[Drake] Astorgos

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Drake] Astorgos

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Dragonflight: Blue Dragonflight
Dragon Name: Astorgos
Aliases: Karhad Stonecrusher/Astorn Badlenare
Age: 150
Gender: Male
Adulthood: Drake
Loyalty(-ies): Khaz-Modan - partialy (with exception of Iron Dwarves which reminds him too much of Black Dragonflight), except that his own: his mother, few mortal friends. After Cataclysm he started working toward safety of Azeroth and with another arrival of Legion, he openly works toward it's defeat.

View of Heartwing: After Astorgos went into hiding, he cut his ties to almost every other dragon (with exception of letter contact with few other Blue Dragons who were against Malygos decisions) and because of that he heard as much as any other person who was part of the operations against Deathwing could. He do like the idea of different Dragonflights working together as one group, but his whole opinion is pretty much neutral. He isn't sort of person that would base his judgement only on rumors and stories, so he must meet them on his own.

Affiliations: Khaz-Modan communities, Alliance (in the dwarf and human disguises - he was known to work for Alliance during the Cataclysm), until the War of the Nexus - Blue Dragonflight

Attitude/Behaviour: Astorgos is still quite young dragon, so he isn't as mature as he would claim. Traumatised by the War of the Nexus which almost lead Blue Dragonflight to uttermost destruction, he began to show almost extreme disgust toward any blue dragon who was following Malygos during those events. His view of mortals largely changed during events of Wrath of the Lich King as they show example of undeniable courage and sacrifice for chance of survival. He still have their doubts about the Alliance and Horde wars, but he sees that rather as conflict similiar to that of Blue and Black Dragonflights - but he believes that they can work out their differences permamently as those are mostly due to historical differences and aren't based on hate and betrayal.

While he have large respect for other Dragonflights (with exception of Black, of course), after War, he simply fears contact with any other dragon. He sees himself as part of the "traitor" kin that attacked both mortals and Red Dragonflight in the moment where they needed their aid most, which make them no better then black dragons. He will be in visible distress during first few weeks of meeting other dragons - he fears their judgement and possiblity of being killed, depite not being part of War.

He prefers to stay in his human disguise - Astorn Badlenare - spellsword mercenary-scholar who have ties to the Khaz-Modan kins. He seems to have large amount of respect for dwarves due to similiarites between his own race and them (War of Three Hammers and rest of modern dwarven history) and their will to work together despite those differences. Due to his long history with the dwarven kin (and gnomes to much lesser extent), he often disguised himself as dwarf during events that couldn't include his human mask - but only during those. Outside of that, Karhad do not exist.

Astorn, on the other hand, is a disugise he used for long time. (under different names and appearance) Due to Astrogos fascination in history, he is foremost scholar and then mercenary. He uses most of his money to get books, journals and all other sort of trusted (or not) sources of information. Astorn is curious, respectful even toward those who who doesn't deserve it (in his eyes, mostly scums and criminals), stubborn - if he decided he will do something, he will as long as it won't cost too much. He is also sarcastic, at least to those he know little bit, but even then, he seems to have large dose of respect. Only exception from his behaviour is when he is angered or distressed, where he can be as fierce as any other blue or black dragon.

Key traits: Curious, passionate, stubborn, respectful (most of time), sarcastic

Respect for authority: Astorgos view of authority is complicated. Before the War, he saw Malygos as someone he should follow without question, but after it started, he knew that blindly following anyone could lead only to terrible things. Too often in history someone tried to justify his crimes by saying: "I only followed my orders".

He does believe in the strong leadership, but his leader must first prove himself. He won't follow him without question if he feel that they are repeating past mistakes. There is limit to what he would do, even to save the world.

Character Personality: Astorgos’ personality has changed over the years. The Gurubashi War was the first event that began to influence his personality to develop into who he is today – witnessing the power of The Guardian was a shock to such a young dragon. He started to develop respect for mortals and learned to never understimate anyone - "It is simply safer to overestimate those you don't know. If you were wrong, then you already treated them the right way. And if they are even more powerful... well, you have a chance to make a powerful ally." - as he likes to say.

All three wars had an even greater impact upon him, leaving him unsure of what he should think about mortals. He had witnessed both the greatest heroes and the lowest scum of the era and fought alongside the Alliance under human disguises. He had witnessed the destruction of the Dark Portal, but the events following the war made him even more unsure. Learning about orc history from the camps where they were placed and other sources, he could clearly say that they were manipulated by forces they couldn't predict at the time. His hate for the Horde did not disappear, but was clouded by a heavy dose of pity and doubt. He eventually got over his hatred and began to respect the orcs and other Horde races.

His personality was largely formed by the following conflicts (he wasn't in Outland as he focused on collecting his knowledge into his own chronicle during that time) and at this time he began to doubt the judgement both of his father (more about that in history) and of the Aspect leading the Blue Dragonflight. The Nexus War was what changed him the most. He began to show disgust toward his fellow blue dragons for blindly following the now "sane" Malygos. Because of his lack of action, he felt guilt for not being able to keep any dragon other than his mother from following the orders of Spellweaver.

Due to the circumstances, he fell into paranoid hiding from any kind of dragon, afraid of punishment by the Blues and judgement of others as part of "another Black Dragonflight". Due to that, he remained in the Eastern Kingdoms until Cataclysm which finally managed to give him some goal to work toward - the defeat of Deathwing. His hatred of Black Dragonflight wasn't lowered because of his own kin’s deeds and will probably always be present. Following the Legion’s third invasion, he finally decided to openly support the other Dragonflights in form of Heartwing and redeem himself - in their and his eyes.

IRL-Person Personality: I'm 20 years old guy from Poland or potatoland! (I like both forms)

On a bit more serious note, I'm quite shy guy, who opens a bit after some small talk with fellow players. My humour is composed from various classics (This parrot is dead, sire!) and new memes. I have been in many communities during my ten years of adventures in the roleplaying, in more games then I remember (Wow, NWN, Ultima Online, MUDs and few other).

Roleplaying is a form of creating for me, as writing - we are creating something for fun here. After all, nobody pay us for this... right? I mean... I hope I didn't missed anything on payment.

I hope to be part of your community that seems to be composed of nice people who care about their fellow players in the guild. Thanks for reading my shit, by the way. I hope it wasn't too terrible.

Hobbies: History - which is his main focus, after he turned away from typical Blue fascination with arcane magic (more about that in backstory), mortal culture and politics (in terms of leading to historical events), reading, brewing (something he picked from his dwarven friends) - to lesser extent: research about arcane magic and creation of new enchantments and illusion spells, fishing (during reading)

Occupation: Mercenary/scholar with interest in history. The first job is mostly cover for collecting information and witnessing events himself.

Future desired position: He will try help as much as possible with Legion threat and possibly stay with the group after that, to redeem at least part of his Dragonflight crimes. Due to his fascination with history, he possibly will aim to become one to write the history of the group and witness what they did to stop the Legion (and learn what they did in the past)

Common spells: In mortal form (most of time) he is spellsword - using both melee weapons (short swords in his case) and magic to fight: he focuses mostly on sort of spells that let him be more agile and increase his speed or fool enemy. (So he focuses on Enchantment and Illusion). In dragon form, he focus on use of his speed and magic to deal heavy damage to enemy.

Prestige spells: Few special enchancements on his swords (small elemental damage on one, weak rusting spell during strike on second/possibility to call them back to hand using trigger-word in proximity of 10m)

Backstory Summary: While first fifty years of his life was largerly influenced by his father, Rathogos - who was fierce follower of the Malygos, devoted to impressing the Aspect and serving under him. For a long time, he was unshaken in loyalty for the Aspect, despite his madness and lone grieving. His mother, Karigosa had little bit more gentle touch and interested him in mortals and their usage of magic.

His views began to change when he matured enough to be released into the world (around year -68), when he started observing mortals, both from afar and under first, failed disguises.

At first, he was arrogant and childish, thinking of mortals as subjects of observation for Blue Dragonflight and source of amusement with their feeble attempts to use arcana (with few notable exceptions). He stayed like this until the years of Gurubashi War, where he watched the power of Medivh. Fascinated by the power like this coming from mortal, he decided to keep his ears open about his feats, but decided to keep considerable distance.

From this point, he began to take interest in history, seeking the source of such power in mortals and trying to guess their possible limits. He decided to write full report for the Malygos about mortal magic, to impress him.

The First War was another turning point and probably the first conflict he participated in under his human disguise of a spellsword. He had witnessed the orcish invasion. He of course survived the entire War and wrote his own account of the conflict in his journal, which largerly sharped his writing style and general view of the wars. He doesn't despite them, as sometimes conflict can't be avoided, but considers bloodshed to always be a waste. He also vaguely heard about the Medivh’s fate, much to his surprise. He knew little about the truth, but what he knew was enough to make him unsure of his own beliefs at the time. The destruction of Stormwind was a much greater shock for him, as he witnessed the death of both young and old for the first time on such a scale. He hold as much as he could to protect the ships in the port before he was forced to escape.

Following the Second War, he finally came to Khaz-Modan, where he helped the dwarven and gnomish kin to protect their land, as he did before with the now fallen Kingdom of Stormwind. He gained much respect for dwarves and gnomes for their unbeatable courage despite the power of the Horde. Following events involving Red Dragonflight, the fight in Lordearon and Quel'Thalas, King Perenolde's betrayal and so on had a great impact on him. Following end of the war, his opinion about mortals from both sides had been in shambles. He needed a long time to think about everything that happend.

Astorgos began to focus on history even more. His hatred of the Horde was finally forgotten. He often visited internment camps and gathered large portions of orcish history from those orcs who were willing to share it. He had not been part of the Draenor Invasion, but he did participate in the Battle of Grim Batol under his disguise, to help fellow dragons in need. After the battle he contacted a few red dragons in his true form and was there for some time, helping as he could. His opinion of the Red Dragonflight was formed during those days and he saw them as his allies and brethren.

During the Third War, he was active until the Legion hit, which forced him to escape into Northrend, where he was forced by his father to remain, even during the attack on Mount Hyjal. Despite his protests, his father did not allow him to go, which started the decline of their relationship. He also started to see Malygos as someone who is almost unable to act, due to his madness and self floating while the whole world is burning.

During the following events of WoW, he participated only in the Second War of the Shifting Sands, remaining in Khaz-Modan during other conflicts. He wasn't part of the Outland invasion due to his work on his magnum opus - his own chronicle - and because he didn't want to go into the destroyed world of the Horde, prehaps due to his own fears.

During the War of the Nexus his trust in Malygos finally broke and he almost openly opposed the idea of an attack on Kirin Tor and mortals as a whole. Attacked by his own father, he started an argument with him and flew away from Northrend, as fast as possible, contacting his mother soon after and convinced her not to participate in the war.

Rathogos had perished during an attack of adventurers at Nexus, but Astorgos tried to remain unmoved by the message. He claimed that his father put his head under the blade himself. After his escape, he cut all possible contacts with other dragons with the exception of communication by proxy with other blue dragons who hadn’t agreed with Malygos’ actions. Even his own mother couldn't find him despite her attempts.

His paranoid fears remained until the end of the war with the Lich King and the start of the Cataclysm. His hatred of black dragons drove him into working with the Alliance again, under his human disguise he had created earlier. He helped as much as he could without breaking his disguise. He did not participate in any other conflict between the Alliance and the Horde, claiming that he "did not go into this to play war between two angry boys", but to protect Azeroth from destruction.

Following the Legion’s third invasion, he finally decided to break out from his disguise and support the efforts of other dragonflights, at a place where he could find redemption without fear of being judged - at Heartwing.

First time at dragon roleplay? I roleplay as a dragon for first time. I used to play character who had dragon heritage on few Neverwinter Nights servers, but that is all.

(IC) Reason to join: Let me list those, to keep it little bit more cleaner then rest of points:

- He want to redeem himself/his Dragonflight from crimes they did (he sees himself as partialy responsible by not stopping or at least altering events that lead to War of the Nexus - he sees his own kind as new black dragons that attacked their own friends because of their aspect poor judgement. That he did so because he believed it was right doesn't change what he did.

- He want to stop the Legion and sees Hearthwing as best possible group to join. Working together with other dragons is something that saved world before, so it can be done again.

- He want to find new family, even if he doesn't want to ever admit that. His own father perished in conflict he saw as pointless, by blindly following Aspect he admired himself. It does have terrible weight on how he things and act - he doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of his father.

(OOC) Reason to join: I'm quite new on the RPH, but I know the possiblities that it offer. Heartwing seems to be well working group of roleplayers that play in their healthy environment, without dramas or terrible players. I want to be part of the community and possibly add something good from myself to it.

Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes!

Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yup!

Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Indeed!

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Re: [Drake] Astorgos

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Hey, Astorgos! I'm Matt and I've been appointed to review your application.

I'll start off by saying I can't see anything wrong with this application. As a matter of fact, I'll point out a few things I liked. Despite this being your first dragon character, it is clear you put the time and effort into researching the events that would have affected Astorgos.

Astorn is curious, respectful even toward those who who doesn't deserve it (in his eyes, mostly scums and criminals), stubborn - if he decided he will do something, he will as long as it won't cost too much.

I appreciate this little distinction between Astorgos and his mortal guise.

Before the War, he saw Malygos as someone he should follow without question, but after it started, he knew that blindly following anyone could lead only to terrible things.

Character progression is always a plus.

Few special enchancements on his swords (small elemental damage on one, weak rusting spell during strike on second/possibility to call them back to hand using trigger-word in proximity of 10m)

You make sure to put limitations on your abilities. Great!

With that all said, I will happily accept this application. Contact our administration on Discord for an invite. (Varlamus#2180, Jes#0507, or Taka#5075)
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