Lady of the Nether - Level 2 - Completed

This is all the completed tasks organized by Mory.
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Lady of the Nether - Level 2 - Completed

Post#1 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:46 pm

There is a small note left on the noticeboard on the Isle. The request written on it is etched onto the paper in some of the finest calligraphy to ever grace paper. It details the plight of a Netherwing who seeks the aid of Heartwing. It reads as follows.

Dear members of Heartwing, I seek your aid.
I had in my possession, a large collection of Nether Crystals taken from my home in Outland. Though recently these have been taken from me by some mismatched band of cultists, defecting mages, and thugs. I do not know how they found or were able to steal my collection, but they have done so. I seek your aid in retrieving them, you will be able to find me in Dalaran, in the inn named "A Hero's Welcome". I am unsure of their true power, and so ask for your assistance. If successful, I will reward you with a portion of my collection to show my gratitude. I have one friend who may be present to assist, you can trust him wholeheartedly.
With kind regards, Liaku.

Below is a note, added in a less fine script, though the small signature of an intricately drawn tree ensnared by the tail of a dragon, makes it obvious that it is written by Sarus.

To the members who wish to take on this assignment, come to me and I will provide you with any needed information or advice. Be swift, a cache of Nether crystals in any hands other than the right ones is a dangerous prospect.

Aim - Contact Liaku and aid her in the retrieval of her collection of Nether crystals, as well as taking out this band of thieves if possible.

Reward - A chest full of around 150 Nether crystals.


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