Life in Death - Azraelstrasz

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Life in Death - Azraelstrasz

Post#1 » Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:51 am

“To understand death, is to understand life”
— Azraelstrasz


Art by Daniel Lieske

Journal Page: 257

To understand life is also to understand death. For too long have our Dragonflight sought to blind us with the beautiful lie that is Life, in the conspicuous killing and harsh truth that is Death. Do not paint me wrongly, because I do not think you should ever choose between Life and Death. I believe strongly that Life is as important as Death. I do not weep when I see birth, nor will I ever weep when I see Death.

I came into this world as any other. I will leave this world as any other. There is no such as sanctity to Life. There is no holy boundaries about Death either. Only by treating Life and Death with equal grounds, will we ever achieve what Eonar tried to teach us. To not let our emotions blind our way, we must see beyond our emotions to really experience what Life and Death is about in the first place.

Our Dragonflight has always been able to do both? Why would that be?

If our Dragonflight was always just about creating Life? Who would ever make the cycle.. Cycle? Who would turn the Life we created into Death?

Could it be Time? If so, this world would already be overgrown with Life and over-popularity a long time ago to the point it could no longer sustain itself. Life will always create Death, and Death will always create Life. It is as it always has been, and as it always must be.

But there are those who would tip the scales in favor of either Life and Death. If too much Life exists, there can only be chaos. If there is too much Death, there can only be chaos. Only by keeping the balance of life and death in check, can we achieve the ultimate purpose of the reason we exist: ORDER. These are the people we must put our efforts and eyes to. Not people who murder a single man, but people who would cause mass-massacres of entire worlds.

People like my brother, who would see everyone wither and die, if it means he will live. He will destroy cities, kingdoms and worlds if it means he will live. That is not the correct approach. He bears truth to some extent in that your life does matter the most, but you should see besides your own life and see the grand scale that, there is a world breathing just beneath our feet, that this world and this universe is bigger than us.

It is not the means we use, but the purity of our intentions that define us. Time and time again, have we seen the narrow-minded only see what’s before them instead of what is on the horizon.
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