[Wyrm] Sideregos

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Wyrm] Sideregos

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Dragonflight: Blue Dragonflight
Dragon Name: Sideregos
Aliases: Sirius Stone/Sidereus Starseeker
Age: 1232
Gender: Male
Adulthood: Wyrm
Loyalty(-ies): Sideregos' heart will forever remain devoted to the Blue Dragonflight and the Spellweaver, despite his own actions to defy him.
View of Heartwing: Sideregos sees it as a mean to reconnect with his kind, and has always praised their efforts and deeds. In the past he looked at Heartwing with mixed feelings of admiration and defiance, both respecting its members and bringing himself not to get too near emotionally. Now he seeks them himself, because in his eyes hope is there, fighting alongside them.
Affiliations: The Blue Dragonflight (former), the Aszunian Brood (seldom help to and from them).
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Attitude/Behaviour: Sideregos is a very approachable dragon, he likes to visit and study places of power, long walks near bodies of water and relaxing stuff. He has a really bad temper if angered and tends to show it with the edge of his blade or the might of his spells; but this is rarely triggered only by a few things.
Key traits: Loyal, approachable and stern, this dragon shows wisdom and skill apt to his age and past. Very proud of his lineage, he doesn't deny his flight's crimes nor the other flights' but strives to overcome them with righteousness.
Respect for authority: It depends. Sideregos respects authority, but will always question it if he thinks it's the right thing to do.
Character Personality: Calm, sharp and collected, Sideregos has learned to shed its previous boasting self, which reveled in his innate gifts for the arcane, and has embraced a new philosophy of modesty. Time gifted him with a chance to rework himself from the core, so he took it and learned to calm himself with various methods reflected in his everyday behavior.
IRL-Person Personality: Tesros/Herlath/Vincent here, you know me, fellas :3
Hobbies: As reflected in his behaviours, Sideregos likes to stroll around places of power, admiring their nature. This dragon likes to train himself in the mortal ways of combat and magic, hobby he took up as he trained with the mage hunters and the elven warriors of the kaldorei.
Occupation: Researcher of all that is magic, this dragon tends to keep doing his flight's ancient duty: gathering artifacts, studying them and cataloging them, storing them into safe spaces.
Future desired position: Sideregos is the type of individual who tries to inspire others with actions more than words. This dragon only seeks to find his place in Heartwing, but will accept any charge if caused by an unanimous decision.
Common spells: Arcane magic, Swordsmanship, Frost and a bit of Arcane fire (conjuration), Arcane Breath.
Prestige spells: “Sidereality”, an innate ability (passive), which makes Sideregos' fire and ice spells flash freeze or completely scorch the target.
Backstory Summary: Born from a clutch of a dozen of eggs more than a thousand years ago, Sideregos only knew the face of his father during his first years of life. Having only heard his father’s whispers about his mother, for almost five years he thought she was dead and he had only his father to hold dear. One day a dragoness named Riralgosa irrupted in his nest and demanded to see the whelps. His father, Betegos, refused and started roaring at her that she didn't deserve to even lay eyes upon them, to which she replied a dry “They are mine.”. That very day Betegos was killed on the spot and the whelps were scanned and searched for any prowess or anomaly. Only Sideregos survived that ordeal, and he was claimed by his mother as her only worthy son.

The climate in Coldarra always cuddled him as a whelp, and would act as a surrogate for his mother's affection, instead of the everlasting lessons she would impart upon her son, day and night. Sideregos' life quickly became an endless routine of training in all a blue dragon could and should do: acquiring magic in all forms, cataloging it, studying it, exercise his arcane prowess and his innate ability, in all kind of situations. From a scared whelp Sideregos was grown into a paragon of the Blue Dragonflight, and succeded his mother in her rank.

This succession happened during the War of the Shifting sands: Sideregos distinguished himself in the battlefield much more than Riralgosa would ever imagine, cleaving through swarms and aiding when possible, he gained himself the title of “The Justice of Malygos”. The dragon was charged with gathering and cataloging certain artifacts he would find from strange sources, mostly imbibed with a vaguely familiar energy. The dragoness fell during the war, overcome by a swarm of silithids, an event that didn't faze the dragon by a hair's length.
Time passed and Sideregos kept his duty as an utmost priority, carrying on the title of “Justice” given by his peers, albeit now, free from his mother hegemony which became soft mentoring, he started to pick mortal hobbies in great secret: an example is the art of swordsmanship taught by the kaldorei masters.

The dragon maintained the duty of archiving artifacts of magical entity as well as donning the mantle of the Justicar, battling demons who threatened his kin each day and night with a cold and merciless fury. He saw his flight reduce in numbers and then slowly rising up towards its former glory, until the day the Spellweaver started the Nexus War.
As the Aspect redirected the leylines towards the Nexus, Sideregos stood and watched as disasters spawned upon the surface of Azeroth, breaking the natural equilibrium of the world; he didn't falter and kept fulfilling his duty.
The floating city of Dalaran appeared in the sky one day, threatening the Aspect's plan and the whole flight, and Sideregos stood by and watched members of the Kirin Tor bend the knee and become the mage hunters, hunting their own kind and destroying specific magical artifacts, as well as aiding in the redirection of ley lines using surge needles.

Sideregos couldn't stand and watch anymore when Malygos started to turn on his kin: as the Accord turned on the Blue Dragonflight the dragon went and recovered all the artifact he had gathered, finding out in a strike of fortuity, that his very mother had crafted those artifacts for him to recover at that certain point in time. The artifacts contained pieces of a message from Riralgosa, which conveyed her apologies and her wish for him to be free and live his life as he thought just, as well as the location of a powerful blade he would have to recover.
After fulfilling his mother's last wishes the dragon, under the guise of a strangely colored sin'dorei named Sidereus Starseeker, recovered the sword Riral, and used it to battle his own kin during the war, trying not to kill any of them.
As the opposing parties drew closer to his location, Malygos summoned his flight to his aid, and in that very moment excommunicated Sideregos for his defiance, lifting the title from him.

When the Nexus war was concluded Sideregos was already far away in exile, doing what he would do until given the chance to change his life: the duty of a blue dragon.
He kept his mortal hobbies, his duty, his every core intact, but he changed his view: he was free from the tight wraps of his title, of his bond.
He travelled the world far and wide, under disguise, never revealing himself to anyone, from the far north where he was raised to south as south goes.

When the Cataclysm shook the very core of the world, Sideregos frantically travelled to places of power and leyline conjunctions to check and contain eventual damages. He travelled to Winterpring where he found other members of the blue flight and he checked on them with the maximum prudence and caution, not to alert other of his draconic nature.
During the Embrace he secretly travelled to the Nexus where he attended the charge of Kalecgos and the defiance of Arygos, solidifying his stance on the new path for the blue dragonflight after the sacrifice of Tarecgosa.
So as the events after the Cataclysm unfolded, Sideregos gathered a lot of battle experience, from sporadically aiding mortals where he could, most of the times when events unfolded near a place he was inspecting.

As Deathwing fell and the Age of Mortals began Sideregos had the necessary mental strength to embrace the change and carried on his duties at the very best of his capabilities. He took on another disguise, a human named Sirius, making it a total of two: one for dealings with the Alliance and one for trading with the Horde, alas never affiliating with either of them.
He travelled to Pandaria in order to secure artifacts there and participated a bit in the fight against the Sha, always payed not to cause suspicion, only to return to Kalimdor after the Siege of Orgrimmar only to know that Hellscream had escaped punishment aided by a bronze dragon. This event triggered bad memories of Malygos, and Sideregos left Kalimdor to return to the Nexus, now almost unguarded.

Sideregos would spend three years in the Nexus, living as he once lived there, free of his flight's scorn and exile now that it was disbanded. However that would change as the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth for the third time.
The now Wyrm travelled to Dalaran, upon Karazhan, noticing the horror of the Legion's invasion, and stood there as the city was teleported to the Broken Isles.
As he descended upon the island he felt something familiar, the presence of his kin, and headed to Azurewing Repose where he met the Aszunian brood, and that meeting set the final stone upon his change of spirit.
Reborn and full of hope, Sideregos took off into the sun, slightly covered by fel clouds, and disappeared, searching for a bridge into the association of dragons those he fought with mentioned under their breaths a thousand years ago: Heartwing.
First time at dragon roleplay? I have a fair amount of experience, though having more is even better.
(IC) Reason to join: Find purpose again, according to him the last hope of his flight stands and fights alongside Heartwing.
(OOC) Reason to join: Because I love it, what else?
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yeppers.
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Of course.
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes (I try).
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Re: [Wyrm] Sideregos

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