Last Testament: Miormi

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Last Testament: Miormi

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Extracts from the last written words of Miormi, last will and testament, beginning with the engraved name, title, and poem on her gravestone, wherever that may end up being


Only in death does duty end.
But now my day, at last, is done.
A last message I now may send,
To remind every daughter and son.

Every moment could be your last day.
Your life could come unfurled.
So breathe as if each gasp held your last word to say,
Live as if each day was your last in this world.

Do that for me, every daughter and son
Do that for me until your duty too is done.


(...) My life has been my duty, as well it should always be. What I never said, what I never told, is that I saw the moment of my own demise when I was one-hundred and twenty-eight years old. I watched myself die, and I memorised my own last words that I might fulfil what I had seen; a self-fulfilling prophecy of death. Terror struck me, but my mother told me a very simple fact of life.

We all must return to the sands of time, but the sands of time will continue to flow. For years I wondered if it could be changed, if I had seen a false reality… But I knew it had to happen, and in that moment I had a choice. To abandon all I had ever sworn to defend for the selfish end of living a longer life, or to do my duty as the Titans had assigned to me.

(...) To Heartwing. Our ultimate duty is to Azeroth. I was always a servant of Nozdormu first, but I made another oath. Through my duty, through my truthfulness and through my honour, I bound myself to a choice I think, perhaps, I should not have made. I became a distrusting creature beset by paranoia. I never trusted a word told to me, never believed a mission given was issued with all facts in play. I came to distrust those I was supposed to call family, with a few notable exceptions. Our freedom to choose and to question makes us alive, and I chose through my devotion to risk something of an internal death.

I hope you grow in my absence and learn from my mistakes, and your own. Set aside petty quarrels, slap yourselves when you argue matters of authority when someone should be acting. Act calmly, and rationally. I have not been there to make anyone do so for a long time, and now I never will be. Do not let stupidity destroy you when there are limitless enemies to do that for you. Be the family you were always meant to be. Be the force for good you were always meant to be.

Should Heartwing have need of my library or even just my sanctuary, a Custodian should be bringing a suitable means to attune a portal to the temple beneath the ocean which I made my home. Much of my research will have been relocated by my ward, but it may nonetheless serve your purposes. ((Ph. #No. 6604))

(...) Xaeridormi. I am deeply sorry for many reasons, but for you more than any; I knew I was to be taken long before I was ever finished with my teaching for you. I have tried to leave enough behind for support, but I hope you will find shelter and inspiration with the Timewalkers. I can only pray that you become the guardian you were always meant to be. My ward; my daughter… I loved you like my own flesh and blood. My greatest regret is that I cannot be there for you anymore. (...)

(...) I know Xaeri, at least, will be doubtful that I knew my exact last words, but here they are. I knew them.

“So it was that she gazed unto the abyss afore her, familiar beyond reason, recognising in its murky depths her demise; and lo’, she did not fear.

For what is thy death, but inevitable? Only in death does thy duty end, and pray! Hath I done my duty well? May I face oblivion now, and not falter?

May the Titans now accept me; bathe me unto Aman’thul’s golden light of order and creation. I give myself to you now, as I chill and my eyes grow dark, I ask, I beg…

Hath I justly earned my rest, at last?”

Those were them. I leave it unto your judgement, whether I have justly earned my rest. It is time that I at last said goodbye.

I have lived a short life, but a life long enough to have seen and heard things I would wish upon no other. I hold a thousand inspiring stories, and yet a thousand secrets that can never be told. I have witnessed the death of civilisations, the birth of golden ages. The sorrow of a billion losses and the joy of a hundred nations triumphant over the darkest evils. I have been a murderer and a saviour. An orphan maker and a mother.

Know that I would change not a moment of it, and that I am glad to finally close my eyes.

Good night.

(...) On a page for tributes from others


I am so dearly sorry, Miormi. I did wrong, and all I did to try and repair that was more wrong, and I betrayed you and everything I stood for. I am so proud of you, and I loved you even as you brought my end time to me; if not, in that moment, more than I ever had. Thank you for letting me write this, before the end.


I have no regrets, daughter. I have only ever done what I felt was right, and I swell with pride to see that you do the same. Your rest is justly earned, Guardian of Time. Good night, and thank you for granting me my own final rest.
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