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Dragon Combat
The War of Cataclysm
Dragonflights, courtesy of Adiastrasza -
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Forum Background!

Post#1 » Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:19 pm

Hello everyone. As you may know from the Skype group, this current background image we have is temporary. And as such, I think it would be nice if everyone could contribute to what the background should be!

So you can submit yours in the reply box below.

Although there are some requirements to the image.

It has to be
  • 2400px x 1332px. Width: 2400px. Height: 1332px
  • It has to represent dragons or be related to Heartwing
  • There needs to be a black box in the middle of the picture which has the dimensions of 995px x 1145. For reference and base off your image off this;

I have made a poll to determine what members would like best. If you like your image to be part of the poll, just post it in a reply and I will eventually get to add it to the poll. Everyone can change their mind of their vote at any given time.

Love and cheers,
your guild leader, Asherystrasz.
[Alive] Aerenstrasz - Leader of Heartwing
[Alive] Aerdranstrasz - Child of Aeren
[Alive] Azraelstrasz- Second son of Asherystrasz - Not part of Heartwing

[Deceased] Asherystrasz - Retired leader of Heartwing
[Deceased] Hydrastrasz - Former Leader of Heartwing

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