Special delivery!

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Special delivery!

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Basically the event report with a little fancy twist, the PoV is that of the event's antagonist figure, The Supervisor.

Special Delivery!

A glimpse into the mind of the Supervisor

Both the eastern and western entrances were secure and guarded, so much so that a cart containing twilight supplies had been denied entry until the artefact was in the transport team's possession. There was a small cliff through which the camp could be entered, but anyone who attempted to do so would be easily spotted by the guards and there was a contingency plan in case the camp was breached. All in all, this seemed like this would be just another delivery.

The transport team was taking forever. For all their excellent base planning these twilights couldn't keep a schedule if their life was on the line. I walked up to one of the guards stationed at the entrance of the tent and asked him to see if he could check on the team's location, after all, I didn't have all day. He told me there was nothing he could do, so I turned with an annoyed grunt, then everything went to oblivion.

I noticed a rope arrow stuck in the chest and going up a hole cut out in the tent's fabric. I quickly cut it and shouted for the alarm. I pushed the box containing the artefact through the emergency portal and told the two wizards at either side to close at quickly before I jumped in myself. Evidently they failed. Judging from the forces I encountered later they must have overwhelmed the camp's defences with ease.

I ran to the end of the cave, pushing the crate as the twilight soldiers took position. When I reached the end of the cave the two wizards there started preparing a teleportation spell to get me and the crate out of there and into safety while the "Elemental Four", a group of supposedly unbeatable twilight elementalists, raised a shield around us. I could hear the fighting below. Whoever the attackers were, they were making their way towards me.

I saw them for the first time when they faced the "Elemental Four". Dragons of different shapes, sizes and colours. Of all the ways this particular delivery could have gone wrong it had to be dragons. I started to get nervous, these elementalists, no matter how good they were, would probably be no match for a group of dragons. I started to shout at the mages to get me out of there, but they were taking their time and were confident in the elementalists' abilities to handle the attackers. Me? Not so much. A bronze drake separated from the group and tried to attack me head on, but her efforts proved fruitless. At least their shield was working. As much as the drake tried she was unable to get past it. This restored some of my hope, but just as it did, the "Elemental Four" were defeated and the shield came down. Of course. I started to panic and yell at the mages and just as I was about to be teleported away two dragons killed them, interrupting the spell. Faced with this group of dragons I did the only sensible thing and surrendered. I felt a blow to the back of the head and my vision faded to black.

I woke up on what they later confirmed to be Bloodmoon Isle. They wasted no time and began interrogating me right away. My initial act of defiance was met with a blue haired elf ramming to metal rods into my legs and sending shocks through my body. Pain shot through me as they asked what the artefact did and where it was headed. I revealed that I did not know the purpose of the artefact and told them some of what I knew, but managed to use the promise of telling them the rest in exchange for putting a stop to the torture and some beer. Fair deal, as far as I'm concerned. I limped after the two friendliest and we sat down near a campfire, where I told them the rest of what I knew: that I worked for a different organisation and that I was supposed to follow the transport team to the elementium depths where I would be blindfolded and led to a Twilight base to ensure the artefact reached its new owner.

After that I followed them up to the tower, where a soldier in full armour took me into custody until their higher-ups could judge me.

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