[Level 5] Creepy Crawlies - Completed

This is all the completed tasks organized by Mory.
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[Level 5] Creepy Crawlies - Completed

Post#1 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:48 am

<Attached to the taskboard, by what seemed to be strands of spider's silk, was a small note that detailed a mission. In a familiar scrawl of green ink the letter reads as follows.>

Although it may not yet have been noticed, there is a growing infestation of spiders in a small mine on the top of the mountain to the right side of Gjalerbron. This must be dealt with swiftly and effectively. It will not take many, but do not take too few. Although only beasts, in the numbers that they usually appear in, it would be all too possible for a member to be overpowered and killed. This is an easy task and should be executed with haste, good luck.

<At the bottom of the letter is a small signature, though the only letter that is actually readable in the scrawl is something that looks like an "S", maybe.>

P.S. - If it wasn't already obvious, don't let them bite you. It will not be an enjoyable experience, for me or you.

Reward - Unknown


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