[Level 4] Kirin Tor Secrets

All minor tasks that are being sorted out. Hailing everything from minor repairing of defenses to dealing with the aftermath of large events. This Board can have assignments from everyone.
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[Level 4] Kirin Tor Secrets

Post#1 » Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:39 am

Primarily: Blue Dragonflight

After the recent attack on Heartwing, I am not entirely convinced of the Kirin Tor's security in safeguarding the magical world - if they were able to fall to the ruse of a demon, then it's possible there may be demons among their ranks. I'd like to ask Heartwing in helping me uncover any secrets the Kirin Tor might be hiding in a potentially dangerous covert mission. If all goes well, the Kirin Tor is free of demons; otherwise, things might get messy, and I'd prefer to face them together. Seek me out if you want to investigate this further,

- Antonius

Antonius takes Heartwing to clean up the results of the Theramore bombing in an effort to gauge and mitigate the damage, as well as conduct important research as to the effects of the arcane on living creatures. But just as things got messy, Archmage Raleron of the Kirin Tor shows up to save the day! This hound of the Kirin Tor has been sniffing Antonius' trail for some time, and it shows in their passive aggressive dialogue! Heartwing leave the Archmage behind to finish the rest of the work as Antonius begrudgingly takes the reward and leaves.

And yet now, Heartwing has been attacked by nefarious forces that seized control of an Alliance vessel! How did the Kirin Tor, of all people, allow this? The puzzle pieces don't fit, and it's time to arrange them.
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