Experimental Stratagem - Failed

This is all the completed tasks organized by Mory.
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Experimental Stratagem - Failed

Post#1 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:16 am

*The crimson-lined parchment is attached to the taskboard by a small hook*

Heartwing, these days we fight a battle on many fronts. This is one of them, and I ask that you treat this with the utmost respect.
Our scouts all across Northrend have continued to find a lessening in the population of healthy Snobolds. This wasn't immediately alarming, but upon further investigation we discovered they were being used for experiments.
Our enemies, they've begun attempts at creating soldiers, turning the innocent minor races of Northrend into their hulking monstrosities. The scouts tracked them back to a cavern in the southern Storm Peaks, east of that goblin encampment. Please put an end to this, Heartwing. More enemies on the ground will make this so much more difficult. Burn that research, burn that whole damned project.

To you with respect, Lieutenant Moryastrasz


Whatever can be found in the cave

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