[Level 8] Yeti stole my baby!

All minor tasks that are being sorted out. Hailing everything from minor repairing of defenses to dealing with the aftermath of large events. This Board can have assignments from everyone.
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[Level 8] Yeti stole my baby!

Post#1 » Tue Jul 26, 2016 1:06 am

Primarily: Any Dragonflight.

Help me! Please! A yeti has taken my baby hostage! Locals in the Wetlands say it was last seen spotted going into a cave on the south-side of the swamp lands, if you could save my child before it's inevitably cooked, I'd be very obliged to give you a hefty reward!

- Bhelmun Stormflayer

An additional side-note is pasted to the poster, it reads as following;
If you require transportation, seek out Antonius Augury, I've scryed out what I believe to be the location of the yeti, as it seems rather urgent.
Antonius Augur(y)
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