[Matured Dragon] Asclepiostrasza

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Matured Dragon] Asclepiostrasza

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Dragonflight: Red Dragonflight
Dragon Name: Asclepiostrasza
Aliases: Temperia Bloodsun
Age: 900
Gender: Female
Adulthood: Matured Dragon
Loyalty(-ies): The Red Dragonflight, Alexstrasza
View of Heartwing: Asclepiostrasza sees this organization as a necessity for her. Without a purpose in the world, she seeks to devote herself to a cause and serve someone as she had once served the Dragonqueen.
Affiliations: The Red Dragonflight, Heartwing

Attitude/Behaviour: Asclepiostrasza is a rather meek person, despite her old age. She tends not to overstep her boundaries when it comes to conversation with those who have a higher rank of authority than her. Asclepiostrasza has a calm temper and rarely bursts out in anger. She's very good at keeping her emotions in check. Asclepiostrasza seems to have accepted the possibility of her death and it is never a fear of hers, which leads her to be very selfless. Asclepiostrasza puts others before her. She shows intense hate towards orcs. She seems to gain confidence when others praise her and has a very maternal attitude towards whelps and drakes alike.
Key traits: Asclepiostrasza is very interested in the mortal ways of healing. Thus, she studies medicine intensively and knows the recipe towards different tinctures and mixtures that have healing properties. Right now, she is learning the ways of surgery.
Respect for authority: Without a doubt, Asclepiostrasza obeys any order given to her. She rarely questions her leaders and would put her life in danger to protect those around her.
Character Personality: Integrity is the heart of the Asclepiostrasza. Emotional manipulation, mind games and reassuring lies all run counter to the dragon's preference for managing the reality of the situations she encounters with plain and simple honesty. She embodies that integrity in their actions too, working hard and staying focused on their goals. Patient and determined, she meets her obligations, period. Asclepiostrasza' word is a promise, and a promise means everything. She would rather run herself into the ground with extra days and lose sleep than fail to deliver the results she said she would. Loyalty is a strong sentiment for her, and she fulfills her duties to the people and organizations she's committed herself to. She keeps her feet on the ground, making clear, rational decisions. Her primary goal is to be effective in what she's chosen to do. She believes that this is accomplished best when everyone involved knows exactly what is going on and why. Unclear guidelines and people who break established rules undermine this effort, and are rarely tolerated by Asclepiostrasza. Structure and rules foster dependability; chaos creates unforeseen setbacks and missed deadlines. She believes that things work best with clearly defined rules, but this makes her reluctant to bend those rules or try new things, even when the downside is minimal. Truly unstructured environments leave Asclepiostrasza all but paralyzed. As she loads herself with responsability, she simply hits a point in which she cannot deliver, leading her to place all the blame on herself.
IRL-Person Personality: Hi, I'm a really nice person who has a lot to offer.
Hobbies: Studying medicine and unconventional ways of healing.
Occupation: Healer.
Future desired position: Perhaps a majordomo of the leader.
Common spells: She's an impressive healer. Her healing abilities are of high caliber. In combat, she prefers to taunt her enemies as to place focus on herself, being capable of taking hits. Her flames are not particularily strong for a dragon of her age and she relies on her tail and claws to fight off her enemies.
Prestige spells: Necromancy. Despite suppressing it, Asclepiostrasza's ability to drain life is strong.
Backstory Summary: Born to Melorastrasza and Avastrasza a century after the War of the Shifting Sands, Asclepiostrasza had always been a shy, meek whelp. From the moment she was bursting out of her egg, covered in the substances of her shell, Asclepiostrasza was terrified of her own shadow. Out of the clutch, she was the whelp who wished to engage in no activities with the others and had little to no friends. Atop of Mount Hyjal Asclepiostrasza had learned the duties of her ancient flight, teachings which would mark her to this day.

During her drakehood, her parents seemed to be extremely disappointed in her. Her flames were up to no par with those of her brothers and sister, and Asclepiostrasza could feel the pressure she had on herself to prove her strength. The young drake had found that her talent lied in rejuvenating or draining life, and she began to experiment much with healing, starting from something as small and fragile as a primrose flower.

As soon as she became adult, Asclepiostrasza had been promised to one of Asherystrasz' sons, Aedrameustrasz. Asclepiostrasza had neither rejected nor accepted her consort, but grew accustomed to him as time passed and committed towards being a responsible mother, a wish which she never got to see come to fruition. As decades passed, Asclepiostrasza grew to love her consort, whom she deemed much fiercer and stronger than her, a dragon whom she could rely on. Needless to say, Asclepiostrasza found her own place within the Tyranistres family.

As the Second War hit, Asclepiostrasza, alongside Aedrameustrasz, felt the call of the Dragon Queen and came to her aid as soon as they could. She was ultimately enslaved by the Dragonmaw orcs, silenced by a muzzle and chained to a stable, armored and ridden into battle. She no longer had her freedom. She was stripped of all of her former life, of her siblings, of her mother, of her birthplace, of all that she knew. During this time, Asclepiostrasza found herself to be broken. She was no longer a red dragon. She was a husk, an empty shell, containing what remained of her. Her years of slavery to the orcs had been long and painful. She was not submissive at all, which would earn her enough pain to quiet her. If she could only take flight and fly the skies once again. But the shackles held her down, and she could no longer do anything.

Time passed and passed, and Asclepiostrasza had learned to love her chains. She became accustomed to this. She understood that her place into this world was to serve the Dragonmaw orcs, and that she could no longer call herself a dragon, but a mount. That was her only purpose. What kept her alive was the love she bore for her consort. The thought of destroying those who have wronged her and reuniting once again to her family was the sweetest thought she could muster. Asclepiostrasza told herself each day that this would be over as well. She would either meet her consort in freedom or in death.

When the Battle of Grim Batol had finally arrived, Asclepiostrasza showed her true face. Upon liberating herself from the chains that held her down for so long, the red dragon began to drain the life of the rider who abused her for so long, watching as his body decayed and turned grey. She felt herself rejuvenated. She had waited this for so long. Asclepiostrasza had to make a quick decision. She had let herself go for so long, she gave up on her own being and accepted her death, yet here she was, alive and standing. For a moment, she considered this to be simply one of her dreams, and she could feel the soreness of her body where the shackles had been, but she understood that she was given freedom. When the battle ended, Asclepiostrasza returned to her home and healed her wounds.

In the Second Battle of Grim Batol, Asclepiostrasza had been called to put down one of her sisters, Orinastrasza. The very sight of Grim Batol made Asclepiostrasza shiver with fear. She recalled all of those years in which she had been nothing but a slave. She did not want to lose one more member of her family. What the orcs did to Aedrameustrasz, to her sister, she could neither forget nor forgive. Asclepiostrasza understood the importance of this mission and she could not allow the past to interfere with the actions that might affect the future. Once again, she had to choose. To live or to die. Her poor sister had gone mad as many others around her did. With a heavy heart, Asclepiostrasza hardened herself enough to be able to strike the life out of her sister, understanding that she could not have tortured her own kin with the life Orinastrasza would lead afflicted with the madness. She was disgusted by the creation of the twilight dragonflight, and she was thankful with all of her heart that the poor children whom were tormented by Sinestra’s creations were put down indeed. After the battle was finally finished, Asclepiostrasza took her time to view the Wetlands. Her slavery did not leave her, and she could have felt the soreness of her chains even even when relishing in freedom. She felt that the shackles had returned upon facing the confirmation of her deepest worries. As she was travelling, Asclepiostrasza found the corpse of her rotting husband. Asclepiostrasza let out a terrible cry at the sight of her beloved. A fear that she had suppressed for so long climbed from her heart to her throat and overtook her. She could not stand to see the decaying flesh. She wished to curl next to her consort and die alongside him, an act Asclepiostrasza was very adamant on carrying it out. She spent the rest of her day guarding the corpse of her beloved, mad with her own fury and pain. Upon clearing her mind of her thoughts when dusk arrived, Asclepiostrasza gave her loved one a proper burial. She cursed herself for making his grave in these wretched lands, but there was no hope of returning him to his home. She convinced herself that she must leave with a heavy heart.

During the events of the Third War, Asclepiostrasza felt herself haunted by the memory of Aedrameustrasz. How could she expect to look his siblings in the eye once again? She was overriden by the guilt of his death, for not being able to bury him properly, for not returning him to his home. She had failed into her duty as a consort, as a mother. If only her own life was taken over his, perhaps this could have been avoided. Her sadness grew to fury. She swore revenge against the orcs of Dragonmaw who've done this to her consort. Even her sleep was haunted by the image of her husband decaying before her eyes.

When the Aspect of Malygos awoke, Asclepiostrasza’s duty towards the Queen convinced her to act in putting down Malygos and his blue dragonflight. She served as a healer and guardian of the Wyrmrest Temple. During this time did she manage to become a fully-fledged dragon. She left her feelings aside and worked within her the Temple to heal the wounded. The gruesome cases she had treated are the reason why Asclepiostrasza’s healing is indeed quite formidable. She had managed to bring back to health drakes whose guts were slashed open by the claws of the blue dragons. Asclepiostrasza did not participate in any major battles of the Nexus War. Her role was mostly being a medic at the Wyrmrest Temple. Asclepiostrasza’s consciousness was haunted by the sight of a red wyrm falling down near the Temple, dead.

When the dragonflights joined in the fight against Deathwing, Asclepiostrasza stood by the Dragonqueen once more. Her contribution in this war was very much the same one that she displayed during the Nexus War. She stayed within the walls of the Wyrmrest Temple where she would restore the wounded dragons back to health and guard the Temple itself when the time called for it. Asclepiostrasza developed an even more intense hatred towards the orcs after the events of this battle, seeing the loss of her Aspect's power as manipulation from that of Thrall and his wife.
Now that she serves no other purpose, Asclepiostrasza seeks to find her place in the world, to dedicate her life towards a cause worth fighting for.
First time at dragon roleplay? No.
(IC) Reason to join: Asclepiostrasza would seek to devote herself to Heartwing as well as offer a safe place in the world for her son, away from the Legion's grasp.
(OOC) Reason to join: Because I love dragon RP!
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes

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Re: [Matured Dragon] Asclepiostrasza

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