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_________I N T R O D U C T I O N_________

Sarianna Emberheart
Aryia, Little Ruby
Her birth name was chosen by her mother, who wished for her youngest daughter to have a sweet, yet strong name. Thus, she chose the word which was another way to call a melody, as songs came from within, from the ruby heart. She chose her mortal name herself, only a few years ago, the first name based on Soriana, a character in a book she read and Emberheart as a remembrance to her ruby heritage. Her nickname “Little Ruby” was given by her mother when she was still a little whelp.
226 Years Old
She was born in a small sanctum, in the middle of spring, in a time when Azeroth was peaceful and, the faraway land known as Draenor was first encountered by the ancient Draenei.

P H Y S I C A L A P P E A R A N C E___________________

Aryiastrasza has a small, but proportionate, lean and elegant body, covered by crimson and ruby scales, shaped like the petals of a rose. Her underside is covered by golden, almost peach colored plates, starting from her neck and ending at her tail. Her legs are slender yet strong and they each end with three sharp, ruby colored crystal claws and her front legs also have two talons on each, matching the claws. Two golden earrings and two golden hoops adorn her front legs, while one gold hoop locks around each of her back legs’ ankles. Her ruby wings have a large span and they start from her shoulders, the translucent, ruby, almost veil-like web connecting to the sides her tail. Her wings each hold four talons, matching her claws, as well as a short row of small plates, matching those on her underside. Her tail is long, ending with a cluster of ruby crystals and a golden choker sits around the base of it. Her chest is adorned by an ivory choker, adorned with a golden plate and a large ruby. Her head is lean and narrow, slightly elongated and none of her teeth can be seen protruding from either of her jaws. The most prominent feature on her head are the two ivory horns, curling backwards then towards the front, the ends hidden underneath golden coverings. Her forehead is adorned by a golden crown, in the middle of which sits a large ruby. Her ears are elongated and slightly curled towards the end, two golden hoops hanging from her left one and one from her right one. Her eyes are slightly elongated and their color is between azure and purple.

Aryiastrasza assumes the mortal form of a High Elf, many of her draconic features morphed yet visible in this form. The elven female has a petite body, standing at only 150 centimeters and weighing a little less than 50 kilograms but despite this, she still has evient curves. Her skin is pale and has no visible distinguishing marks. Her draconic horns turned into the long, light blonde, almost ivory-colored hair, soft in texture, resting over her round shoulders and chest and ending close to her thin waist. Her face has soft features and the only clear reminder of her draconic form are her eyes, in the same azure-purple color, oval and curled towards the outer corners, the eyelids adorned with thick, black eyelashes. Her nose is small, slightly pointy and her lips are full and pink, the corners often curled up in a sweet smile. Her ears remained unchanged and in her elven form, they can be often seen dropped down a little. Her ruby scales turned into a beautiful red robe and her translucent ruby wings morphed into a long, flowing cloak, resting on her shoulders. The two gems adorning her body are now resting around her neck and on the front of her robe. The rings and bracelets of her draconic form can be seen upon her fingers and around her wrists.

___________________P E R S O N A L I T Y
Aryia is what many might call a “gentle heart”. The last in her clutch and always outshined by her brothers and sisters, she was a quiet one since her first years. She grew up in a small but loving family of dragons and so her mother’s kindness and her father’s love for others were passed onto her as well. She was raised knowing that life is precious and it has to be protected, which influenced her to be a compassionate, kind person. Despite her visible shyness and even though she is usually quiet and would rather sit and listen than speak, she does hold some fire in her heart, fueled by her desire to protect, whether it’s those she cares about or Azeroth’s life itself, from the beautiful flowers to the tall trees, from the tiny ladybug to the ancient giants of Un’Goro. She was brought up knowing to respect her elders and she knows that age brings wisdom and knowledge. Even though she is a young dragon, she is smart and curious and she holds a vast knowledge about Azeroth’s life and history; she wishes to learn more every day, knowing that the present and the future are just as important as the past. She has some insecurity about herself, mostly because of her quiet nature, which caused her to be picked on sometimes. She can also be stubborn, but very rarely and her wish to follow and admire instead of lead might be interpreted differently by those who don’t truly know her.

S T O R Y___________________
Aryiastrasza was born when Azeroth was in a time of peace (and Draenor was not): the War of Three hammers was long over and the dreaded Second War was many decades away. She was the youngest in a clutch of eight belonging to the red dragon Delanstrasz and his mate, Khayastrasza. The two dragons met during the War of the Shifting Sands, both coming from similar backgrounds, with hearts broken by the losses suffered thousands of years before by their beloved flight. As the final egg cracked under the shadow of a grand tree with red leaves, the two never thought that this clutch was going to be their last. Aryia was raised with knowledge of her flight’s past, from the dawn of time and until the War that led to her parents’ meeting. For many years, everything was peaceful. The last born whelp received the endearing nickname ‘Little Ruby’ from her mother, because of the ruby rose color of her thin wings, identical to her mother’s. All of her days were spent with her family, learning about the world and about everything it held.

However, only a few years after the little whelps turned into slender drakes, the father passed away, the thousands of years he had lived finally catching up with him. They were all heart broken, but he left the world knowing that his mate was going to continue bringing up the eight young dragons in the best way she could. Of all the drakes, Ari was the one who preferred to stay close to her mother, instead of play fighting or exploring like her relatives. Her mother never took another mate, and so they were all that was dear to her. As years went by, the young drakes matured into beautiful dragons, each with a mind and personality of their own. The most quiet of them all, Ari continued to stay close to her mother in their old home, while her brothers and sisters ventured further and further, spending a lot of their time in the red shrine and slowly finding other dragons they spent their days with. And it was that what saved Ari from the tragedy that struck the Red Flight during the Second War.

Amongst the enslaved red dragons were five of her brothers and sisters, two killed even before they were captured. This hit Ari hard but it hit her mother even harder and she never recovered from it. Ari remained by her side, tending to her as she withered away as days, months and years went by. Two years before the Reds were freed from their enslavement, the mother passed away. Ari remained with her mother’s body for a few days, before she finally left her home for ever and looked for sanctuary in the Red Shrine. But with sanctuary came the reality of what was happening. From those who survived capture, she heard the most terrible things and she could not possibly imagine them: red dragons attacking the mortals’ cities and forests and vessels, being tortured and forced to breed by the orcs. She felt helpless, weak and scared and she knew nothing of her brothers and sisters’ fate, while being surrounded by enraged red dragons who avoided capture and wished to wage war against what they called “the lesser races”. She remained in the shrine with the survivors while the battle of Grim Batol took place and took part in the joy that came with the return of their Queen and brethren. Amongst them was her oldest brother, who survived the ordeal, scarred, but safe. She helped nurse him and many other dragons back to health and it was then when she realized that she actually was useful, in a way.

The terrible Third War came and went by and she was not indifferent to what happened, but could not help but feel like more could have been done to help the mortals. Her brother was one of the sentries stationed at Grim Batol for a decade and one of those who had to be put down by his own kind after going insane. The loss of her only living relative left a deep mark inside her heart and she retreated to Dalaran where she remained as the other events, such as the Nexus War and the Nightmare took place. She remained there until more of the happenings began to unfold and hearing about Heartwing and the legendary Asherystrasz, she decided to once more join her kind and stand up in order to protect Azeroth and its life, which she so dearly cherished and also be a part of a family once more.

___________R E L A T I O N S H I P S___________

Consort to Aerenstrasz, son of Asherystrasz, Leader of Heartwing
Spouse: Aerenstrasz
Aryiastrasza and Aerenstrasz's relationship started like a small fire, from a single ember. Friendship turned into love and love turned into a bond meant to last until the end of time. In the beginning, they were shy towards one another, quiet and unsure. As time passed, their relationship bloomed and their love for one another saw them safely through the darkest of times. Few months after they were met and betrothed to one another, they were consorted by the Father of Dragons, atop the sacred Mount Hyjal, beneath the World Tree and before a gathering of friends and family alike.

Children: Aerdranstrasz and Selinastrasza
Not too long after the consorting, Aryiastrasza discovered that she was expecting. The immense joy filled both herself and her consort and the announcement was well received by Asherystrasz himself as well. However, despite the wonderful news, the times were still dark and so Aerenstrasz decided he wished to know his consort safe and protected. For most of her pregnancy, he kept her safe in their grove, away from Heartwing Isle and she only returned when he was almost lost during a battle. For the last few weeks, she remained on Heartwing Isle, safely guarded by all.

During an attack by an Elder Twilight Wyrm, Aerenstrasz and others were harmed. Seeing her consort in such a state, she forced herself to aid him and the others and pushed herself to the breaking point, despite her condition. This caused her to go into early labor, which lasted for nearly eighteen painful hours. Finally, a ruby egg appeared, pulsating with life and sending a ray of hope throughout the Isle.

Only a week later, one quiet evening, the egg cracked and from it came not one, but two whelps. The first to hatch was Aerdranstrasz, named after his father and his father's twin brother, Hydrastrasz. The crimson whelp resembled his father in many aspects, from the blazing golden eyes to the curiosity in his heart and he showed an affinity for the life around him just like his mother. Only minutes after him followed Selinastrasza, his smaller twin sister, curious just as him, with identical golden eyes, but recognised at the splitting image of her mother: the same ruby scales, veiled wings and sweetness. The two whelps' birth was witnessed by Heartwing's members, who were all present to welcome the new lives onto the world of Azeroth.

Mother: Khayastrasza
Khayastrasza was a dragoness with a gentle, yet strong heart. Her main wish was to keep her family safe and ultimately, the failure to do so was what caused her death. She met her only consort during the War of the Shifting Sands and they connected almost immediately. Throughout the years, they had many clutches together. Aryiastrasza was the closest to her mother of all her clutch siblings and she was the only one of all her children who remained with her until the end.
Father: Delanstrasz
Delanstrasz was a son of Alexstrasza. Proud, strong and caring, he truly cared for his consort and children. Although the War of the Shifting Sands left him crippled, he was not slowed down in his goal to teach his children and, together with his consort, he did his best to make sure the little dragons had knowledge about the world and the past. He died of old age, his consort the only one who was initially aware of his passing.
Aryiastrasza was the last to hatch, several days after her siblings and unlike them, she never left her parents’ side. The other seven dragons were all energetic, loud and curious and as time went by, they all developed unique personalities and minds, drifting further and further from the nest. Aryia was never truly close to any of them and yet, losing them during the horrible events of the Second War left her heart broken.

L I K E S & D I S L I K E S___________________

PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE__ Elegant robes made out of soft fabrics, tailored to hug her shapes.
FAVOURITE PAST TIME(S)__ Sitting under a tree or in a library and reading, flying.
MOST PRIZED POSSESSION__ A small, golden ring, adorned with three red rubies, given to her by her mother.
HOBBIES__ Reading is her main hobby, seeing as she has a wish to gain as much knowledge as she can. She also likes to fly as it makes her feel at peace and free. She also has the tendency to look for injured critters or animals and help them in any way she can.

O T H E R S___________________

FEARS__ Her greatest fear is losing the one she loves, as well as the new family she found. Her second greatest fear is seeing Azeroth destroyed by Deathwing.
STRENGTHS__ She is a very good flyer, skilled healer and she is quite smart.
WEAKNESSES__ Her current greatest weaknesses are her consort and children.
MANNERISM__ When seeking comfort or a little bit of encouragement from within, she is often seen touching the necklace around her neck. When nervous, she bites her lips. She also blushes easily, in embarrassment or shyness.
POSTURE__ She usually stands with an elegant, relaxed posture, hands held together in front of her body or on her lap, if she is sitting. If she respects the person before her greatly, she always keeps her chin and eyes lowered.
LANGUAGES__ Draconic, Thalassian, Common
LOYALTIES__Red Dragonfligt, Heartwing, Aerenstrasz, Asherystrasz
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