[Whelp] Zephyrugos

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Whelp] Zephyrugos

Post#1 » Mon Feb 17, 2020 10:37 pm

Reference Pictures

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Zephyr Lancaster-Silverseeker (Half-elf Mortal Guise)

Zephyrugos (Azure Whelp)


Basic Information

Dragonflight: Blue Dragonflight
Name: Zephyrugos
Aliases: Zephyr Lancaster/Silverseeker.
Age: 1
Gender: Female-presenting, Biologically Male (She/They).
Adulthood Stage: Whelp.
Loyalty (-ies): Blue Dragonflight, Severugos's Brood (Her family unit) and Heartwing.


IC Information

Your character's view of Heartwing: Zephyrugos sees Heartwing as not only an opportunity for a new life away from home, but as a probable sanctuary for the rest of their siblings to live in without having to worry about a relatively uncertain future. They firmly believe and want to uphold the sanctum's ideals of unity and companionship.

Affiliations: Blue Dragonflight, Malygos, Severugos's Brood (Zephyrugos's family unit).

Attitude/Behaviour: A mirthful and curious whelp that is endlessly filled with intrigue for whatever surrounds her. Her lack of physical vision seems to not deter, but rather encourage her in aspects expected of a whelp such as a natural inclination to be quite playful and investigatory. She will try to act mature and well-behaved, but will quickly display traits of someone of her age as soon as she's encouraged to take on a task, a game or a challenge.

Her behaviour and accessorizing is similar to the traditional female roles within her flight, having a certain flair of confidence around her without it being too overbearing.

Key Traits: Inquisitive, innocent, naive, studious, curious, femme-leaning/transgender, high levels of determination.

Respect for authority: They seem to have a great deal of respect to authority, especially those older than them. Even a light scolding can actually quickly get them to act in a quite withdrawn and upset manner over whatever they got scolded with.


Character personality: Zephyrugos tries to carry herself in the best and most mature manner as possible because of the great expectations placed upon her by her parents, she tries not to falter around older dragons but as soon as there's at least one whelp around (or someone from her dragonflight) she cannot help but to fall back to her default whelp behaviour full of liveliness and curiosity. She loves playing and usually socializes like this. Gifted with the ever-so-traditional hunger for knowledge, she is willing to sometimes go out of her comfort zone to explore and find things out.

Even if she lost her sight soon after hatching, this has not instilled any sort of fear, uncertainty or misery within her. She does not think of herself as disadvantaged or any different from any other whelp. Her gender expression is also something she doesn't give too much importance to as long as it's not brought under scrutiny, any intense questioning about it will make her feel instantly uncomfortable or threatened. Inside her family circle, she has always had her identity respected and normalized, so inquiring about it will just earn some friendly dismissal or fleeting cluelessness from her.

In spite of the hardships she's faced in her short life she seems to keep going as positively as she can, renewed and focused thanks to her newly-appointed job/purpose.

Your character's hobbies: She absolutely adores puzzles, it will be hard to pry her away from any until she solves them! She collects them and is always seen fiddling with one if she's not exploring around or doing something important.

Character occupation: They are here in behalf of their family group, Severugos is their father. Zephyrugos not only seeks safety within Heartwing for themselves, but also for the rest of their small but beloved family.

Known/frequently used abilities/spells: Freezing/Magic Cancelling Breath, Mana Shield.

Special/prestige spells/abilities of your character: Mage Ward (But she's a whelp. . . So sometimes it may be successful, other times it can lack protection against fire, or frost. . . It's a bit of a gamble as she still needs to improve!).

Summary of backstory: Zephyrugos is the youngest of all four hatchlings, child of Severugos and Zuregosa. When the flight was considered disbanded by Kalecgos it put the eggs in great danger and jeopardy before they were even born. Severugos had been a faithful Malygos loyalist, when their new leader tossed away the responsibility of banding them together then the patriarch deemed the Nexus not to be a safe haven for them anymore after kindred from their flight began to leave.

Zuregosa took her eggs deeper into Northrend alongside her mate, and after settling in a place of her liking within the ice-cold mountains of the continent they tried their best to upkeep what would be the home of their hatchlings.

The brood greatly struggled to survive, constantly accosted by other more competitive members of their flight and mortals that did not have their best intent in mind. In one of those confrontations, panic surged as Zephyrugos's egg had been lightly damaged. The egg would still hatch, but the status of the whelp would be unknown. They were born later than the rest, but everything seemed relatively alright with the small little azure. . . Until Divigos, the third oldest, took notice in the fact that Zephyrugos's eyesight wasn't quite alright. Their milky white eyes turned glassy and spotty until they were only just light dots on a great darkness that their scleras were meant to be. It was a beautiful visage for a horrific realisation. Zephyrugos was blind weeks after their birth, and it was not reversible.

Thankfully, they were able to see the leylines, the magic that their siblings and parents radiated, their senses became sharper to assess their surroundings better. It fortunately never hindered them in an excessive manner. But now Zuregosa was fearful for the quality of life of her youngest whelp. Their way of life was certainly not ideal, so upon hearing news of Mithres Alimna she was determined this would be the best course of action but. . . Could they really trust again? Would they be let down by whoever led them if all of them followed suit? She did not wish to be selfish, but at the same time the security of many outlawed the safety of just one.

So a plan was quickly weaved.

For the first time in a long while, Zuregosa and Severugos took their mortal forms (Quel'dorei & Human respectively) and reached out for any agents of Heartwing, hoping that if Zephyrugos was welcomed in and well-taken care of then they would finally have the confirmation they need to return to trust their fellow draconic brethern fully.

Zephyrugos is quite aware of this, even if their life could be perceived as sheltered they have grown with stories about the failure of Kalecgos as a leader. The picking and killing of their dragonflight by the black dragonflight and the greed of mortals. About how after the Nexus Wars, everything began crumbling. Even if they were not born when these took place, they have become subjects that always ring at the back of their head. Scratching and gnawing. A sense of injustice was instilled deep within them, if only the other flights had helped more! If only Kalecgos would've been more committed to his flight! If only the mortals could've helped them instead of spiting them!

But yet again, they are very big statements for a whelp to take on, there is nothing that they can change about the past, Zephyrugos knows that. The only way they can help their family now is to strive towards the future, onwards to Heartwing and to whatever it will have in store for them! Maybe like this, they can finally repay the deep sense of debt they have towards their family and keep them safe, instead of the opposite, this time around.


OC Information

Is this your first time at dragon roleplay, or do you have experience?: Not the first time, but definitely first time within a guild as my dragon roleplay is mostly carried VERY privately.

Have you fully read this guild's Tomes of Ancient Times forum, and are fully aware of the content of the guild's rules and content?: Yes.

Have you understood Heartwing's current timeline?: Yes.

Do you fully understand your dragonflight's lore, and other essential lore information?: Yes, I may be prone to forgetfulness but that just makes me always have the texts and appropriate wikis at hand every time.

Your character's reason to join Heartwing: Zephyr wants to help their family but are also willing to help in the bigger picture within Heartwing. If everything's safe and alright over there, it will be safe and alright for their siblings and parents as soon as they're swayed over! They want to learn as much as they can and aid as much as they are able to.

What is your reason to join Heartwing: Zephyrugos is a lovely, lovely alter I'd like to introduce! I am already in the guild with my beloved Carina and am having tons of fun (and creativity sparks!).

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Re: [Whelp] Zephyrugos

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Re: [Whelp] Zephyrugos

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