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Mount Hyjal
Green Dragon
Reading books to the whelps. Knitting.
Wymrest Accord(Formerly), Guardians of Hyjal
Green Dragonflight, Heartwing
Sexual orientation
Relationship status
Draconic, Common, Thalassian, Darnassian
Though he is often pragmatic and straightforward, Erastius tends to act on intuition rather than seriously analyzing a situation. Equable and mellow, Erastius is capable of remaining composed in most situations. He is able to remain strong and act practically despite the dangerous and uncertain situation.
He demonstrates a fierce, competitive spirit. He also has a tendency to act in extremes, either maintaining a very reserved nature or lashing out with strong emotion. While mostly level-headed, Erastius can still lose his cool.
He is very encouraging and supportive. He considers someone’s willingness to try something – whether or not capable of it, to be a form of success in itself. He can be oblivious and stubborn. While usually serious and hardworking, he can act somewhat quirky. He is deeply devoted to his friends. He is vindictive and determined to win the fight against the Legion at any cost. He is friendly, fierce, determined, empathetic and emotive. He is not afraid to speak his mind. He harbors an immense hatred for the fel dragon elites, specifically Helius.


Elven Form
A young quel'dorei. He has azure eyes, pale skin, and short dark hair. He is slender of frame and has long, elegant fingers.
He wears a deep-green robe. His puffed sleeves are decorated with pearl-studded mauve bands. The gown is lined with white fur, which shows at the collar and the hem. His hose, shirt, and ruff, and the feather in his mauve-velvet cap are white. His slashed shoe uppers also are of velvet.
Draconic Form
Erastius has green scales, the green of moss in the deep woods at dusk, just before the light fades, and they gleam like jade. His membranes are a light purple color. His eyes are purple, darker than periwinkles, and they flicker with their own heat. His body is rather heavy, but beautiful.


Home/Dwelling place
Mithres Alymna
He has the standard abilities of a green dragon of his age. He seems to display rather strong emerald flames and prefers combat over healing.
Erastius was born in Mount Hyjal. Even seconds after hatching, Erastius seemed to be in love with the world of Azeroth. Nature fascinated him. The creation of the Titans was Erastius’ biggest love. As a whelp, he sang hymns to the forests, tended to the wild animals and explored the land. He found it very easily to sneak in his way into the heart of his superiors. Given his natural beauty and small size, he was able to influence the older dragons to shower him with attention, something which he craved as a child.

Throughout drakehood, Erastius had maintained his love for Nordrassil. He had adored every branch of the tree, every root, every leaf it had to display. At the top of this mountain, he had watched himself grow, had watched the beauty of this world. Although always taught the importance of guarding these creations, Erastius did not understand the threat that this world faced, or why any being would intend to harm it.

His parents had intended for him to grow into his healer. Despite being so enamored with the nature around him, Erastius found it very hard to produce respectable healing and he would always be jealous of his fellow drakes who were coming into their position much more nicely. The negative feelings had only encouraged him to push himself harder. With time, Erastius found the strength in him to produce respectable healing, even though he always preferred his breath and his claws against the practice targets.

During the events of the Second War, his family chose not to interfere, and thus, Erastius was safe in Mount Hyjal.
He experienced true hardship during the rise of the Lich King. Following his Aspect, Erastius flew to Northrend and joined the Wyrmrest Accord.

When the Third War approached, Erastius was mostly inactive, dreaming away his life in the Emerald Dream.

The spark of the Nexus War was a tough pill to swallow. Erastius could not understand how the blue dragonflight would have had such a change of heart and turn against their own kind. Much of his delusion about this world was gone by now. Erastius understood now what safe-guarding this planet meant, and to some around him, it even meant giving up their lives. He was assigned to their aerial defense of the Emerald Dragonshrine during this time. Although protected by the skytalons and the lashers that repelled back the undead, Erastius was shocked by the sight of the abominations. The rotting flesh, the decaying bones were a sight he had not forgotten easily. He spent many days pondering on the horror that the Scourge was sending forth.

Eventually, he was pulled back from his task once the shrine was deemed safe from the Scourge. He wondered when would he have to attack any of the blue kin with his breath and strike him down. Even picturing it had been surreal for him. Erastius considered himself not prepared enough to be able to defend anyone. He still saw the whelp he once was in Nordrassil, playing in the grass. When the waves of blue dragons had come for the Wymrest Temple, fate had finally forced Erastius into battle.
In the heat of the battle, Erastius was completely overrun by adrenaline. He was struck by a blue dragon who blasted Erastius with his frost. Out of sheer anger and need to defend himself, Erastius unleashed his green flames upon the dragon, breaking through the shields of arcane that he had casted. He scorched his enemy. After the fight, Erastius could only look back on his actions. He had to kill another in order to keep the Temple safe, in order to keep himself safe. Although unable to wash away the image of his scorched enemy, the green dragon began to realize the sacrifices that had to be done in order for the creation he loved so much to survive.

After the end of the Lich King, Erastius had been deeply scarred by the spread of the Emerald Nightmare. He could not believe that corruption could spread even in the Emerald Dream, Ysera’s domain, where all of the green dragonflight had believed themselves to be the most loved. He was lucky enough not to be taken by it.

The Shattering had represented a morbid time for him. Erastius had to face the fall of two Aspects, beings who were blessed by the Titans themselves. Where else would a being as fragile as a human live but a being as powerful as an Aspect perish?

During the assault on Nordrassil, Erastius had felt as if though the world around him burned. Ragnaros’ armies had burnt his lands, had ravaged what he once loved and called his precious home. This had angered Erastius’ entire being. During the battles against the elemental lord, Erastius had fought with all of his might against the forces that invaded this homeland. Despite the damage done to Mount Hyjal, Erastius felt that this event was what it took in order for him to kill the whelp inside of himself and let the dragon be born. Now, as the world spirals into chaos, Erastius seeks out Heartwing so that he could continue his duty: to safe-guard all life on Azeroth.

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