[Unofficial] Smite Tournament

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[Unofficial] Smite Tournament

Post#1 » Tue May 19, 2015 10:38 pm


Greetings, Fellow members of Heartwing!

I am Ralec and I have taken it upon myself to liven this guild up while we are inbetween events and the Heartstone tournament has yet to kick off(i think)
I know that some people dislike card games or aren't to good at them(Lunaeries)
So I have decided to see how well the members would react to a Moba that is easy to get into


How will it happen?

Now I know not many people are skilled in Mobas so the way I have it planned is that there will be:
A begining 5v5 or how many people who sign up
From that the highest on the leaderboard in the game will be matched up with the lowest
From there once the teams get situated and the more skilled players can help those who aren't as capable as them
There will be another team vs team to see who wins.
From this the lowest two people on each team will be eliminated and it will turn into either a 3v3
or whoever is left.
This will keep going until there is one person remaining.
This person will be the WINNER!



The tournament will most likely happen on a European server as most of the members of Heartwing are in Europe.
If you're interested in participating then reply or message me to get on the list :D

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