Crypt Cleanup Report [10/1/16]

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Crypt Cleanup Report [10/1/16]

Post#1 » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:27 pm

Mission Briefing: 10/1/16
From: Siyagosa
Participants: Bakustrasz, Dathrenaku, Elysigosa, Siyagosa, Terefus
Beadormi had sought out assistance from Heartwing, and those mentioned above had gathered to assist. It was an issue with a man's family crypt, situated within Duskwood. We convinced the man who needed help that we were...well, here to help and went into the crypt in search of his dog. What we found were not just any ghouls but...strange kinds. Elysi stole their memories and they were wildly differing sorts of memories, as confirmed by Elysigosa. They were...half living, half dead. We put them out of their misery. Upon further advancing into the crypt, we found a crypt and grave robbers, and after an altercation was provoked on accident, were assailed by I cannot quite describe it accurately at this time in writing. Forgive me, my lord.

Anyhow. These visions contained scenes from a time past, scenes with two figures veiled in shadows. I cannot discern who they were save for a human, and an elf. The scenes were of a bar, then a pier, then...we went back to reality to find that the grave robbers were killed and...skinned. They were naught but bones. Then we were chased by a flesh golem that seemed to be made from those very grave robbers. That was when we found the dog, who was called...Grogdog by Terefus if memory serves me right. Then a portal was opened and we went through. Now, I apologize but I can't clearly transcribe what happened next. One would have to ask Elysigosa, Dathrenaku, or Terefus. All I can clearly recount is that we were whisked somewhere, and then whisked back to find the golem chasing us. We attempted to hide and...We were discovered. I think it was Terefus. We had to engage the golem and...he nearly killed Elysi. I was trying to save her and...Dathrenaku did nothing. Terefus' intervention however did save the whelp. Thank the Titans.

Then we saw a final vision with more shadowed figures. A tauren. The two from before. Others...I am unsure who they were. One final thing to mention is that we were whisked to what seemed to be the Maelstrom, stripped of our powers and skills and told to get "over there." It took Elysigosa throwing a pebble for us to figure that out...

Otherwise, the mission was successful. We were taken back to the crypt and...we teleported home from there.

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