Saving the Sight of Sarus - Completed

This is all the completed tasks organized by Mory.
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Saving the Sight of Sarus - Completed

Post#1 » Wed Dec 30, 2015 4:58 pm

The task taskboard has seen a new addition in the form of an assignment. It is written in what is clearly Sarus' somewhat scrawl-like hand, with far too much flair and not enough sense. After a few moments, you would be able to make sense of it all and see that it read as follows:

Fellow brothers and sisters of Heartwing, I am in need of help. As you may, or may not, have noticed my left eye was recently cut out of its socket by a rather dead and dismembered Fel Orc - thank you Aethrasgos. Though by some feat of healing, Aeren was able to repair the eye and had it waiting for me to retrieve at a later time. Though, as we all know, things are never quite that easy, and it has been taken for an unknown reason by members of the Twilight's Hammer Cult. As you can imagine, I would quite like to have my eye back as, though somewhat fashionable, the eyepatch pales in comparison to an -actual- eye. So, I request that any who wish to aid me, either write such a message on this piece of paper, or contact me directly. I am more than sure I will be able to conjour up some sort of reward for you all, that I promise.
Sincerely, your brother and Covenant of Heartwing, Sarus of the Green Dragonflight.

This task will consist of the location and retrieval of Sarus' eye. It will be far from a simple task. You will face many enemies and challenges. Sarus will locate the camp beforehand and guide you to it.

Reward - Unknown + Sarus' eternal friendship
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Re: Saving the Sight of Sarus - Level 6

Post#2 » Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:29 pm

Those who participate will have my support in this. I know how it feels to lose an eye. The crippling sensations which follow it...
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