Azure's Fall - Chapter One

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Azure's Fall - Chapter One

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To preface this story, I'd quickly like to say that Azure's Fall is going to pan out as a series of short stories that won't always necessarily tie right into one another. There will be a few timeskips to notable points in Scalagos' progression. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.




As night fell and the Blue Child ascended to the skies of the Coldarra, the Nexus fell all but silent. The only sounds that passed through its ancient halls were the diminutive chirps of the newest clutches, and the roars of furious discussion near the archaic spire's zenith.

The Nexus War had begun, and the eldest of wyrms knew what this would mean for their flight, very nearly as old as life on Azeroth itself. It meant they would be targetted. Demonized. Some had faith in their Aspect's decision to throw ruth to the wind and end magic as a commonplace 'toy' amongst mortal kind. Some did not.


Tarthagos, the primeval wyrm of the discussing group, simply surrendered to the authority of his Aspect, "You plan to go against your flight? Your livelihood is at stake, Sittragos! If you continue this senseless endeavor, it will be your undoing."

Sittragos, as opposed to his much older counterpart, didn't allow his emotions to take control of him. After all, he valued sensible debate.

"What is the Blue Dragonflight if not scientific? All I hope to gain from conversing with you, Tarthagos, is the opportunity to change your mind, or have mine changed. Magic has been our charge since the beginning of time, I do not deny. But to claim that we alone can wield it is... foolish at best. The Burning Legion is a force that won't stop whether we stop our lesser counterparts or not. The freedom to choo-"

Tarthagos snorted loudly, taking it as a chance to interrupt Sittragos.

"The freedom to choose is a luxury most do not have, Sittra. Something you won't have if you go on with these talks of betrayal. Of mutiny. To think that you've honestly made it this far, when all it took to break your loyalty was a floating city full of humans. Disgusting."

A third wyrm chimed in, her voice soft and soothing despite being the only one among the group addressing them in her true form.

"You both must remain calm. The last thing we need at this juncture is something breaking us apart. Without our forces, the Nexus will surely fall. And whether we unite with the purpose of destroying the mortal magi, or simply rescind our claims to that goal, you must both respect that we cannot let the Nexus fall into their hands. The knowledge and power it holds. If it weren't a sure thing beforehand, it definitely would be after they got their hands on it."

Sittragos and Tarthagos grumbled in unison, simply flicking their wrists as a flash of arcane engulfed their mortal guises and teleported them elsewhere.


Atop a nearby platform, using a simple listening spell to eavesdrop, sat Scalagos. Though Sittragos and Tarthagos had already departed, the keen senses of the third wyrm; Danaragosa, were caught on the spell.

She quickly prepared her own short-range teleportation spell, appearing behind the young drake in her human form. Overall, her guise seemed unassuming; a short human mage with dark hair and low-quality spectacles.

"Child." She barked out to him in a commanding tone.

Scalagos nearly jumped, whipping back in a single motion to fling an arcane missile towards the much older dragon.

Her hand met the missile, causing it to fizzle out in no more than a single second. "You know, you would think your parents would instill proper values, as many do. I'm sure you're aware. 'Respect your elders'. That sort of thing, yes?" Though she challenged the young man, she now spoke calmly, a warm smile teasing at the edge of her lips.

"I... I-I, uhm..." Scalagos stammered for a moment, much to his dismay. Danaragosa simply began to chuckle at the young boy's embarrassment.

With nothing more than a sigh, he continued, "I'm sorry about the intrusion, ma'am. It... won't happen again."

"I should hope so." From behind Scalagos, a deep and respectable male voice chimed into the conversation. Scalagos turned, to be met by his father, effortlessly balancing on a small spike of ice. "Return to our home, yeah?" The care free wyrm waved his offspring off before jumping down to converse with Danaragosa. "Sorry about Scalagos."


Scalagos returned to his family's lair with relief at the lack of punishment. Still, his mind couldn't rest as he pondered the future. What would this mean for his flight? Many a sleepless night was left in the wake of Scalagos' own restless brain.

He simply couldn't come to a decision as to what he'd do with his own life. The choices ranged from betraying your flight to betraying races that can't defend themselves. He'd come face-to-face with his own draconic kind. But... soon enough, peer pressure carried the indecisive child away into the conflict that would shape his life.

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