[Matured Dragon] Kerozion

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Matured Dragon] Kerozion

Post#1 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 5:41 pm

Dragonflight: Bronze Dragonflight
Dragon Name: Kerozion
Aliases: Kerthorian Silverspear
Age: 498
Gender: Male
Adulthood: Matured Dragon
Loyalty(-ies): The Bronze Dragonflight, Wyrmrest Accord, The High Elves of Quel'thalas (Previously)
View of Heartwing: My character views Heartwing as a possible tool to be used in the War against the Infinite Dragonflight whom Kerozion believes is a threat that will require the aid of the other Dragonflights to defeat, it is for this reason he is trying to join the Heartwing.
Affiliations: The Bronze Dragonflight, High Elves (As an Observer), Heartwing
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Attitude/Behaviour: Kerozion's behavior is very simple, he is a cold pragmatist who is almost always serious and is rarely sarcastic. Kerozion typically always means business and rarely indulges in vices that most other Dragons would probably indulge in, however Kerozion is a skilled deceiver as he had to be to blend in so well with the High Elves of Quel'thalas for centuries without being suspected and so he can feign personality and behavioral traits very well.
Key traits: Loyalty, Intelligence, Experience, and Truthfulness
Respect for authority: I have complete respect for authority which I had to show when I took Pre-Military Training in High School and still to this day in College. I may voice many times my concerns but they aren't voiced out of disloyalty but in hopes it may help improve the Guild and the Story.
Character Personality: My character is a cold pragmatist who's driven by his belief that the Infinite Dragonflight is a grave threat and that mortal tampering with time should be stopped with drastic measures. Kerozion is very serious and typically is viewed as a cold logical person.
IRL-Person Personality: My personality reflects a lot of my characters personality. I'm pragmatic, sometimes cold and driven by cold logic which is also brought on by my cynical nature.
Hobbies: Duty
Occupation: Mortal Observer and Time Warden
Future desired position: I hope to start out as a subordinate and hopefully one day work to a higher position through progression.
Common spells: Sand Bolt
Prestige spells: Time Freeze, Temporal Blast, and Temporal Barrier
Backstory Summary: Kerozion was born 498 years ago to Koridormu and his Consort Zoridormi in the Caverns of Time. Kerozion till the age of 28 stayed in the Caverns of Time where he learned about the history of the Dragons, his Flight, and the charge he was born to take up and once he was ready he was sent out into the mortal world to observe and report if there was any abuse of Chronomancy. Kerozion was sent into the mortal society of the High Elves of Quel'thalas where he took the guise of a young High Elf Arcanist. For centuries Kerozion stood by the High Elves and even began to form close friendships with mortals. When the Scourge sacked Quel'thalas, Kerozion left the mortals to report the calamity to the Bronze Dragonflight who did nothing in response to the genocide of the mortal race. For decades Kerozion remained in the Caverns of Time with the new charge of being a low protectorate of the Caverns due to vocalizing his anger for his Dragonflights inaction when the Elves were slaughtered by the Scourge, it was only until the Cataclysm rocked the World that Kerozion was unleashed to fight the Infinite Dragonflights attempts at tampering with time, it was then that he was sent to various timelines to thwart their efforts to change history. What Kerozion has done for the past several years is unknown though he probably has remained in other timelines to thwart Infinite Dragonflight tampering but what is known is that he is now back in the main timeline with the intent of finding a way to stop the Infinites once and for all.
First time at dragon roleplay? I have experience
(IC) Reason to join: He believes the Heartwing are the key to defeating the Infinite Dragonflight once and for all.
(OOC) Reason to join: I need some place to RP a Dragon which is a race that isn't very accepted in nearly all phases.
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes
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Re: [Matured Dragon] Kerozion

Post#2 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:30 am

Hello Kerozion!

I am Shendormu, an Officer of Heartwing, and will review your application today.

While I'm reviewing your application, I'll be using a certain color code. Green will show exceptionally good things I like about the application, Yellow will show things that'll need further explanation or minor alteration, and Red shows things that have to be drastically changed. So let's get started.
Dragon Name: Kerozion
The name does not follow the bronze naming convention without an explicit reason stated in the backstory.
Respect for authority: . . .
This section requires you to elaborate on the character's respect for authority, not yours.
Prestige spells: . . .
What is the extent of these spells? It is important to elaborate on what is the limit on these spells in order to avoid abuse.
Backstory Summary: . . .
Though there is nothing wrong with the backstory lore-wise I did find it lacking in depth and character. I personally believe that when creating a character's backstory you need to take into account how the various events in that character's life have affected and molded it into what it is today. People wrote entire books on their 80 years of living - imagine what a thrilling and in-depth backstory someone who had lived for nearly 5 centuries would have. Lastly, there is the issue of leaving information out. You wrote that it is unknown what Kerozion has done for the last few years and that he probably continued his efforts against the infinite dragonflight. That would be considered by many as lazy writing because no effort went into thinking what he actually could've done in these couple of years.

To conclude this review, I deem this application as pending since I do see the potential in the character, but more work has to be done before it is ready to be accepted into Heartwing. Please address the comments in a separate post below this one. If you have any questions you're welcomed to ask in the Rookie Camp, or directly message myself(Goose#3297) or Ashery(Jes#0001) in discord.

- Shendormu

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