Eye of Norgannon - COMPLETED. RANK 6

This is all the completed tasks organized by Mory.
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Eye of Norgannon - COMPLETED. RANK 6

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Compared to the other tasks on the taskboard, you see a page not dulled by the weather conditions of the isle, a clean with fine crimson trims decorating it.

"For anyone brave enough. There has been a rumor of an ancient artifact born from the enigmatic energies of the great titan Norgannon's aftermath as he reshaped Azeroth along with the Pantheon. The Eye of Norgannon, it is only a husk of it former self after it had been tapped by a majority of its energies by the Blue Dragonflight. But the Eye of Norgannon's husk could prove useful in the crusade against Deathwing and Helius. Our lead is that it is somewhere within Borean Tundra, but be aware. It could be very well hidden. Malygos' mad reign during the Nexus War sought this artifact against the Kirin Tor, but his forces never found it. I do not expect anyone to find it on first attempt, but any attempt is appreciated, it could prove very vital in this war."

- Aerenstrasz
[Alive] Aerenstrasz - Leader of Heartwing
[Alive] Aerdranstrasz - Child of Aeren
[Alive] Azraelstrasz- Second son of Asherystrasz - Not part of Heartwing

[Deceased] Asherystrasz - Retired leader of Heartwing
[Deceased] Hydrastrasz - Former Leader of Heartwing

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