[Dragonspawn] Smoldertongue

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Dragonspawn] Smoldertongue

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Dragonflight: Red Dragonflight.
Post-Dragonspawn Name: Smoldertongue.
Was your character born dragonspawn or later in life became one?: She was born one.
Loyalty (-ies): The Red Dragonflight.
Age: 60

Your character's view of Heartwing: She's reluctant about the thought of dragons of different flight working together, but she's curious.
Affiliations: The Red Dragonflight still.
Respect for authority: Depending on if they're a red dragon or not, she'll either have great respect for authority or barely any at all.
Describe your character's personality: Smoldertongue carries herself proudly. She is the kind to demand respect but normally give none as she is a heavy xenophobe. Anything not-red is out of her book. She tries to dedicate herself entirely to the reds and fears showing anything else respect could have her lose points with them. She has a soft spot for anything non-sentient, such as rabbits and other critters, but tries not to show it around others.
Describe your own personality: I'm Nicole/Sarthirius, you know me!
Your character's hobbies: Hoarding seashells, glass/porcelain figurines and gemstones, walking in circles when she's bored, woodcarving.
Character occupation: Warrior.
Future position/role within Heartwing desired: Nothing specific, really.
Summary of backstory as dragonspawn: (Sorry her backstory is so long!)
Smoldertongue was hatched to a red dragon named Claerostrasz. She immediately recognized him as a father, and he acted like it for her. Claeron disguised as a human priest who had taken a troll child as his own, that was their story if anyone asked he would say. Their lives consisted mostly of wandering during the early years, and this would lead to many times of being mugged. Claeron and Smolder would often find themselves without much but a make-do campfire, so Claeron prompted Smoldertongue to wield a spear by thirteen years of age.

She would regretfully train on wildlife, as Claeron refused to train her personally. The Westfall boars were vicious to her, and she earned a few scars that Claeron couldn't properly heal. They would often stroll across the Westfall beach to collect seashells and pretty rocks. On one of these collecting trips, however, they were blocked by a gang of three bandits. "Remember your training," Smolder could hear Claeron mutter behind her as she stood in front of him in her trollish form, spear held forward while trying to do good in being menacing.

"Not good enough," repeated in her mind after almost blacking out from the beatdown. More had been taken from them, again; food, water, whatever little copper. Smoldertongue felt like she could sense Claerostrasz' disappointment miles away, as not a word was uttered on their way to find their camp. She wanted to fight as the dragonspawn she truly was so desperately, but Claeron was adamant in forbidding her from using her true form for whatever reason.

Years continued to pass. Claerostrasz would leave Smoldertongue alone more and more often, only stating that he was needed elsewhere. She took this time to hone her skills with the spear further, training still on wildlife. He came back to Smolder one day with news. It was time to move to Northrend. He did not say much else aside from that it was bad, and so they were off.

They had been called to fight for Wyrmrest in the Nexus War. The assaults were brutal and they seemed to be unending, barely any moment of peace was given. Smoldertongue was here allowed to fight as what she was, but she was not ready. She had only trained to fend off bandits and failed, yet this was a war.

While Claerostrasz had gone off to fight in Coldarra with his fellow dragons, Smoldertongue was left to defend Wyrmrest with fellow dragonspawn. She made friends with a few, Chialla, Wyrmwrath and Rubiae. She was taught in fighting by watching them now, rather, and she was successful in fending off a good number of mage hunters and azure dragonspawn thanks to this, her skill only increasing. Soon, she was proudly defending the temple with ease, her and her friends working together like clockwork.

The Nexus War started to recede. The assaults on Wyrmrest became lesser and lesser, it seemed. One final push was made by the Azure, however. This attack took Chialla and Rubiae. As the attack died down, Smoldertongue and Wyrmwrath had been heavily wounded from having no healer.

With the Nexus War over, Claerostrasz returned with the other surviving troops. Claeron seemed to be one of the less lucky dragons, having lost an eye and now carrying many scars that separated his scales. It was a joyous reunion nonetheless, but it didn't last as the Scourge was still loose. Claeron had promptly been sent to take care of any encroaching undead with a small patrol of his own, leaving Smoldertongue alone again. She had Wyrmwrath to keep her company, though.

The Scourge were slowly being pushed back by the mortals, and with it Claeron made his second return. In this time, nothing much had happened. Smoldertongue heard Claeron discuss with other Reds of 'twilight dragons' and how they should be stopped. She asked him what they were, but he seemed to avoid the question.

More years passed, and the Cataclysm began. They departed from Wyrmrest to make their way to the Twilight Highlands to deal with the cultists there. They intercepted camp after tiny camp together with Wyrmwrath, Claerostrasz and other dragons, until one day. Smoldertongue along with Wyrmwrath were busy clearing attacking cultists. Too busy to notice that Claerostrasz and the rest of the dragons had been harpooned down. They'd bitten down on more than they can chew and they paid for it now.

"You didn't-..." Claerostrasz wheezed through a pierced chest, being far too damaged by the harpoon. Smoldertongue seemed confused by his words. He didn't get to finish, and she was given a guilt hard to forget. Her and Wyrmwrath managed to escape mainly unscathed, but as failures.

Afterward, Smoldertongue does nothing more to aid in stopping the Cataclysm. She takes on her troll disguise and instead starts wandering as a loner.
What is a future desired position of your character within Heartwing?: A protector and companion of dragons.
Known/frequently used abilities/spells: Tendon tear. Attempts to render one limb of the enemy useless by tearing muscle apart.
Special/prestige spells/abilities of your character: Execute. Attempts to finish an enemy off by slicing at vital areas such as the neck. Normally only used when the enemy is near-death.

Is this your first time at dragon/dragonspawn roleplay, or do you have experience?: This is my first Dragonspawn to RP, but I have experience in dragon RP.
Have you fully read this guild thread, and are fully aware of the guild's rules and content?: Yes.
Have you understood Heartwing's current timeline?: Yes.
Do you fully understand your dragonflight's lore, and other essential lore information: Yes.
Your character's reason to join Heartwing: Smoldertongue's days as a loner are over and she wants to be in draconic company again.
(OOC) What is your reason to join Heartwing: I love the community and the RP!

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Re: [Dragonspawn] Smoldertongue

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Hello Sarth,

I am Asherystrasz, guild leader of Heartwing and I've personally assigned myself to review your application

This application has been accepted.

~ Asherystrasz
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