Murozond, Without the Effects

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Murozond, Without the Effects

Post#1 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:28 am

Ey there! First time poster but lover of the recolor mod you've made! Always wanted to play around in the dragon models on WoW, and thanks to places like RPH and your patch, I'm having a blast!

This might be a pretty silly request, but I was wondering (if the patch gets updated again) how hard it would be to include a recolor of Nozdormu's base model with his Infinite counterpart Murozond's textures. I love the Murozond model quite a lot, and the lightning and "decay" effects are nice, but when I'm doing RP scenes with his model the effects aren't always necessary. Having the two to switch between could open up some neat possibilities with spells as well. Would love to see one without it!

Regardless if it makes it in or not, thanks for the patch! It's been really useful in my RPs so far!

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