[Whelp] Amnudormu

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Whelp] Amnudormu

Post#1 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:13 am


Dragonflight: Bronze Dragonflight
Dragon Name: Amnudormu
Aliases: Amun Sunforge
Age: 0
Gender: Male
Adulthood: Whelp
Loyalty(-ies): Bronze Dragonflight [Active] Heartwing [Active]
View of Heartwing: Heartwing has kept him safe while he was still in the egg, he views their cause as noble and worth fighting for. He admires his elders and although he might not understand everything they do, he understands it's all for the betterment of Heartwing.
Affiliations: Bronze Dragonflight [Active] Heartwing [Active]

Attitude/Behaviour: Amnudormu is a friendly, polite, reserved whelp who regards everyone in some sort of title format even if they tell him multiple times to stop. He respects people but shows a high sense of curiosity towards things he finds heavy interest in. This can often be depicted as him being nosy.
Key traits: He has smaller claws and a slimmer build than most whelps. His horns are defined and in a set of three on each side of his head. He is a very curious soul and has a thing for calling people titles rather than their actual names.
Respect for authority: He has a high respect for authority; mainly the elder dragons within the Bronze Dragonflight but also Aerenstrasz and the rest of the Council of Flames. He understands that the adults have last say and will almost never go against them and/or their words.
Character Personality: + : Polite, friendly, outgoing, loyal, protective
= : Reserved, level-headed, observant
- : Judgmental, nosey, naive
IRL-Person Personality: How I would describe my own personality is close to my character's, I'm quite protective, loyal, and friendly. While these are key traits, my minor traits would be explained as being timid, keeping to myself, and yet being open-minded. I'm not one to start issues or feed into drama as I prefer being apart of a friendly community and would like to exercise the idea of creating a better environment for people to simply enjoy themselves within and have fun whilst role-playing or simply chatting among friends. I can be very passionate once involved with something and prefer to see things through until the end rather than dropping out of a scenario that is short-lived. I seek to strive, enjoy challenges, and even help fellow peers if and/or they need it.
Hobbies: Reading, painting, and playing with sand.
Occupation: Just a whelp, he hasn't found his profession yet.
Future desired position: Leader of the Ultimate Harem
Common spells: Sandbolt and Dragon's Breath
Prestige spells: N/A
Backstory Summary: Long ago, Issidormi and Aatidormu frequented Mithres Alymna as active residents. They fell in love with one another and had a clutch of eggs to which they each named. One of these eggs was named Amnudormu. Most of his siblings hatched and took up their duties, but he remained content within his egg. When the Cataclysm happened, his family left with many of dragonkind to defend Azeroth leaving him safely on the archipelago. His parents and siblings fought ardently but perished during the final war against Deathwing. With the death of Deathwing and the expulsion of the dragonflights' powers, Amnudormu would also feel the tremendous dwindling of his own. The era of mortals began. Unbeknownst to him, he assumes his family is still roaming Azeroth-- keeping it safe from those who seek to destroy it.

As of today, however, Amnudormu feels the sudden need to come out of his shell-- quite literally. He has heard of the dangers recently and has chosen to finally throw in his cards to defend Mithres Alymna from those who seek it and its' inhabitants harm. The whelp will do all that he can to aid the efforts against the Legion's malicious schemes. His charge is not over yet.
First time at dragon roleplay? No and I have experience.
(IC) Reason to join: He wishes to follow a cause that will thwart evil wherever it is found, and he believes the organization of Heartwing can provide such necessity.
(OOC) Reason to join: I am simply making a new main in Heartwing, you all know who I am. <Insert winky-face.>
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes
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    A m n u d o r m u - The Sandwyrm
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Re: [Whelp] Amnudormu

Post#2 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:22 am

[Alive] Aerenstrasz - Leader of Heartwing
[Alive] Aerdranstrasz - Child of Aeren
[Alive] Azraelstrasz- Second son of Asherystrasz - Not part of Heartwing

[Deceased] Asherystrasz - Retired leader of Heartwing
[Deceased] Hydrastrasz - Former Leader of Heartwing

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