Corruption in Sorrow (Legion Ch. 9)

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Corruption in Sorrow (Legion Ch. 9)

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Corruption in Sorrow

Mission Briefing: 26/August/2017
From: Arithdormu
Aerdranstrasz, Astorgos, Durustrasz, Krastavarus, Eleastrasza, Hestiastrasza, Iskastraza, Mavira, Mayastrasz, Nyth’esara , Shendormu, Sarthirius, Tesrostrasz, Vylianormi, Zerygos, Arithdormu


<Within the Library was a new scroll that has been added to the recaps of past Events in Heartwing.>

I, Arithdormu, am writing this for the library of the Bronze Dragonsanctum as a recap of what has happened on this day, the day Ysera died.

In the late afternoon, we were made aware of a sudden outbreak of the Emerald Nightmare in the Green Dragonsanctum, which was quickly placed under quarantine afterwards. We didn’t know why it happened and Heartwing gathered up to fight and destroy the local corruption, aswell as the Portal to the Emerald Dream on Mithres Alymna, the apparent source of the outbreak. The victory was yet short-lived as a sudden thick cloud of smoke on the southern part of Northrend caught our attention.

We investigated the, how we later found out, Vry’kul village set on fire, finding out the flames originated from a red dragon. There has also been a Legion altar at the foot of the Village. Longing to find out what happened, Vylia and I channelled up a timewalking spell to let us see what transpired at that point, learning that Helius himself turned the Vry’kul to be Felsworn and used them to fight a secluded Red dragonbrood in Wintergrasp.

We followed those traces and came across a half-lost battlefield. Those Vry’kul imprisoned Drakes into Fel Crystals after slaying the Elderwyrm broodmother. With our combined forces, we killed the Felsworn until one was left to interrogate him further. They had taken more Drakes of different clutches to the north-western parts of Highmountain, which we had to save.

In Highmountain, Heartwing then came across a larger fel altar, at which we, Vylia and I, combined again our powers to let us all see the past. Massive amounts of imprisoned drakes were shown to us, aswell as Helius and two close generals of his. The Lord of the Felbrood made an example out of one of the drakes who tried to resist after being freed from the prisoning crystal, and in fear all the others drank his foul blood and joined his corrupted clutch. A vision from Helius’ General of the Nightmare followed, which showed us the corrupted Tear of Elune and how Xavius plunged it into Ysera’s heart, corrupting her poor and once pure soul.

Even though we Bronzes and the Blues have been drastically weakened by the previous spells showing us the past, we pushed on and followed the Corruption to Val’sharah. There, we found druids in need of our help and more fiends of the Nightmare, which we were able to defeat. Following that, Heartwing successfully went after the General and we managed to defeat him after he nearly killed Eleastrasza.

Yet before the moment of his death, we were made to witness one of the darkest moments in the past, the Fall of the magnificent Dreamer. She had been put down to rest by adventurers, Tyrande and the Priests of Elune to release her from her tormenting corruption. At the moment of her End, the Mother Moon, Elune, eclipsed the sky and reached out for the Dreamer’s soul to let her live endlessly in the stars. It makes me sleep well to know that her Soul will rest firmly. Even though I wasn’t of her Dragonflight, it is still a great tragedy to see one of the former Aspects die right before our eyes. We couldn’t help her, we had to give her the gift of release. In a cruel way, it reminded me of our Mortality and the fact that even we Dragons are to perish in the future.

After all of this, Aerdran teleported us back to Mithres Alymna to rest, celebrate, lament and aid the Drakes we were able to rescue.

Mission’s Success: Yes (Apart from the Death of an Aspect)


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