[Matured Dragon] Mazdagos

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Matured Dragon] Mazdagos

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Dragonflight: Blue Dragonflight
Dragon Name: Mazdagos
Aliases: Ahura
Age: 157
Gender: Male
Adulthood: Matured Dragon
Loyalty(-ies): Blue Dragonflight Kirin Tor Kalecgos
View of Heartwing: He believe's that heartwing is the only way if the dragon's are going to survive and that he will do anything to keep heartwing alive
Affiliations: Blue Dragonflight Kirin Tor Kalecgos

Attitude/Behaviour: He's a respectfull and loyal person he always put's other's first although he never look's for a battle he is not the type to run away from it
Key traits: Warm Like's to talk about arcane alway's is on guard he hardly ever loses his temperment
Respect for authority: He alway's follow's order's and think's that he is more suitable to receive command's than giving them and alway's talk's his superior's with respect
Character Personality: He is calculative alway's thinking before acting love's to research arcane and a few occasional drink's at a tavern
IRL-Person Personality: I'm easily angered when confronted with stupidity otherwise i'm calm and i love to talk (maybe a little too much)
Hobbies: Researching arcane and history and drinking with other's
Occupation: Librarian
Future desired position: Being the right hand man of a superior
Common spells: Blink,Frostbolt,invisibility,Frost nova,Arcane explosion
Prestige spells: Frost Manipulation
Backstory Summary: As a Whelp:He alway's looked up to Malygos and trained as hard as he could do become as strong as he is.He always annoyed his brother's and sister's with lot's of question's about arcane. One day he decide'd to go and sneak into Kirin tor's library as he was travelling to dalaran on his night elven form realizing it will take a lot of time to travel in his night elven form he decided to turn into his whelp form and fly there since it would've been faster when flying to Dalaran a group of bandit's saw him fly and decide'd to capture and sell him to the highest bidder they followed him and when he lande'd to rest the bandit's quickly cornered him and threw a net and capture'd him while they were transporting him to a place where they could sell him he tried to put up a fight by casting the little magic he knew but the bandit's quickly overpowered him once more and knocked him up
while they were travelling another blue dragon realized that Mazdago's was gone and set out to search him while searching through luck he saw the bandit group and realized Mazdago's was with them he attacked the group and rescued Mazdago's but in the conflict he was fatally injured and with his dyin'g breath he told Mazdago's the rule's are there to prevent this kind of thing.This incident scarred Mazdago's for life and is the reason why he always follow's rule's and order's from his superior's

Nexus War:In the nexus war he was in a conflict within himself not being able to decide whether he should stay blindly loyal Malygos or fight against him.While travelling the land's and thinking. And then saw the damage leyline's can do and realized he should help to bring malygos down using his serious arcane knowledge he trained the mage's of Kirin Tor and joined Wyrmrest Accord.After Malygos was defeated he continue'd to work with Kirin Tor

Cataclysm:He was still working with Kirin Tor and training their mage's When the Cataclysm happened he left the Kirin Tor to help the Blue Dragonflight.In the debate who should be the next leader of the Dragonflight He was sided with Kalecgos and in the Embrace he witnesed Kalecgos turning into a Dragon Aspect.Throughout Cataclysm he fought with the Black Dragonflight while abiding Kalecgos' order to use magic responsibly
First time at dragon roleplay? I have a small bit of experience
(IC) Reason to join: He think's that the only way another Malygos or Deathwing happening is working together with other Dragonflight
(OOC) Reason to join: I wanna have a good rp and increase my knowledge on dragonflight's
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes

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Re: [Matured Dragon] Mazdagos

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İ've rewritten the background of my character tried to be carefull with my grammar and Use'd one the name's you Recommended

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Re: [Matured Dragon] Mazdagos

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We've been discussing this application for a while, there's dubious content but what strikes out most is the grammatical english. We suspect that English is not your first language, but we feel this sort might impede on the quality of communication inside the guild and thus we've deemed to deny the application.
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Re: [Matured Dragon] Mazdagos

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oh yea my grammar is not good and obviously english is my second language i assure you i have no problem communicating but the last descision is yours have a good day

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