[Blood Elf (Sin'Dorei)] Saraedori Dor'zaram

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Blood Elf (Sin'Dorei)] Saraedori Dor'zaram

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Name: Saraedori Dor'zaram
Race: Blood Elf (Sin'Dorei)
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin, Dragonsworn
Age: 122
Dragonsworn?: Shendormu
Dragonflight Alignment: Bronze Dragonflight
Physique Type: Muscular, robust, rough
Choice of magic: Holy, Sand, Chronomancy
Language(s): Thalassian (Fluent), Common (Fluent), Pandaren (Low), Draconic (Medium)
Character Personality: Saraedori is a calm and stoic person, finding it hard to express herself to others. She loves helping other people, be them friends or strangers. Saraedori can be forgiving most of the time and rarely will she ever see someone as being past redemption.
She is very patient and cautious in or out of battle. Saraedori would plan out a combat situation ahead of time, considering all possibilities, choices and outcomes before engaging.
Saraedori is highly religious in the ways of the Light, following it's teachings about protecting the weak and always being honest and just.
She enjoys being ascetic most of the times. Though on some occasions, Saraedori can find some pleasure in physical comfort.
IRL Personality: 'tis i, OverTune!
Interest(s): Even though she is a devout follower in the ways of the Light, Saraedori enjoys listening about philosophy and hearing what other people's views on life. She also loves reading history books and learning about all the information of the past in order to protect them.
Minor spell(s): Holy Light (Healing magic), Sand Bolt (Launches a ball of coarse sand at an enemy), Arcane Torrent (Gather stray Mana from the nearby environment)
Prestige spell(s): Divine Storm (Summons multiple hammers formed from Holy energy to pummel the enemies multiple times), Great Lance of the Bronze (Form sand into a giant spear and gather concentrated Holy energy at the very tip before throwing it at an enemy target)
Backstory: Saraedori was born bearing the name Dor'zaram, she was part of an elven family whose household were mostly comprised of warriors and knights of Quel'Thalas, a child that was bred to be the perfect warrior.
Most of her childhood were spent in the training grounds, honing her skills in wielding battlefield-level weapons. Her father also makes her read combat strategy books in order to better her understanding of real-life battles.

Many years goes by, repeating the same routine because her family deems it necessary. Joy and excitement was almost non-existent. But one day at age 17, she was out in the Eversong forest training with target dummies when a young man wanders into the training ground. He introduced himself as Balorus, a scholar in philosophy that was out on a walk to ponder the new books he recently read. Being bored from just hitting target dummies over and over again, Saraedori asked the man to stay and talk as she was somewhat curious about a book that would make a man walk out in the forest just to contemplate. Balorus explained that it was a book on the teachings of the Light, he goes on to talk about what his views on what he thinks is the meaning of the message behind the book. Saraedori just sits and listens, completely enraptured by the way the man's face lights up at the concepts and the passion being conveyed through his voice as he spoke. By the end of the conversation, Saraedori asked Balorus to return once in a while to talk some more, to which he agreed.
After that, Balorus returned to Saraedori's training ground every week. He brings her books both on philosophy and history so that they can read together, he told her that she can call him by his nickname "Shen", although he never elaborated on how he obtained it. During this time, many thoughts flowed through Saraedori's head, she wondered if she had found a suitor, whom she can spend the rest of her life with, she knows her family would never agree because Balorus was merely a weak scholar. She kept these thoughts to herself, and after a year, Balorus told Saraedori that he must leave Quel'Thalas for personal reasons, reasons of which he cannot share. Though she never told him how she felt, they both bid each other farewell and the two never saw each other again.

The times spent with Balorus has taught Saraedori about the beauty that can be found in philosophy and history. She begins spending all her free time learning about past events in the rich background of the elves, sometimes even skipping combat training just so she can continue reading her books.
After reaching maturity, she joined the knights of Silvermoon, where she served her nation proudly with her name of Dor'zaram. Saraedori guarded Quel'Thalas throughout the First and Second Wars.
However, during the Arthas's march through Quel'Thalas, the Scourge killed nearly all her family members. The undead left Saraedori severely wounded, but alive.
Her injuries took 2 years to heal. During that time, her thoughts drifted to the young scholar she met all those years ago: "Is he alright?", "What has he been doing all these times?".

When Saraedori had fully recovered, she was called upon once again to help rebuild the kingdom of Quel'Thalas. She joined the Blood Knights under Lady Liadrin where she learned to wield the Light in combat before defecting from Kael'thas's corrupted forces.
After helping the Shattered Sun Offensive bring down Kael'thas and restoring the Sunwell, Saraedori remained in Silvermoon, still bound by a sense of duty to her people.
After some months, Silvermoon selected Saraedori to join the Horde forces in Northrend in the war against the Lich King due to her history of both combat and warfare experience. She did not refused because to help in the destruction of the enemy that had decimated her homeland and slain her family would be the highest honor possible.
Saraedori kept up the hobby of studying history until she encountered the Bronze Dragonflight who were keepers of time and the greatest historians to ever exist. Admiring the Bronze dragons, her little hobby turned into a passion.
After the Lich King was defeated on top of Icecrown Citadel, Saraedori remained in Northrend for a while, honing her skills in wielding the Light. However, after hearing news that a great cataclysm has broke out and damaged the entire planet of Azeroth, she rushed to return home to Silvermoon City. When she had arrived at Quel'Thalas, Saraedori was relieved that the kingdom was completely untouched by the devastation. There, she would remain, guarding her home until her nation have need of her again.

The great Cataclysm passed and Deathwing was no more. After so long of upholding her duty to Quel'Thalas, Saraedori saw that there was nothing holding her back from exploring the world. Now, with no family members telling what to do or how to act, she sets out to explore the face of Azeroth.
With the new continent of Pandaria discovered, many adventurers, including Saraedori, set sail to attempt to tame this strange land. Weeks after arriving at Pandaria, Saraedori encountered the Lorewalkers. Finding the common ground of loving history, she decided to join them as they record the events that were happening around Pandaria at that time.
A few months passed and Saraedori traveled to the Timeless Isle to explore the happenings there. That was when she met the Timewalkers, a group vowed to protect the time-ways after the Bronze dragons became mortals. Saraedori jumped on the opportunity to join them as a Time Warden, as she saw herself as a perfect fit.
There, she was partnered up with a Bronze dragon named Shendormu during a mission to resolve an anomaly in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The two spent a lot of time together on this mission, they talked about a variety of things before Saraedori found out that Shendormu's personality was extremely similar to Balorus's. Thinking this was no mere coincidence, and that fate has given her a second chance at a soul-mate, Saraedori swore her loyalty to Shendormu without mentioning anything about Balorus, as she did not want lose someone so perfect again. Shendormu accepted the request of the mortal and from then on, the two continued to protect the fabric of time together.
(IC) How much does your mortal know about dragons?: Saraedori does not know much about dragons outside of the Bronze Dragonflight. Even then, there are still a few things she does not know, like the biology of the draconic bodies.
Due to her love for history, she knows all about the major events that involves the dragonflights. Such as the Nexus War and the aftermath of the Cataclysm, when the dragons lost most of their powers.
(OOC) How much does you know about dragon lore?: I know everything that's canon. But sometimes i can't quite recall some details.
(IC) Reason to join Saraedori has served Shendormu for a long time. Now, in Azeroth's most dire moment, Shendormu has called upon her to join Heartwing in the fight against the Burning Legion.
(OOC) Reason to join I wish to remove one of my characters, Zala'drak. And replace him with this one.
What other roleplay have you done before this character? Veteran roleplayer with many years of experience
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes
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Re: [Blood Elf (Sin'Dorei)] Saraedori Dor'zaram

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