Lavorix [Drakonid]

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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Lavorix [Drakonid]

Post#1 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:40 pm

Drakonid Application:

Dragonflight: Red
Pre-Drakonid Name: Kurok Steelshatter
Post-Drakonid Name: Lavorix The Flame
Disguise Screenshot:
Drakonid Screenshot:
Loyalty (-ies): In order, Red dragonflight, Wyrmrest, The Horde
Age: 24

Your character's view of Heartwing: Kurok views Heartwing as one of the last capable organizations truly capable of safeguarding Azeroth. This is primarily thanks to what little loyalty he had left to the Horde eroding over the course of the Pandaria campaign. As such, he is attempting to seek them out to lend his aid.

Affiliations: Red Flight, Horde, Orcish Clans, in order.

Respect for authority: As he was a Dragonsworn, his respect for authority is rather absolute. It's odd to question this about a warrior.

Describe your character's personality: Though he is a simple man at heart, Kurok tries to live by the ideals that the Red Flight lives by. Thou shalt not harm life needlessly. Thou shalt keep balance. Values such as that. Much like any -sane- orc, he values honor, too. Something worth noting is that he's also passionate about some things more than others. That'll be elaborated on.
Describe your own personality: I think you guys already know me.

Your character's hobbies: He's a skilled hunter and cook. He can also play a mean game of Hearthstone if presented with a deck.

Character occupation: Wanderer/Protector of the Weak.

What is a future desired position of your character within Heartwing?: Guardian/above if deemed fit for it.

Known/frequently used abilities/spells: Kurok himself does not know a lot of magic. He was taught how to wield the fires of life by his patron. That's just about it. He's capable of breathing fire, slinging fire and holding it in his hands as a result. Coincidentially...

Special/prestige spells/abilities of your character: The aforementioned fire-wielding can extend to his sword, as well, turning the giant slab of metal into a flaming dealer of death and/or justice in no particular order.

Summary of backstory:

Here's what he tells people.

Kurok Steelshatter was born about twenty four years ago in a harsh winter, in the midst of the internment camps of Lordaeron. His mother was Bonechewer, father Flowerpicker. It's not the most impressive of parentages. Now, for most of his life, Kurok moved with the orcs. He partook in the exodus of the Orcs at a young age alongside his family. He saw the rise of the Horde. He fought for the Horde, too. He was a very standard rank and file soldier for the longest time, his one distinctive quality being he was actually fairly capable of surviving a nasty fight and giving people hell whilst doing so. He also developed a rather stringent set of morals that more often than not led him to trying to do the right/honorable thing in various situations.

He continued this way of life. The warrior's way. Up until he was approached by a very...ruby-adorned orc. Urim the Haggard. He simply had a few words for him.

"Keep your eyes amongst the Horde, for I will be watching."

Very cryptic. He wasn't necessarily aware that the orc was a dragon in disguise. So, he returned to his life. He didn't engage in any excursions on Outland.

...Then the Wrath of the Lich King came. Orgrimmar was assailed by undead. He fought to keep his people safe like any other. He enlisted to fight in Northrend, too. And fight, he did. Undead after undead...They fell. And then, Urim sought him out once more.

Urgently. To summarize, Kurok was hastily asked by a very...disgruntled dragon to face off with the maddened Blue Flight in the Nexus War. It was a sort of desperate time when you're up against the guardians of magic themselves, and Urim figured the Red Flight needed all the help it could get.

Naturally this also involved getting the orcish warrior who sought to protect the weak when he could to fight for them. As the war went on, and eventually drew to a close, Urim (henceforth referred to as Urimostrasz) made Kurok his sworn. Having -fought- alongside the dragon (and his family) before, and seeking to be able to do more for the world, it was a proposition Kurok accepted.

Thereafter, Kurok returned to his life as a soldier, but he acted with the interests of the Flight (mainly Urimostrasz's) in mind, being told to accomplish certain tasks, be present at certain locations, et cetera. Soon the Lich King fell. The war ended. Great, right?

Wrong. The world shattered soon thereafter. Deathwing sowed his ruinous rampage across the earth, and soon Urim called his sworn to action. To summarize once more? He fought in the Twilight Highlands as a result. He fought at Wyrmrest, Hyjal...Wherever the Red Flight had their involvement in, he was sent there. It was around there that Urim made the decision to impart some of his own power unto Kurok. A decision that would cement his loyalty to the Red Flight above all else. A decision that would wipe everything away. For an orc? This was sort of uncommon. Then again, so was an Orcish Red Dragonsworn in the first place.

Of course, Kurok accepted. The ritual was long. The ritual was a success.

Kurok ceased to exist. Lavorix became. And the Red Drakonid, blade in hand, continued to fight against Deathwing's ilk up till the Hour of Twilight. We know who won that day, for our world was still there at the end of the hour.

Afterwards...well, Lavorix continued to serve his flight. Even throughout the Pandaria campaign and into Draenor itself. The Legion then made it's third trip towards Azeroth. The catastrophic battle of the Broken Shore happened. Heroes were slain, factions splintered, and someone actually flew into the damned tomb.

Urim made his decision. Lavorix was to help Heartwing. And so, with a vague set of directions and time, he set out to find Mithres Alymna in these trying times.

Is this your first time at drakonid roleplay, or do you have experience?: This is actually my first time RPing a lizard on two legs but I've RPed a dragon before.
Have you fully read this guild thread, and are fully aware of the guild's rules and content?: Yep.
Have you understood Heartwing's current timeline?: Hyup.
Do you fully understand your dragonflight's lore, and other essential lore information: H Y U P.
Your character's reason to join Heartwing: His patron told him to, and both share the mindset of "If we help them, they'll have an easier time saving us in the end. Furthermore, they seem to share ideals with us."
(OOC) What is your reason to join Heartwing: Because I like RPing with you guys.

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Re: Lavorix [Drakonid]

Post#2 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:12 pm

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