[Pandaren] Zhu Fireclaw

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Pandaren] Zhu Fireclaw

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Name: Zhu Fireclaw
Race: Pandaren
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Age: 60
Dragonsworn?: No
Dragonflight Alignment: Blue Dragonflight
Physique Type: Slim and fit for a pandaren
Choice of magic: Arcane
Language(s): Pandaren, Common
Character Personality: Zhu's personality is a calm, cool, and collected one outside of battle and mostly inside it as well. However if placed into a desperate enough situation she may let some of her battle rage get to her. Often times becoming extremely ruthless in her attacks. She's an introvert who can stand people's presence but would prefer to be alone. Her outlook on other sentient humanoids is not a loving one. She does however have a soft spot for animals or anything she might deem an animal (such as a whelping.) She's very kind to these animals and is general one of the only times she lets her more maternal side come out. She can be deceitful to those she doesn't know all to well; but will gradually become more truthful the more she knows someone. She also loves to learn new things; especially if those things involve magic and making her stronger. She can be competitive; especially when it comes to showing off her power to other mages. She has a bit of a bloodlust that is usually stated by murdering a few innocent tavern go-ers every once in a while.

IRL Personality: I'm a pretty laid back person with a bad (or good depending on who you are) sense of humor. I laugh at a lot of things I probably shouldn't. I play a lot of video games in my spare time and I love working with computers (both coding and building). I enjoy a challenge; some of my favorite games are dark souls, bayonetta, and world of warcraft. I listen to lots of video game soundtracks and metal bands. I can be a bit shy when first meeting someone but if I form a friendship with you it's usually a strong one.

Interest(s): Practicing their magical abilities, studying, and experimenting with her spells

Minor spell(s): Standard arcane spells with some modifications due to being self taught: (arcane blast, arcane missiles, arcane explosion, etc) Invisibility (with a few moments of concentration first) frost nova.

Prestige spell(s): Arcane power into a very large and potent arcane barrage.

Backstory: Zhu was born in Dawn Blossom of the jade forest 90 years ago and had lived a pretty normal life; that was until she had found the scroll. One day while exploring around the jade forest Zhu would happen to stumble upon some ancient and dilapidated ruins left by the Mogu'shan. In these ruins, she'd find a scroll containing list of basic ancient arcane spells that the mogu'shan would have used. Ecstatic with her new discovery she would immediately test it out on a nearby statue in the ruins. Arcane power would flow through her inexperienced hands and erupt with a powerful crackle as she sent a blast of arcane energy towards one of the statues. The statue would explode into thousands of pieces and a sly smile would cross her face. Thus began Zhu's infatuation would the arcane.

Zhu would take that scroll home without telling a soul in fear that they would try to take it from her and would begin to practice her magics in secret. A year or so would pass and Zhu would have practiced what was written on the scroll hundreds if not thousands of times before finally become satisfied with her form. Though while satisfied she grew tired of casting her spells on training dummies and was looking for something with a bit more... life to it. No; she couldn't possibly take the life of another pandaren. That's when she heard the soft whispering of a voice. "They'll steal your scroll... they'll steal your power..." the voice whispered to her. "Give into your pride..." it'd whisper again. Her mind was made up. His death was quick and his absence would go mostly unnoticed by the majority of Dawn Blossom's residents. Unluckily for the now deceased pandaren he had met Zhu in a bar on his final night of his life and had unwisely decided to go home with her under the impression that they'd be spending the evening together. The last thing he had been expecting when Zhu had told him that she was going to go and change was an arcane bolt straight to the back of the head. His body wriggled and spasmed for a moment before his eyes shut and his final breath escaped him. Zhu couldn't help but look down at her handy work with a smirk, something about killing that pandaren felt right to her.

Four years would pass and Zhu's bloodlust would not go unsated. Over the years she would continue to kill when the need inside of her arose. She started off small with regular pandarens before moving onto bigger prey such as mistweaver. The more she killed the more creative she tried to get with her next kill. The result of this would end up having her create and modify pre-existing spells she knew into more savage and stronger forms. Around the end of those four years Zhu would start to become bored of killing and would return to studying her arcane powers. She would now be around the age of 25.

One day while she was researching a new spell she was experimenting with she began to grow flustered. Every time she tried to cast the spell it would fail and she couldn't understand why. She pondered on this for a few days before coming to the conclusion that she wasn't strong enough with her arcane abilities yet and came to a sound and logical conclusion. The only way to make her stronger was to infuse some of her arcane power into her own blood. That night with a small dagger in one paw she would slice the other one open and spill several drops of blood onto a small parchment. She'd then infuse that blood with a small amount of arcane magic and would watch it for several minutes to make sure that doing this wouldn't cause her to explode, boil alive, or something worse. Seeing as nothing horrible happened to the blood she would cover her paw with her other hand and infuse her blood with arcane power. The process was incredibly painful. As the arcane energy flowed through her blood she'd writhe in pain as the energy fused with her blood cells. Several minutes would pass in this painful state but once it was over she'd stand back up, a new feeling washed over her as she felt the arcane flowed through her blood. A feeling of power flowed through her as well as a sense of feeling more in touch with the magics she wielded.

30 years would pass and Zhu would have continued her studies on her arcane abilities as well as looking just as young as she had when she infused herself with arcane power. When the Alliance and Horde invaded Pandaria Zhu was quick to join the war effort against the horde. She joined to partly to get these newly found savages off her land but also joined to test her skills as a mage against other being who possessed power similar to her own. During her time under the Alliance she not only killed several horde mages but also killed several alliance mages as well; although the alliance mages were in a discrete fashion and were never traced back to her.

Five years later once the situation in Pandaria had died down and the legion began to invade Zhu would find herself on the broken isles patrolling an area with a small squad of alliance soldiers. It happened in a flash, a meteor of an infernal came crashing down between the group and sent Zhu flying back. Dazed and confused she looked up at the infernal before another feeling began to take over her. This new feeling was the feeling of her life force being drained away slowly. Quickly she felt the world beginning to grow heavier as she fell to her knees looking around frantically for the source of this horrible feeling. Her eyes froze as she locked eyes with a fel-hound whose tentacles were wrapped around her body and quickly draining her mana. Zhu would have died that day if it hadn't been for one of the paladins in her group quickly noticing the ordeal and slicing the tentacles off her body before all her mana was drained. She gasped for life before finding herself unable to stay awake any longer and passing out. She'd awake within the medical building of dalaran several hours later. She'd then be informed that she had been attacked by a fel-hound and her interest in the creature would skyrocket. While she remained in bed she'd contract a warlock to find and capture one of these fel-hound so that she could study it. The warlock would come through for her and she'd been to study the fel-hound for several weeks. Over the course of her study she'd figure out what exactly the fel-hound would do to drain mana and would be able to replicate the process onto an enchant. She would then use this enchant on a special glove of hers. Wanting to test out her new glove she'd contact the warlock again for another study session. During the session, she'd slip on the glove and drain the mana of the warlock to the point of death. While the warlock was having, his mana drained she couldn't help but smile down at him as she stole his life essence, the feeling of the mana transferring over into the glove and the power she felt while doing it was incredible. Once the warlock died she called for the guards and had the fel-hound executed.

With her new-found knowledge on how to drain the mana of other mana users she left dalaran and became a mercenary for hire and is currently looking for new subjects to hunt down. Soon after she'd begin her mercenary services she'd venture down to booty bay where she'd encounter a worgen by the name of Draven. Events would transpire between the two and she'd gain a new Nemesis. Still to this day she harbors a deep hatred for him and has been searching for him in some of her free time.

(IC) How much does your mortal know about dragons?: Not much other than what she's learned from reading some books and speaking with other mortals about dragons. She's a novice on the dragonflights but is more familiar with the cloud serpents of her native land.

(OOC) How much does you know about dragon lore?: I'd say I know a decent amount about the different dragonflights and what they stand for, do, and who their leaders are; however, I wouldn't consider myself an expert in this field.

(IC) Reason to join Zhu's reason for wishing to join the dragonflight would be to learn what she can from beings who are much more powerful than not only herself but probably any other mage on azeroth. She'd wish to learn, grow stronger, and perhaps form give herself a good standing with some of the most powerful beings in the world.

(OOC) Reason to join I have a friend in the guild and I figured it might be fun to rp with them. They really like Dragon stuff and when I heard I didn't actually have to be a dragon to join the guild my interest went up.

What other roleplay have you done before this character? In terms of wow rp I'm fairly new with almost a year of experience in wow. However outside of wow I was part of a group that constructed it's own little universe and rp'ed inside of it. We did that for about 4-5 years and even before that I dabbled in some mass effect roleplay.

Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes

Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes

Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes

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Re: [Pandaren] Zhu Fireclaw

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Greetings, I'm Hestia and I've assigned myself to review your application. I apologize for the long wait.

In light of the fixes you've made to the application and discussion, we've opted to accept, as we do not see any issues with it.

Please contact Taka#5075 or Jes#0507 on Discord for an invite to our Discord server and guild.
Thank you for taking the time to apply!
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