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Henmi, Yachelisse Sunbird
Of the Azsunan Brood
Blue Whelp
The Azsunan Brood, Heartwing
Blue Dragonflight, Heartwing
Sexual Orientation
Relationship Status
Without a shadow of a doubt, Henmigosa is very arrogant and proud of her own achievements. The smallest feat that she accomplishes is enough reason for her to be boasting about her own strength towards her fellow dragons. Henmigosa takes refuge in the world of books and song, being often found with her nose stuck in the pages of a book on Conjuration. Henmigosa is energetic and spontaneous. Given her sudden bursts of joy, she can become overbearing with how much time she demands from her peers. Henmigosa enjoys attention and tries incredibly hard to achieve it, especially from those she respects. The blue whelp seems to display acts of kindness to those she pities or cares for, such as Siyagosa, whom she cherishes and treasures as if they were born sisters. Henmigosa has shown more than once her vindictive nature and that she strongly believes in an eye-for-an-eye. Henmigosa's personality seems to be extremely contradictory of itself, considering that when in large groups she will often act as expected of a dragon her age, but in private, Henmigosa seems to be self-aware of the chaos the world is sprung into and the possibility of her dying slaughtered at any given moment.


Elven Form
A quel'dorei youth. A little shorter than average, her build is emaciated. She has a diamond-shaped face with a broad forehead, sunken cheeks, azure, shadowed eyes. She has a rather large nose that gives her a fierce, but aristocratic look. Her mouth is in the shape of a rosebud.
Her hair is thin and periwinkle, occassionally pulled up in a complicated updo that frames her face.

She seems to be near ambidextrous and is able to perform many tasks with either hand. She gestures dramatically. She walks slow and leans back and stands with her hips forward.
Draconic Form
Mischievous azure eyes sit graciously within the whelp's horned, angular skull, which give the dragon a rather devilish looking appearance. Several small central horns sit atop her head, just above her short, warped ears. Her nose is long and has two narrow, pointy nostrils. Her fangs are small and they poke out from the side of her mouth. A lean neck runs down from her head and into her slender body. The wings are rounded and erupt with sharp tips growing from each ending. Her wide tail ends in a mace-like growth and is covered in the same smooth scales as her body.



Home/Dwelling place
Mithres Alymna
Her rather simple dress flows from top to bottom and has a semi-sweetheart neckline, which daintly reveals her collarbornes. The flowing, tightly tied fabric of her dress covers her stomach where the continous flow is broken up by a long ribbon worn quite low around her waist. Her sleeves are fairly short and quite narrow and they adorned with slender, graceful bands. The outfit primarily consists of tones of dark and grey.
Born to Lynigosa and Necvygos, Henmigosa is a descendant of Senegos and proudly wears her name so. Hatched at the Azurewing Repose, her interaction with her own Azsunan brood was cut short because of the withered threat that the dragons were facing. Henmigosa has only spent a few days with her parents, but nonetheless, days which haunt her to this moment as she recalls them with a deep longing. Although Henmigosa aided during the fight against the withered invasion, she was wounded gravely by one of the monsters she was facing. Henmigosa was at her most desperate. Alone, immobilized, unable to fly away, to cower behind someone stronger than her, she was basically prey for the creatures to feast on. That is, until, an apprentice sent by the Kirin Tor had used a radiant ley crystal to heal her wounds and stabilize her condition.

Henmigosa gave her many thanks to this adventurer, and thus, decided to set out for Dalaran and find a place for herself in the world. Henmigosa had spent several days travelling alongside this adventurer under her mortal disguise, providing food for the two as she gained experience in hunting, gathering, and fishing, as well as the little magic she could grasp from the quel'dorei. During the course of these travels, Henmigosa learnt about the elven culture as well as the culture of her own, being promised more knowledge within the walls of Dalaran. What interested the young whelp the most was her dragonflight’s ancient duty, the madness that befell her Aspect and the Nexus War.

Henmigosa remembered the quick lessons her parents had provided for her. Necvygos and his consort were advocating for Malygos during the War, finding his actions only fit, but in the eyes of the mortals as well as the Dragon Queen’s, the Blue Aspect’s wish to end mortal life was insanity. Henmigosa was conflicted. Would she listen to the words of her family, or would she accept that the age of dragons was now over? That her powerful dragonflight has been disbanded and decimated by these beings? In her naivety, Henmigosa chose the former.

The two have set camp for the night. Staring at the bonfire, Henmigosa pondered on the history she had missed inside her egg, the horrors that her parents must have faced when they were left alone in the world, a mess without Malygos’ guidance. Henmigosa could not accept this truth. The blue dragonflight faced what no other dragon has faced before, the death of an Aspect. Henmigosa raised her eyes at the adventurer. Blinded by fury, blinded by her lack of knowledge, blinded by Malygos’ ideology, Henmigosa’s hands crackled with fire as she scorched the young apprentice to ashes, leaving his corpse to burn.Image

The blue whelp kept staring into the fire. She could not understand what she did. Did this young woman deserve to meet this fate? Perhaps she did not even participate in this wretched war. Henmigosa had allowed the circumstances of her birth to affect her judgement, and she could not forgive herself for doing so.

Henmigosa had stolen his woman’s name and face, disguising herself as the quel’dorei youth that was burning before her. She took the name of Yachelisse Sunbird and returned to Dalaran, reporting tales of her success in aiding the blue dragons. For her actions, Yachelisse was rewarded with visits to the Grand Library, accompanied by her teacher who invested quite a lot of time. Yachelisse took refuge in the world of books and spent most of her days locked inside this library, learning more about the history of this world, as well as spells that she had never put yet to practice.
As she began experimenting with Divination, the blue whelp found an island far away where dragons lived together in harmony during her most powerful scrying. She was tempted to take flight for this island at once and leave the Kirin Tor behind, to leave Yachelisse behind, to wash the blood from her hands, but what guaranteed her that she would not repeat her actions?

She pondered days and days on leaving for Mithres Alymna. Upon making the decision, she had retracted her studies from the Kirin Tor. She bid farewell to her teacher and left for this island, where Henmigosa’s life was completely changed.

Upon arriving to Mithres Alymna, she was welcomed by a bronze dragon. Shendormu introduced her to the members of Heartwing. She befriended Elisera, a whelp that she regards her own sister and fiercely protects her by all costs.
Henmigosa molded her behavior after the whelps around of her, portraying herself as childish in order to attract the affection and protectiveness of others. Showered with hugs, cuddles and sweet treats, Henmigosa once again became paranoid of herself. She could not show herself to her new family. Despite her short life, her past still haunts her to this day, and Henmigosa feels that there is no forgiveness for her action.

ImageAs a means to repent for what she has done, Henmigosa has chosen to attempt to distance herself from all of her dragonflight’s teachings in an act of rebellion.

Evolving Personal Relationships

<Romantic Love | Platonic Love | Respected>

<Extremely Liked | Very Liked| Liked| Neutral | Disliked | Very Disliked | Hated | Enemy>

"My sister. My teacher. To think that we both have fallen to that demon..."
"The most innocent out of all of us. Full of kindness. I pray that she never leaves her innocence..."
"Although we have dueled each other before, Tesrostrasz is honorable."
"He has understood my motives before and my eagerness to defend my home. Aerdranstrasz would make a fine leader."
"He is a troubled man, but I believe he can keep Mithres Alymna safe."
"I am not sure yet if she hates or tolerates me, but I'd assume it's the former."
"She is a relative of mine, born to the Azsunan brood, but I find her behaviour questionable..."
"An abomination. Unnatural and disgusting. He should have kissed the Dragon Queen's hand, yet he decided to scorn the one whom he owes his existence to. Shameful..."

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