[TEMPLATE] Mortals

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[TEMPLATE] Mortals

Post#1 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 3:29 pm

Mortal Application Template


Dragons have existed since the cleansing of this world by our creators; The Pantheon. In these times, dragons have employed the help of mortals. And just some of those have chosen to stay by those dragons' sides as a great devotion. These mortals have shown nothing but loyalty.

Heartwing as well is not foreign to the help of mortals, although we've been distrustful toward mortals, there are those few that have proved themselves they could be trusted regardless of their mortal nature.

While they could never be Covenant Members, mortals have aided Heartwing since its forming, and the call for their aid has never been greater than now.

Note; Mortals are significantly weaker than any dragon roleplayer in the guild, and has a high probability of being a casualty. They should be the most careful in our events.

We do not allow Undead, Death Knights or Warlocks within the guild. Any race or class with origins or usage of fel is neither allowed.

We accept Dragonsworn.
But there's a requirement about them. You would need to have a real player who roleplays the dragon that is in the guild you're sworn to. We do not per say allow dragonsworn-to-be.

Application: Mortal
  • Race:
  • Name:
  • {Optional} Other names:
  • {Optional} Dragonsworn? To whom?:
  • Screenshot of your character:
  • Class:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Loyalty (-ies):

  • What does your character know about Heartwing?:
  • What is your character's history with dragons?:
  • What dragonflight does your character feel most aligned with?:
  • Affiliations:
  • {Optional} Professions:
  • Respect for authority:
  • Describe your character's personality:
  • Describe your own personality:
  • Your character's hobbies:
  • Character occupation:
  • Known/frequently used abilities/spells:
  • Special/prestige spells/abilities of your character:
  • Summary of backstory:

  • Have you fully read this guild's Tomes of Ancient Times forum, and are fully aware of the content of the guild's rules and content?:
  • Have you understood Heartwing's current timeline?:
  • Your character's reason to join Heartwing:
  • (OOC) What is your reason to join Heartwing:
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