Event Report - Double Entendre - Ari

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Event Report - Double Entendre - Ari

Post#1 » Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:22 pm

Mission Briefing - The 2nd Day of the Fourth Month

Written By - Sarus

Participants - Diastrasza, Broledormu, and Sarus

We split from the main group at the Isle and moved to Stromwind to rendezvous with Broledormu. Meeting with him in the Trade District, we moved through the city towards the location of the entrance to the lab. As we passed the door, Broledormu signalled us to point it out, then passing it by as if it was nothing. Then disappearing into the back alleys of the city, we took on the guises of Stormwind guards and approached the door. It was protected by an iron grate, though with the pull of a lever and the breaking of a padlock, we made our way inside.

Once inside, we found ourselves in a small and dusty room, many items scattered around the place, and a small grate in the centre of the room. Upon examining one of the items, a small statue, I noticed it was in pristine condition whilst the rest of the items were broken and caked in dust. With the help of Broledormu, we solved the puzzled by placing the statue inside the grate and were able to pass into the underground base.

As we entered we were met by four guards that ordered us to halt. We were able to pass them without even drawing weapons through minor persuasion. Reaching the next door, we were able to persuade them to open the door again, but only after defeating a group of the same near unkillable black whelps that had escaped from a weakened cell. After passing the final group of guards we came to another puzzle. A guard impaled on a surgical table by a large golden tooth, and two golden lion statues sat near the wall. One turned out to be missing a tooth and so, placing the tooth back into the gap, we solved the second puzzle and found a portal.

After passing through the portal we appeared in a large space, constructed of black stone. As we moved through the place we discovered Wilhelm, accompanied by several guards. Deciding to take the subtle approach again, we moved up in our guises and were met with Wilhelm's guards assaulting us. As we dispatched them Wilhelm was able to escape, and we were unable to follow. Now our attention turned to the location of Arisu. Moving past a small fence, we came into a bloody room, with the corpses of guards strewn around the place and other bones and body parts scattered on the floor. Eventually our attention turned to a pair of glowing eyes shining from a dark corner of the room. Eventually the eyes faded and Arisu appeared, her body twisted and morphed from the experimentation done onto her by Wilhelm. We moved with caution, but Broledormu made a fatal mistake. As we stared at Arisu, he chose to timewalk and leave himself vulnerable. Before we could react, Arisu had sent a surge of lightning towards him. He died instantly. It was then that we engaged her. The fight went on for many minutes, with both Dianora and myself being injured but we were able to subdue her and move her to the Isle to heal her. I then left to write this report.

Status: Success but with losses

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