The Twilight Vendetta

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The Twilight Vendetta

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This is not found anywhere IC. Since he is dead. So, this is purely to describe the events leading up to the death of Kiljehnaku. This is his POV on the mission while Cayosin's will also be posted. This is the perspective of Kiljehnaku in the assignment known as The Resurgence.

We arrived at Grim Batol. The rainy weather made our vision shortened and the temperature to a lowered degree. The sky was grey as the rain drops poured down and splattered on the rock path in front of us. The water slithering down like a snake as it made its way through the small crevices in between the small rocks that made the road. It flowing down and forming a few puddles. We then decided to head up the hill. The rain beating down on our armor and clothing. The sound of the heavy plate boots hitting the surface of the moist rocks. The slow and silent breathing of the people beside each other. Everyone was silent until we reached the entrance to Grim Batol. We came upon view as three twilight guards stood before us in the abandoned city known as Grim Batol. The smell of blood and feeling of magical presences came upon my body. I sighed softly as I looked at the twilight guards. Persuasive words failed at first so combat broke out. We eventually take them out with ease and move on to the next room. Taking on an ambush of some shadowmancers and shadow dancers. We eventually end the onslaught and retrieve an old member known as Miormi. We continue on with our mission through the halls. The magma in between the rows of paths that once were populated with people. We fought more twilights. Eventually we cleared out most of the place. Opening a chest with a riddle that we solved and soon enough we came upon some projection of a Twilight Pureblood. Something to do with chronomancy that I myself could not understand. The only thing I knew to due was wait it out. I had a mortal named Edward on my back. We went a hid on the right side of the two lanes. Taking cover, then a strong spell I couldn't resist lifted me off my feet. Edward falling off my back and landing on the stone floor. I shifted around midair and seen some pylon had pulled me into this throne room. I transformed midair and landed. I looked around and seen Twilights surrounding me. A pureblood and a Blue Elder Wyrm in between two guards. I then shifted my gaze to the left and seen Cayosinstrasz. The Twilight Wyrm who had taken my son stood before me. His sword out and looking at me with his dark crimson eyes. I pulled down my hood and faced him. I drew the hilts from my sides and looked around. His minions cheering as he stood there opposing me. It was a fight to the death in this place. I drew my blades. We then fought. I was a match for him physically and magically. For time we fought. We both starting to enter fatigue then I felt my energy starting to deplete. A purple siphon coming from his hand as it reached into my body. I couldn't do anything as I was drained. I then felt a force throw me to the side of the throne. My blades still in my hands until I landed. I then teleported them from my hands back to the outside of the room. It taking most of my energy since the immense shield of magic blocking it. I seen Edward run out as I watched. Cayosinstrasz laughed at me and mocked me. Kicking my mouth as I was helpless. I knew my final moments were upon me as I layed there. I watched as his bodyguards dragged the Wyrm to the middle floor and then Cayosinstrasz executing him with a clean cut to his head. I knew it was my time and I got up and walked to the middle. Him behind me and letting me face Heartwing. Edward had came back and the force I had came with was there watching. I looked up to see a group that I once called friends. A group of people who tried to help me in finding my purpose. But, on my time in this world. I learned my place, I wasn't meant to be. I was a mistake. I then said to only for Cayosinstrasz to hear me. "Before you take my life, remember this. We are just the same, the only thing that you think that makes us different is the magic that makes our bodies. You are like me and you aren't meant to exist. Now, brother. When you kill me, remember you're killing your own. In time, you will die the death of a traitor...." His sword went through me. I looked down as it came out my chest. I looked up at Heartwing and then looked around to see people who I could of called allies. I then fell down. But as I fell. I landed on my knees before collapsing. A grin spread on my face before hitting the dirt. "I will be waiting for yo-u, br-other...."
Kiljehnaku||| Status: Deceased
Terefus Everbloom||| Status: Alive
Edward Kuven||| Status: Unknown
Broledormu||| Status: Deceased

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