goblin(50% fluency), Darnassian (80% fleuncy)

In general, he does as he is told without much question. He respects those above him, but does believe strongly that those in authority need to prove themselves capable. He is generally quick to put one and two together, always looking for a causal relationship between scenarios. He is nice to other dragons and will protect those he calls friends with his life. When he loses someone he loves, he will try not to cry and generally walks away from everyone. He deals with his sadness by training and doing his chores, trying to shove the pain away instead of solving the problem.

Taro does however have his own sense of justice and doing him something he views as injustice is a quick way to make him despise you completely. For these people, he will not care and he won’t even think about saving their lives, even if Taro was the only one capable. During periods of emotional turmoil, Taro is easy to anger. The only things that keeps him from being manipulated in such a moment is his own pride, one that wants to avoid control of Taro’s body to someone else, but this pride can sometimes be overcome.

Taro is a fighter in every sense of the word. He enjoys fighting, training and planning out attacks in his mind. Let the blues deal with things concerning magic, let the reds and greens do the healing. He might not state it, but the lack of regular training by the Heartwing Dragons bothers him.
In battle, he prefers to fight tactically. He’ll nearly always suggest a battle plan and if nobody else takes charge, he will. He quickly makes decisions, believing that doing something is often better than standing around, this of course does increase the risk of mistakes.

However, when not in combat, he does tend to take things slow, sometimes too slow for the taste of others. He wishes to know as much useful knowledge about both his companions and his enemies as possible. Furthermore, Taro prefers the team comes up with a battle plan before engaging and can be irritated when his companion simply jump into the fray. This patience in turn sometimes irritates some of his companions, who are more willing to just get it over with swiftly.

Goals: To become a something worthy of the name dragon. And to help ensure the survival of his species

Pastimes: He keeps up his own training schedule, including but not limited too: Lifting rocks, climbing cliffs, swimming, jogging, practising fighting techniques. He also has found a new hobby making snowmen out of sand all around the island. Previously, he spent his free time looking into the wars of the past and learning from it.

Facial appearance: A large scar runs from just beneath his right eye toward the left bottom of his jaw, thanks to Scarostrasz. There are a few more minor scars. His horns more or less look like the ingame old dragon model, but he does not have any facial hair. His eyes are coloured bronze.
In mortal form, he has bronze spiky hair on his head and his face would look young if not for the scar. His eye colour is blue like a High Elf. He wears no form of jewellery on any part of his body.

Body: Taro is big for his age and muscular. Many minor scars cover his body and the left side of his behind is burned, currently still healing. His wings, horns and belly are mostly as they are in the model, but they have a slight blue tint.

Tarodormu hatched in the mountains north of what we now call Gadgetzan, Tanaris. Like his parents, he was bigger than most of his peers. He spent much of his childhood play fighting with his siblings under the watchful eye of their mother. His mother was a young dragoness, his father was older, nearly reaching the age of a wyrm. Both had tasks within the Caverns of Time, which is also the place they had met.

A year passes and Taro grows into a Drake. He had grown almost as big as his eldest sibling, Heradormu, and by now it was obvious that his destiny was that of a warrior dragon. And so his father began training his children in the ways of combat. In a few years, Taro and Heradormu were almost equally matched and both would later join the Keepers of Time.

At around 100 years old, both Taro and Hera had found their destiny. Hera, always the most adept in mortal form, was tasked to walk among mortals. Taro on the other hand, was placed in a platoon that guarded the entrance to the Caverns of Time. Where before Taro was always big compared to his peers, here Taro found himself among drakes of the same size. In this platoon, Taro’s and his peer’s training was taken to the next level, training and sparring, both in mortal and dragon form for hours.

For years, the strongest enemies the platoon had faced were mortal pirates, but a new threat had arisen. Silithid began popping up in Tanaris and Taro’s platoon was sent to deal with them. It was their first real battle and a few comrades were lost. Taro took part in these raids for a time, until he was given orders to deliver a message to the eternal watcher Ralo’shan at Staghelm Point. During this mission, he had a little skirmish with flying Silithid, but after receiving many wounds, he came out victorious. He crashed in a tree in the Un’goro Crater and fell unconscious. After waking up, Taro realized that his wing was broken. He climbed out of the tree that had thus far protected him from predators and continued his journey back to Tanaris. Being a fully developed dragon, Taro was already big enough that most predators would leave him alone and he was mostly save. Then, a Night Elf found him. The Night Elf was a member of the Cenarion Circle and he tended to Taro’s wing. His name was Lenaodraen. From that point on, Taro and Lenao stuck together until the wing was healed, Taro providing protection while Lenao investigated the local fauna and flora.

After about a month, the wing was ready to fly again and so Taro returned to the Caverns of Time, where a surprise awaited him. Orcs, green creatures from another world had begun invading Azeroth. This was the moment Taro had been waiting for, the moment that the Bronze Dragonflight would stand up and destroy this evil. But to his shock, the Bronze Flight did nothing. Taro was told that their task was protecting the timeways, not fighting in wars. This discouraged Taro, who had wanted to do something else than guarding the same old Caverns day after day.

During the Second War, Tarodormu snapped. The capture of Alexstrasza was the last straw and so he left the Caverns without permission and flew off.. somewhere. He didn’t really know where to go, so he flew off toward Thousand Needles, where he was finally halted by his brother, Heradormu. Hera failed to convince Taro to go back and so the two fought. When Taro finally gained the upper hand, he was frozen in place by a wyrm, the commander of his platoon. The commander lectured him about the nature of time and their flight’s task, then brought him back to the Caverns, where he was put on house arrest for a few months.

Now, with the return of Deathwing, Taro was finally allowed to enter the fray and he left for the frozen lands of Northrend, where he found a small island filled with dragons.

Attributes (Scale from 1 to 10 compared to his peers);
Tooth and claw: 7-8
speed: 7
Stamina: 9
Chronomancy: 5
Magical offence (Not counting breath weapon): 3
Magical defence (Shields, teleportation): 2

Taro’s strength lies in his stamina. He can take quite a few hits before going down, but he tries to avoid/block attacks as much as possible. His knowledge of arcane magic is limited to basics and he lacks the ability to teleport. He wields magic, be it arcane or chronomancy, to enhance things like speed and strength. His magical shields are weak. But his greatest weakness is a lack of experience. He has rarely fought other dragons that are not bronze dragons in sparring and infinites. To cope with this, Taro relies on logical reasoning and the knowledge he gained from looking into the past to plan out his attacks.

Has been practising his magic, achieving the ability to teleport to certain points (Heartwing Island, Dalaran, Stormwind), however he can still not reliably blink. Furthermore, his raw power output has increased to be closer to that of his peers. Being surrounded almost exclusively by dragons older than him, Tarodormu has reformulated his fighting style.

Tarodormu's is much like a dragon version of Obi Wan Kenobi. All of his attributes (speed, firepower, strength) are outclassed by Drakes and Wyrms, safe one. His stamina, which is not dependent on age, is very high. He can keep on fighting for long stretches of time and that is core to his fighting style: War of Attrition.

This fighting style allows Tarodormu to face wyrm-like enemies. As stamina is unrelated to age, Taro can outlast most wyrms. The best chance to beat him would be to take him out of the fight early on.

Weapons and armour:
-Broadsword (formerly, from his time as guard)
-Bronze leather vest (From his time as guard)
-Twilight Marauder armour (Stolen)
-Twilight Marauder mace (Stolen)

-Heradormu (brother)

Friends (The ones he himself considers friends):
-Avragosa (deceased)

People he considers above himself:
-Lord Halionstrasz
-Hydrastrasz (Deceased)
-Aspects and their consorts


Also, after a mental breakdown, he now really likes building snowmen, which now litter the entire island.

To Adiastrasza: “The irony is not lost on me, but could you heal my burned behind with your healing flames?”

“That was my first snowman…<walks away feeling sad>”

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