Bakustrasz' full backstory (did not fit application)

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Bakustrasz' full backstory (did not fit application)

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The following topic contains the background story of: Bakustrasz. It was added here because it was too long to add in the application.

Early life
Born to Alexstrasza and Korialstrasz, Bakustrasz was nothing special. He lived out his whelp days within the safety of his mother’s lair, learning about the world through stories from the older dragons. He was taught the basics of magic and found he had a knack for pyromancy (like most red dragons). But all easy lives end at some point and when Baku became a drake, the real training began. He learned the ways of his flight, how to heal the wounds of innocent lives and how to turn his enemies to ashes. Baku was a hardworking student, not a necessarily talented one. His hard work was often, though not always, rewarded with good results. And so, at the ripe age of 9, Bakustrasz was sent out on his own with one simple mission: heal the wounded fawns in the forest below and kill two stags as food. To Baku’s surprise, the mothers of the fawns did not take kindly to a red drake trying to help their wounded young, forcing him to use clever tricks to get around the mothers. It thought him that not everyone that needs help, understands that they do so.

Age: 100-200
Bakustrasz was now a drake of considerable size. He had become a capable drake and was therefore allowed to track further into the world on his own to fulfil his duties. Bakustrasz made it his goal to live with all races on Azeroth for a while, until the time came that his kind would rise again. And so Bakustrasz first made his way to Quel’thalas, a place he knew would be most accepting to a magical creature like himself. He could not just go there like a drake however, so took on the form of Baroelas Darmathor (see picture), a simple librarian. His powers amplified by the Sunwell, it was here that Baku could wield his magical potential to the fullest, learning the basic arcane spells such as teleportation, slow fall and conjuration. But it was also a weakness.

Age 200-320
After spending about a century with the High Elves, practising magic and watching over the wildlife, Bakustrasz left Quel’thalas and went south, back to his Flight’s lair. It was on this journey that the drake made a frightening discovery: The large amount of power he could wield in Quel’thalas was no longer available to him. He, like the High Elves, had become reliant on the Sunwell for his magical power. Baku panicked: physical combat had always taken a backseat to magical combat, how would he defend himself with this limited magical power? Baku only option was to use the sword he had taken with him from Quel’thalas, mostly as a souvenir, and learn to wield it.
Baku would fly as far as he could during the day and practise on the mountains during the night. But as he approached his home, Baku became overconfident, flying too far in one go, resulting in him tiring and crashing into the forest below. Miraculously, the fall did not break any of his bones, yet did leave the drake with bruises everywhere. The forest was too dense for a large drake to move through or take off from, forcing Baku to take on his High Elven form. This proved to be a mistake. Baku became a target to the gnolls in the area, a small pack of them coming at him. The drake tried to hold the gnolls at bay with what little magic he had, but was soon forced into melee combat. He was losing the fight and started to become desperate.
Out of instinct, flames coursed from Baku’s chest into his arms and then onto his sword. He struck at a gnoll he knew was out of his range, yet the gnoll still fell. The others gnolls did not seem to notice, until slowly but surely more gnolls began to fall to a sword that was out of range. Baku would soon discover that the flames had slightly increased the length of his blade. The gnolls believed they were hit by mere flames, not realizing that the flame of the Red Dragonflight burns far hotter, so hot, it’s like a knife. Bakustrasz survived the encounter and left the scene before climbing a tree and falling asleep there. It would take two more days for him to find a clearing from which he could take off and fly back to the Lair.
It was here Baku discussed his journey with his father in one of few instances he actually managed to get a hold of the busy consort. He was told that it was vital that he would unlearn his reliance on the power of the Sunwell and for the next century, Baku stayed in the Lair to do exactly that.

Age 320-403
By now, Baku had grown into a full-fledged dragon. He had unlearnt his reliance on outside sources of power and his general knowledge of the world had increased. He would serve in the Lair for another fifty years, before continuing his dream to know all races. Bakustrasz wanted to learn more about magic, fire magic in particular. Unfortunately, Baku was afraid to go back to the High Elves, fearing he might once more create a reliance on the Sunwell. And so, the young dragon chose to visit the shamanistic Tauren. True, the source of a shaman’s flame was fundamentally different from his own, but a fireball is a fireball, regardless of its source. Besides, the Tauren had used flames to enhance their weapons for centuries, a skill Baku had grown fond of after his fight against the gnolls. The young dragon made his way to Kalimdor and found the nomadic Tauren in Thousand Needles. He did not immediately make contact, but first observed the Tauren from afar to learn about their customs. After gaining enough knowledge, he took on the form of Bakuo, a young Tauren who had lost his own tribe to Centaur and was looking for a new home. It took a while to be accepted by the mighty Tauren, however after many months of proving his loyalty, they accepted Bakuo as one of their own.
Bakuo would discover that the Tauren were similar to Red Dragons in some ways. Tauren, like reds, hunt for their food, yet they would never allow a species to go extinct. This alignment in ideals gave Bakuo the opportunity to fulfil both his task as a dragon, by watching over wildlife, and his desires as an individual. Bakuo never revealed his true form, nor his desire to learn to work with flames. All he did was observe the movements of the mighty fire shaman and how the fire they wielded would follow accordingly. Then, in the late hours, he would practise the movements himself, fuelling the fire with his own magic. Bakuo was truly happy.
But all good things must come to an end and after multiple decades among the Tauren tribe, the mighty nomads faced an enemy they could not defeat. While travelling through the Barrens, the tribe was lured into a trap and then attacked from all sides by Centaur. The “Braves”, Bakustrasz among them, fought as hard as they could while supported by the shaman. Yet, they were losing. Slowly but surely, the Braves fell one by one. Two centaur charged at the Tauren children, but before they could reach them, one of them was turned to ashes. The other would soon follow as fire poured from Bakuo’s hands, flames brighter than the Centaur or Tauren had ever seen. Together with the shaman, Bakustrasz drove the Centaur back until the horsemen fled the scene. To the Tauren’s horror, Bakuo then directed his flames at a wounded Brave. But instead of burning him, the flames healed his wounds. The tribesmen backed away from Bakuo in fear, the surviving Braves raising their weapons at him. It was then that the chieftain stepped forward and kneeled before Bakuo. “Lower your weapons Braves, for you are in the presence of one of the Guardians of Life. He has no desire to harm us, else he would already have.” Uncertain of what he should do, Bakustrasz simply nodded at the chieftain saying: “Thank you for everything you and your tribe have done for me. You have taught me valuable things. But now that you know my secret, I must leave. Safe travels to you, mighty nomads. I shall always remember you.” With that, Bakustrasz turned around and walked away, before vanishing in a flash of arcane.

Age 403-1378
Bakustrasz had made his way back to his flight’s Lair and stayed there for a while. Being a young male dragon, Bakustrasz had one thing on his mind: finding a mate. This did not prove easy. He eventually managed to impress a likewise young female with the skills he learned from the Tauren and so they began doing almost everything together. Her name was Miarastrasza and it would not take long before the couple had found their own lair and had their own clutch of eggs. Bakustrasz’ goal of knowing all races would have to take a backseat, for now he had to raise his own children. The two would go on to have many children, their parents teaching them about the task of the Red Dragonflight and the way of fire. Bakustrasz would continue the task of his flight without any deviations until reaching the age of 9843. Bakustrasz and his mate had now grown into Wyrms, and their children were having children of their own. Baku and his mate decided they would stop mating and continue their others goals. Next stop would be visiting the Night Elves. It was difficult for the pair to be among Night Elves because of their outright ban on magic usage, but on the other hand it was also natural to be amongst a race that loves the life as much as the Red couple did. The pair spent a long time amongst the Night Elves, knowing that Night Elves age just a slowly as they did themselves, nobody would notice that the pair stayed young.

Age 1378-2500
It was now that the pair decided to go to Quel’thalas once more and learn more about the Arcane. Miara’s had managed to convince her mate to go back there, telling him that he was he wise enough not to fall back on his old ways. It was here where Bakustrasz gained true mastery of arcane.
During this time among Night Elves and High Elves, the pair would return to the Red flight whenever they needed to.
Having grown tired of the other races, the pair returned to their own lair to raise another clutch of whelps. The pair was sometimes visited by their own older children, who were now Wyrms themselves.

Age 2500(ish)-present
The War of the Shifting Sands had begun and Bakustrasz and his family answered the call to arms. It was the first time that all of his adult children had been in the same place at the same time. The Bronze, Red, Blue and Greens dragons clashed with the insect filth high in the skies above Silithus. Bakus flames burned hot as insects died but at some point he was overwhelmed. Before the Qiraji could kill him, he was saved by one of his younger children, a dragon named Noraostrasz. This would prove to be the young dragon’s undoing as the insects began swarming him. They killed him before his father could come to the rescue. When the battle had ended, Bakustrasz and his mate regrouped with their children. To his shock it seemed only his elder children, the Wyrms, had survived. Yet to his relief Nakustrasz, his eldest son, flew to his parents and brought with him Naiastrasza, one of his younger daughters. Bakustrasz would never get over the loss of his children, especially Noraostrasz, believing that a father should die for his children, not the other way ‘round.
The loss of her children made Miarastrasza spiral into a depression. She had no more desire for anything. She stayed in their lair, took care of the youngest children that had not joined the war, but had no desire for more children. Baku tried to get her to do something, but she would not. She told him to live his own life, to continue working towards own his goals. Bakustrasz reluctantly agreed and made his way Khaz Modan to live with the Dwarves. It was from the dwarves that he gained a greater understanding to the usage of weapons.

The last step of his journey was visiting the humans. This time he had to be careful to not stay too long, knowing that it is easy to outlive humans. During his time among the humans, Bakustrasz used the name Jonathan Smith, a simple commoner. He liked his human form so much that he decided to make it his default mortal form. Here he practised his swordplay and lived for about 20 years, as long as he could look the right age amongst the humans. He then returned to his mate and declared that he wanted to stick by her for the rest of his days.
When the first war came, Bakustrasz did not join the fight because the rest of his flight did not either. But then came the Second War. Bakustrasz had flown to the Queen’s lair to protect his flight but was no match for the Dragon Soul. He and his mate were captured. Bakustrasz was sent to war once again, this time controlled by the Dragonmaw. Knowing that her mate and her children were used for warfare, Miarastrasza’s depression worsened until she tragically died alone in her cell, having lost all will to live. It would be only after the destruction of the Dragon Soul that Bakustrasz would be free again. He was not at Grim Batol when the Aspects defeated Deathwing, he was still out in the world. When he and his rider returned to Grim Batol, the rider faced his greatest fear. The Dragon Queen in full power, unbound. The sight of his magnificent Queen and the knowledge that his kind was free once more boosted Baku’s morale. He shook his head violently until his rider fell off. He opened his mouth and turned the rider to ashes. The Wyrm landed and bowed before his mother, before turning to Grim Batol. Among the freed Red Dragons he found his daughter Naiastrasza, whom informed her father that Nakustrasz had gone into Grim Batol to free his mother. It would not take much longer for Naku to return, but to Baku’s shock, he had brought back a lifeless body. Bakustrasz took his mate’s corpse and gathered up everyone left of his family, before taking the long flight to the Red Dragonshrine.
Having now lost his mate, the love of his life, Bakustrasz went to live with his daughter Naiastasza and her mate. Like a real life single grandfather, he only achieved true happiness from being with his children and grandchildren. Even though dragons were immortal, Bakustrasz was feeling quite old.
Nexus War
Bakustrasz joined his flight during the Nexus War, taking his place amongst the guardians of Wyrmrest, next to Nakustrasz, until they both joined the attack on the Nexus, where Malygos would fall.
The War against Deathwing
It is now 6 years later, Deathwing had returned and Bakustrasz and his family wanted revenge. They were at part of the war from the get go. Bakustrasz fought in the Twilight Highlands and it was here that Naiastrasza’s mate would find his death. Then came the moment of truth: The Hour of Twilight had arrived. Together with what was left of his family, he defeated many enemies, but eventually Naiastrasza fell. Nakustrasz was now the only surviving child of Bakustrasz and Miarastrasza. He and his father both survived the war. They buried Naiastrasza and her siblings, before parting ways. Bakustrasz had wished to live with his eldest son, but Nakustrasz could not bear live with him. He had his own family now and having his father around would only remind him of losing his siblings. He argued the same would happen to his father. He pointed his father to Heartwing, an organization that could give his father purpose once more. “Among the family that is Heartwing, you can find a new family, a new place in this world, father. I will visit you from time to time. Know that I will always love you.” With that, Nakustrasz flew back to his Lair in Kalimdor. Bakustrasz turned to Howling Fjord, spread his wings and took off to what he hoped to be his new family.

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