[Drake] Xxer

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[Drake] Xxer

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Dragonflight: Netherwing

Dragon Name: Xxeraku

Aliases: Depends on her Humanoid guise- but there are two forms she favors. The first being an ethereal trader named Xxer and the second being a sin'dorei named Xxera who delivers packages from time to time.

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Adulthood: 'Drake' - going on mature (given nether's faster aging and how the exposure or deprevation of energies can affect their hatching / growth)

Loyalty(-ies): The Nether Brood from Blades Edge, The Nether Brood in Celestial Ridge, Heartwing

View of Heartwing: An opportunity to converse and learn about other talking-wing'd-lizards from Azeroth: Given that Nether's have no assigned purpose by the Titans and have little knowledge of their own origins unless they seek out answers for themselves.

Affiliations: The Shimmerwing Brood / House Embersoul

Attitude/Behaviour: Surprisingly friendly!

Reason: This Drake befriended a Gnome (From Toshley's Station) when she was still a whelp. Unlike most of her Dragonmaw enslaved kin, her was a relatively peaceful existence in Blades Edge; Singing Ridge, under the care and protection of her father; Dreadwing. As she became a drake along side her clutch-mates, the three of them had constant interaction with the gnomes at Toshley's Station, despite her parents warnings. The gnomes were curious, small and mostly harmless folk- helping the whelps become well acclimated to humanoids and their ways.

Key traits: She has no tongue ... Speaking is either written, mimed or telepathically established via a link upon touching another physically.

Respect for authority: The Brood on Singing Ridge had little need for authority until the whelps reached maturity, so while I cannot see this chaotic-energy-infused drake causing trouble given her peaceful background, she may need a lesson in the importance of ranking IC if authority is needed.

Character Personality: Lazy.

Reason: Unlike the primary flights with their Titan-bestowed-purposes, the nether's of Singing Ridge were raised to hunt, survive and challenge each other (play). Xxeraku may show a little more ambition if a challenge is presented but her primary mode of deciding what's best to do next primarily focuses on her desire to do it.

IRL-Person Personality: Happy-go-lucky.

Hobbies: Collecting bottles and other things the mortals loose (drop / throw away) in Outlands

Occupation: Package Delivery / Mount

Future desired position: Unsure- a simple soldier would do.

Common spells: Nether Breath and Blink

Prestige spells: Ethereal Junt (Jump)- In a nutshell; it's a teleport for energy beings back and forth from Outlands

Backstory Summary: Xxeraku Hatched among three clutch-mates (siblings); Phantomwing, Mirrinaku and Naku, in Singing Ridge, Blades Edge, Outlands.

Her guardians (parents) were the elders of Singing ridge; Dreadwing and Shimmerwing (a secondary consort, as opposed to a primary).

Food and Energy-Crystals were plentiful and the clutch, despite being chaotic-energy-infused whelps, twisted from corrupted black dragon eggs, was actually rather tame (all things considering).

Their neighboring humanoids were the gnomes of Toshley's point and the constant 'tests' and curiosity of the small but very brave humanoids, taught the brood not to fear such creatures early-on.

Xxeraku spent her you g life hunting, playing and tormenting the unfortunate adventurers / gnomes who wandered into their territory, though her fun didn't last long as her parents normally 'dealt' with the humanoids rather quickly.

When 'XXER' became a drake, she started getting more curious and on rare occasion, she would watch the gnomes from a short distance and ponder why they did the things they did. It all seemed incredibly fascinating and very boring but stalking them was her favorite pastime.

After roughly about a year of watching them, and figuring out she could preform multiple spells their mages had unintentionally shown her, she mustered up her courage, took the form of a gnome and began to mimic them in their own habitat. It took a while and some comical situations but Xxeraku had finally ... completely given up gnome life.

Xxeraku found it aggravating to take on such a form. Their 'cheeks' were vexing, their language confusing, their gestures down right strange... She would rather stalk them in her own scales and so she did. Xxeraku got rather good at becoming ethereal / phantom-like (her brother had aided her with it), and she'd often sit rather close to the gnomes and unless they were the magical-aura-sensing type, they'd have no idea there was a dragons talking them...

Eventually Xxeraku became restless with the same daily routine and began to explore. When she'd flown to every corner of Outlands and gotten lost a few times trying to traverse the Twisting Nether, she made her way back to Celestial Ridge where she snuck through one of the gnomes portals to Azeroth...

After the initial shock of there being another world with intact-ley-lines and some exciting exploration alongside humanoid stalking, Xxeraku decided it time to learn her roots and sought other more 'corporeal' dragons to interface with...

First time at dragon roleplay? Weeeee bit of experience...

(IC) Reason to join: Because it's an opportunity to converse and learn about other talking-wing'd-lizards from Azeroth: Given that Nether's have no assigned purpose by the Titans and have little knowledge of their own origins unless they seek out answers for themselves.

(OOC) Reason to join: Progressing on a sentient-wing'd lizard sounds fund and .ph e 1662 IS BEAUTIFUL and I would VERY MUCH like to rp there!

Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes!

Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes

Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes

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