And Now Our Watch Has Ended

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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And Now Our Watch Has Ended

Post#1 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:04 am

Deathwing the Destroyer has met his end at the hands of the Dragon-Aspects and the mortal Heroes. With our greatest enemy to date, Masquerade... Katherina shared the fate of her father. Our charge has now ended.

All Dragonflights (including Netherwing)'s magical strength has greatly diminished as a consequence of using the Dragon Soul to a full potential of ending the Destroyer.

This is the changes that now befells on the dragonflights. Some headcanon, some canon. All to balance it out.

Bronze Dragonflight
[CANON] The bronze dragonflight's powers have diminished greatly - we can now only catch furtive glimpses through time [1]
[CANON] They've also lost the ability to control the flow of time [2]
[CANON] Following the Cataclysm and the loss of Nozdormu's Aspect powers, the bronze dragons still can travel between time, but they no longer have control over timelines [2]

Green Dragonflight
[HEADCANON (Enforced)] The Green Dragonflight's dreamsight nolonger gives them a clear sight into the Emerald Dream
[HEADCANON (Enforced)] The Green Dragonflight can nolonger phase into the Emerald Dream anymore. A Green Dragon needs to meditate for at least 6 hours before entering the Dream through individual efforts.
[HEADCANON (Enforced)] The Green Dragonflight can nolonger weave the Dream as they see fit.

Blue Dragonflight
[HEADCANON (Enforced)] The addiction magic brings with it now more easily corrupts the mind of a blue dragon.
[HEADCANON (Enforced)] Spells such as mass-teleportation would require a reagent or an anchoring magical object less the blue dragon wants their entire manapool depleted.
[CANON] The Blue Dragonflight has been disbanded. [4]

Red Dragonflight
[HEADCANON (Enforced)] A Red Dragon ressurecting someone to a full restoration is now only reserved for the older echelons of the dragonflight and would have a fifty-fifty chance to inflict death upon the red dragon first.
[HEADCANON (Enforced)] Healing comes at a greater cost to Red Dragons.

[2] ... 4871928333
[3] ^ Dawn of the Aspects: Part I, pg. 84: "...and her ability to lay more had been forever taken away, but in addition to all that she lived with the knowledge that the other dragonflights had also suffered so. She might have accepted her loss of power, but not this loss of her kind’s future."
[4] More and more left their home at the Nexus daily, until finally Kalecgos declared the flight disbanded and all blue dragons free to follow their own individual desires.
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