The Infinite Interference - E1

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The Infinite Interference - E1

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The Infinite Interference - Event One

The ocean waves of the Great Sea lapped against the shores of Heartwing’s Island fortress, conveying an overall sense of peace. With the protection offered by whole armies of patrolling Dragons overhead and the implied presence of the all mighty Father of Dragons, there was no place in Azeroth more protected.

Yet on the one day in which the Patrols were out to assist the few remaining draconic factions, something seemed to slip past even the greatest of the Island’s defenses. A great wave, larger than any the island’s inhabitants have ever seen, threw itself to the island’s shore, carrying with it two rotting masses of scales and flesh. Both corpses held horrific wounds unlike any thought possible. It was as if every inch of their bodies had been cut or forcibly aged through time until they were crumbling into dust. Yet as the few Dragons who investigated the corpses were bound to find, a strange envelope of folded parchment was tied to the side of a curved sword that was embedded inside the skull of the Blue Corpse.

The envelope itself held two documents. One was a letter filled to the brim with information regarding invading Twilight Forces aimed for the island itself to the very minute of their arrival. The second was a map, visually illustrating the incoming forces. One son of Heartwing was Cerulegos, whom had the “Honor” of handling these documents and coming up with a plan of attack for what the pages described. As suspicious as the whole of the group had been of the information, a potential trap, Heartwing’s Children decided to send a small investigative force. Of those appointed to investigate, several were important enough to be named.

Siyagosa, the orphaned Whelp of the Blue Corpse of Avragosa. Miormi, A Bronze Dragon associated with the council as Cerulegos had been. Marthamus, the green, and at last; Aryiastrasza the red. Map in tow and the element of surprise on their side, the five took flight from their island home in search of answers and adventure.

Fantastical speed propelled the five across the southern edges of Northrend until a large Shipwreck came into view. Just beyond the first was yet another, then another and yet another. Soon, enough shipwrecks could be observed to fill an Armada of invaders. The older members of this small group immediately knew something was amiss. Corpses similar to those which washed upon the shore of Heartwing’s Isle floated amongst ships of petrified or rotting wood. The Larger vessels stuck out of the towering icy glaciers which dotted the coastline of the Borean Tundra.

A nearby beach was no less inviting. The neck of a headless leviathan lay amongst whole groupings of corpses aged from just after death to petrified dust.Whatever it was which killed the two Dragons upon their own shores was certainly a force to be reckoned with as the carnage of such destruction echoed through the sights of the five.

Aryiastrasza, a Red dragon who cared much about the life of the world, fluttered down to the beach to shed tears for the Dead. Miormi, a keeper of the timestreams glared upon the scene as a whole with disgust. Time had been bent about everything without restraint or consideration for the consequences.

Marthamus, with his great sight afforded to him by his flight and his charge, spotted a trail of sparkling violet blood leading from the beach to an outcropping of rocks.

“There might be a survivor in this direction!” The Green serpent called to his allies, ushering them onwards to further investigate the possibility of a survivor whom could recall the events that transpired not long before. Assuming their mortal guises for convenience, the group very closely followed this trail of blood. Amongst every drop seemed to be clumps of ash and dust, conveying the condition of the creature of whom the blood belonged to. The poor thing much have had several limbs aged away rather than its whole body as many of the other corpses had clearly shown.

The group did not need to journey far as the sounds of labored breathing reached their ears. Calmly and carefully the five surrounded the mutilated body of a Twilight Drake. Just about nothing seemed to have been spared from this poor creature. Most of its extremities appeared to have been forcibly aged beyond their natural limits, overwriting their immortal body’s ability to replace its cells.

By primary instinct, the group reached for their weapons or readied spells designed to harm. Yet the creature had no fight left within it. Upon seeing the group, it merely attempted to crawl away with its only remaining limb.

“Stay away! It’s still here! Monster. Monster!” The Drake seemed to scream out the words, putting stress upon its body again and again only to avoid further torture and punishment. The group’s secondary instincts at last kicked in, forcing them to come to the Twilight Drake’s aid if only to obtain the information they needed about who or what had caused so much death and destruction towards both their enemies and their collective Family. Unfortunately, the Drake died long before it could be interrogated in any fashion.

Feeling defeated, the group stood about the corpse, debating if they should just return home empty handed. Fate would not be so cruel as to allow such a thing. From the shadows, a figure clad in violet leapt into the group, attempting to drive a dagger of iron through the heart of the nearest Dragon, whom happened to be the orphaned Aryiastrasza. Overcome with rage as to her mother’s death and the nerve this cultist had in attacking her, Siyagosa tore a spike of ice through the air, forcing it through the poor man’s lower half. The rest of the group had hoped to react just as quickly as the whelp to such an ambush, but fell behind. Blessed by fate, the Dragons restrained the pained cultist.
The prod of a claw against the man’s throat was all that was required to get him to start speaking.

“It… I have no obligation to tell you of what happened…” The old twilight looks down, his eyes wide with the ever-present disbelief of what happened. Yet in his determination to deny the Dragons of his information, his face twisted with fear to some unknown presence. As if commanded, he resumed speaking.

“It came from the darkness…” He began, the words forcing their way past his lips as though beyond his will.
“With one mighty roar it sundered our fleet, hundreds… thousands of men falling into dust, their screams… Their screams cling to me, they hide in my ears and they shout at me, the screams of so many men, dying… viciously… It didn’t stop though, it… It rose above the waves, taking us with it.. It… It… It collided our great ships with the mountains, with the glaciers. Most blew apart… So many of us died, so many brothers killed instantly… Yet they were the lucky ones. By the time we’d finally unchained the leviathan, we were doomed. We’d barely struck the shore and what brave souls could climb above the waves…” He stopped suddenly, the twilight wyrm growing very weak, his eyes widening further and further, if it were even possible, a line of purple liquid fell free from the membrane which marked his third eyelid.

“The leviathan was annihilated, we watched as its very head petrified itself, falling to the water as sand against it’s power… Let me give you one piece of advice, dragons… If you value your lives, run. It still lingers, the beast… The dragon… The demon..” It took a long pause before the twilight spoke again, his breathing quick and broken.
“I have told you what happened, what will you do with me no~” The man is cut off by a frenzied scream as he’d attempt to raise his arms, to claw at his chest, to stop a savage pain welling from within him. His jaw dropped , his eyes gaping, the very drool within him drying as his body crystalized from the inside out, his tissues hardening, petrifying, and disintegrating in a matter of moments leaving nothing, not even his attire, on the ground below.
Just beyond the point in which the cultist stood was a man clad in black, shaking the little bits of petrified man from his strong hands. Eyes of irridescent blue scanned the five dragons who stood in awe of the figure before them. Such power over time belonged solely to the Bronze or Infinite Dragonflights. Given the abusive nature of this figure’s power, it was universally assumed to be an Infinite Wyrm.

“Oh do say something. I found Hargund’s voice to be quite annoying. Ask your questions. I know you have many.” The man’s voice seemed to echo across time itself, almost booming within the Dragons’ heads. The first to speak was Miormi of the Bronze Dragonflight.

“Do you realize what you’ve done to all of these people?! You’ve robbed them of their futures all in the name of needless destruction. How dare you interfere with time?!” The anger with which Miormi enforced her words only seemed to make the dark figure grim a sickening grin.

“I know full well of what I do, Bronze. This is all for your faction’s benefit, I assure you.” The Infinite’s face held a structure familiar to the group as a whole, yet his demeanor seemed sinister and manipulative. He’d simply continue speaking as a long pause passed between himself and the group.

“Had I not intervened, there would have been more than one ship filled to the brim with Twilight Dragons and Cultists ready to slay the lot of you and pillage your precious island.” Siyagosa couldn’t contain her silence a moment longer. In an instant, her once calm demeanor changed to one of distress and anger.

“Are you the one who killed my mother?” Her frantic voice reached the Infinite’s ears despite his very clear warning about the still present danger to Heartwing. He saw no reason to lie to any of them. He wanted to help as best he could.

“Avragosa was your mother, yes? Despicable and disgusting creature she was. All I had to do to lure her from your island was pretend to be the Infinite she seemed so infatuated with. She screamed till the very end.” He’d pause for a fraction of an instant, suddenly turning his black framed figure towards the south, his left arm harshly pointing out the remaining ship of the Twilight’s Armada still on course for Heartwing’s weakened island. Several of the remaining members chimed in to speak to the Infinite about their own questions, but found themselves cut off.

“Tick. Tock. Time continues to move while you stand here. How about you save your island? Tick tock. Tick. Tock.” As much as the five hated to admit it, their self proclaimed helper had a very clear and direct point.
Cerulegos led the group of five off towards their home island to intercept the oncoming vessel. The man in black waited behind, listening to the first sounds of cannonfire. A smile twisted upon his lips. The Dragons would succeed because of him.

Miormi harshly exhaled sand over the side of the ship, forcibly eroding the wood away to expose the interior to the rushing waves of water. Cerulegos and Siyagosa exhaled harsh storms of ice spears, impaling a variety of enemies across the top of the ship. Many of those aboard the ship retaliated as best they could, hurling bolts of vampiric magic among the group as a whole. Choking poison erupted from the maw of Marthamus, bathing the remaining mortals in a natural plague of which they could not survive. Twilight Drakes and dragons clawed through the boat bit by bit, upsetting the caches of blasting powder used in the canons.

Fire crackled between the jaws of Aryiastrasza, erupting into a harsh torrent which ignited the blasting powder, forcing the ship itself to combust and split apart, killing all who remained aboard.
The group of five hurriedly journied back to the beach of aged corpses, intercepting the Infinite Wyrm as he seemed nearly ready to leave out of boredom.

“Millenius.” The man spoke, lending the name he wished to be called out to all those who witnessed him.
“Ask your questions. I’ll do my best to answer.” Marthamus and Miromi spoke simultaneously, stepping over one another in their shared question.

“Why are you helping us?”

“Simple. If I help you, I’ll hopefully avoid a horrific future of which I’m sure you’d all rather not live out.” This time Cerulegos questioned Millenius the Infinite, raising his kind voice to address him as if he were an old friend.

“What future is that?” Millenius’ face softened, seeming to become depressingly sad rather than manically anxious.

“It’s a future in which the mortals control Azeroth, we lose our power and our charge. It is a future in which we slowly fade from existence, unable to reproduce.” Seemingly out of an unknown anger, the Infinite lashed out to the group, harshly bending time in such a way that it physically burnt small portions of the group. In the confusion of pain, Millenius took hold of the young Siyagosa.

“What are you doing?” The Whelp asked feebly, the others unable to stop Millenius’ actions.

“Helping.” Just like that, time bent in a more gentle tone, forcing the Whelp’s physical age to increase by thirty years, more than enough time to make her into a more able soldier, a Drake. Satisfied in his actions, Millenius withdrew from the recovering group.

“Return home and rest. I’d prefer it if you hurry. I don’t want to hurt you any more than I have. Go!” Hesitantly, the five took flight, save for Aryiastrasza.

“You as well… Little Ruby.” The sound of a familiar nickname was all it took to send the final member of the group back to the island.

//Note: The information may be a tad bare-bones or altered from what it originally was. However, this summary was completed several weeks after the event took place. Hopefully the missing gaps can be corrected by added information from those who participated.
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