[Wyrm][Alt] Selmastrasza

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Wyrm][Alt] Selmastrasza

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Dragonflight: Red Dragonflight
Birth name - Dragon Name: Selmastrasza

Aliases: Selma Sunrider
Mortal disguise(s) - Screenshots:
Dragon model:
Her body have the mark of the wars she made, mostly from the War of the Shifting Sands

Age: 1463
Gender: Female
Adulthood stage (ex: drake, dragon, wyrm): Wyrm
Loyalty (-ies): Red Dragonflight, Quel'dorei, Keldorei, Alexstrasza, All life.


-Sharp Tail: Her tails seem to be artificially sharped to reveal her bones, extremely sharp, it can impale someone easily and kill it.
-Exposed bones: Her wings, back and legs have also exposed bones with the same purpose, it seem extremely deadly if someone try to charge on her, possibly impaling her opposant.
-Damaged wings: Her wings seem to have be damaged, marked with tear, however she still have enough membrane to able to fly but the maneuver to fly is bit harder for her.
-Weak magic: Selmastrasza magic seem to be enough weak, comparable to a Drake, her fire breath still effective however the range is low and require herself to approach her maw to work is effectively.

Your character's view of Heartwing: She see it like a chance to continute to protect Azeroth and keep unity with the other flight, she is someone extremely opened and after the Wyrmest disband, she doesn't wanted to give up and finally turn her to it.
Affiliations: Red Dragonflight, Quel'dorei, Keldorei, Alexstrasza
Attitude/Behaviour: She is a serious person, and sometime cold but she is extremely kind, open minded and respectful, she love actually to take care of the weaker and protect them, however, she is extremely impulsive and her anger is bloodthirsty and a bit playful.
Key traits: Serious, Cold (sometime), Kind, Open minded, Respectful, Protective, Hot-tempered, Playful
Respect for authority: She not follow the authority blindly, if sometime is injustice or wrong, she won't hesitate to say it face to face to the individual or even if it's getting too far, fight against it.
Describe your character's personality: If everything is fine, she is really kind and will gladly to interract with everyone but careful to not pissed off her or she will be a pest or worst if you try her limit...
Describe your own personality: Guess you know me now ^^ (I hope ;_; I'm the STAR OF HW! I believe...;_;)
Your character's hobbies: Protecting, Musculation (She is addict of it), Talking, Hunting.
Character occupation: Before she was a Guardian of Life (One of the dragon who keep the Wyrmest Accord), but since the Wyrmest disband, she have none yet but she is in seek of it.
What is a future desired position of your character within Heartwing?: Actually none, let see what the RP will lead me ^^
Known/frequently used abilities/spells: Physical attack, Small fire breath (only at proximity of her maw)
Special/prestige spells/abilities of your character:
-Fire Claw (Dragon form): She heat her own paw and claw with her fire breath to turn it red, it's quite painful but when she slam it, it's devastating.
-Intimidation: She will always try to give a luck of his enemy (mostly if it's mortal) to give up and surrender, she will roar and looking over him, taking a imposing posture to try to give it fear.

Summary of backstory:

Selmastrasza was born in the Dragonblight at the same time of his brother and sister in a cold cave, her mother Sheylastrasza assisting at the born of the whelps, greeting them with a solemn tone and a tender smile, wishing to be powerful dragons who will serve the Queen herself, few days later, Selma discovered she had a weak magic power, her strength was quite impressive and when they was a dispute between her brothers or sister, she easily beating them with her physical but her magic was weak and only short flame getting off her maw, almost even not efficient.
Her mother was even dissapointed of Selma, trying her best to try to handle it but she just give up, at age of drake, she left the cave of her mother in order to try to found somewhere she will able to found her place, she longly wandered around until finally reach the Eastern Kingdom to join the Vermillon Redoubt and staying around with the other Red.

When she turned into dragon, she fall in love with a dragon at the name of Karostrasz, actually a bit ordinary dragon who was devoted to the life and sworn to protect all life whanever the price, they get three child and see them growth happily...until...

War of the Shifting Sands

At the call to help the mortal to fight the Qiraji, her family and other red dragons moved to Kalimdor in order to stop the invasion, Selma was in front of the group due of her unusual physical strength and focused on the bigger Qiraji due of the difficulty to hit the flying small insect, the other dragons just breath fire on them, spreading easily at the insect swarm and most of them died easily, burned to death however, one of her son died by a charge of Qiraji, stabbing his neck to death with they dart, after the fallen body of his son, she roar bestially, bloodthirsty at the battleground, she was more a beast than a dragon, doing a killing spree at the Qiraji rank, she get stopped when she get stabbed by another insect with a toxin who send her unconscious, as she fall, some tried to pull her off the ground but the Qiraji sucessfully deal a big damage to her tail, finally cut the boulder at the tip of the tail. Went she awake, she cried the loose of her son, leaving a loud roar of despair and then a blind rage taking over her, decided to kill more Qiraji, she painfully shaped her own tail to replace the boulder into a bones spike and she send herself back to the battleground, like a wild beast, she devasted as much she could the insect who spread all around, as the Qiraji was almost pushed to the gate of Ahn'Qiraj, her mate standing near her as another wave of Qiraji came back, however the dragon haven't survived in the battlefield and fall against the Qiraji army, the dragoness enraged once more but at the door was almost close, she vainly trying to destroy the gate by smashing her claw on it until the other dragon flight calming her and pulling her back.

After the victory, she paying tribute to the fallen dragons and mortal to the war, memorating her son and love who fell, who fighted bravely for Azeroth but also the other...

Years passed, her other sons and daughters decided to finally leave the cave to make they own life and Selma stayed alone, in a deep depression and not interracting much with the other dragon who started to get worried about her. The First war happened too but like the rest of her flight, she didn't interract.

Second War

At the dawn of the Second War, She slept in Vermillon until a army of orc attack them, enslaving one by one the dragons, it was almost impossible to resist them and she get surprised, she was attached as she just waking up and chained, Finally to be used like mount of the Horde.

Selmastrasza was used as weapon to attack directly the troup of the Alliance, her size was quite easy to exterminate them without much problem, each killing on the innocent giving her tears and broken her heart with hopeless and wrath against the orc, regretting to not able to fight them back and claim freedom, she was mostly worried about her son and daughter, doesn't know if they was captured by the Dragonmaw or if they was free, but also about the Queen.
When Alexstrasza get free, she finally taking hand back at her will, with a wrath, she flied high to ejected his rider, his body was almost shattered at the fall and crushed him to finish him, now getting back her freedom, she bestially attacked the orc with other dragon until the war end.

After the Second War, she wasn't really active at the other conflict, starting to be more open with the other dragon now and talking with, she joined later Northrend to be a part of the Wyrmest Accord against the Blue crusade, playing only a roll of Guardian of the temple, she wasn't in the front...After this, the Cataclysm arrived...

The Cataclysm

At the rise of Deathwing and the capture of Grim Batol by the Twilight Hammer, she left the Wyrmest Temple to get herself at Vermillon one more time to assist her flight against the invasion of the Cult, pushing back by protecting the eggs from the invader. After pushing they force away, when the final battle against Deathwing began, she protected the Aspect against Twilight and Black Dragon, until she discovered at the same time the organisation of Heartwing, a united dragons organisation who fighted together, she was quite impressive at the coordination however due of the lack attention, she get charged by a Black dragon, her wings was broken, she finally turned him back and cut his throat with her claw before fall back in the tower for healing. At the end of the battle, She knew the Accord was disbanded, and just heading off the Accord, not knowing where to go, until she turned her attention to the group she saw, hoping to keep the unity between dragons and even mortal, she was in way to try to found them and join, believing the unity is what we make us to stand, whanever the flight or the kind we are.

Is this your first time at dragon roleplay, or do you have experience?: Not really experimented even if I'd a green whelp and drake.
Have you fully read this guild's Tomes of Ancient Times forum, and are fully aware of the content of your dragonflight and the guild's rules and content?: Yes
Have you understood Heartwing's current timeline?: 7.0
Do you fully understand your dragonflight's lore, and other essential lore information: Yes
Your character's reason to join Heartwing: After the Wyrmrest disbanded, she think Heartwing is actually the following of the Wyrmrest Accord, trying to keep unity to fight the threat of Azeroth.
(OOC) What is your reason to join Heartwing: I've always dreamed to join a RP guild about Dragon in any game however, it's really rare or just inexistant and it's almost make me dream to finally found a guild like your.
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Re: [Dragon][Alt] Selmastrasza

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Updated to explain why her tail is sharped

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Re: [Dragon][Alt] Selmastrasza

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Umm, do you forget this one? :(

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Re: [Dragon][Alt] Selmastrasza

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Alright! After a long moment, I wanted to try back this character! I've many idea how to play her and now in mood to play a Dragon character! :D

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Re: [Wyrm][Alt] Selmastrasza

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Edited again to make her under 1500 years

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