[Wyrm] Janistrasz

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[Wyrm] Janistrasz

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Dragonflight: Red Dragonflight
Dragon Name: Janistrasz
Aliases: Janis, Sholeldin Starflight
Age: 10,400
Gender: Male
Adulthood: Wyrm
Loyalty(-ies): Red Dragonflight, Wyrmrest Accord(Formerly), Alexstrasza
View of Heartwing: Janistrasz views Heartwing as a family that he has lost. He feels deep regret for not joining the organization earlier. Hatched on Mithres Alymna, Janistrasz misses his home terribly and wishes to return to it. He regards the organization as a noble cause. Janistrasz believes in the unity of the dragonflights, something which Heartwing promotes.
Affiliations: Red Dragonflight, Wyrmrest Accord(Formerly), Alexstrasza

Attitude/Behaviour: Janistrasz has an unbiased opinion to most subjects and will approach conversations with an open mind. He is kind, respectful, and does not overstep his boundaries. Janistrasz seems to have a tendency to sugarcoat the truth and seems to prefer to express optimism whenever faced with a negative situation. Janistrasz tends to feel sympathy for those who are hurting, and will not shy away from offering a piece of advice towards anyone who might need it. Janistrasz can sometimes simply force his way into a conversation, without his presence being needed at all, which is something he is self-aware about and dislikes about himself.
Key traits: Apart from his abnormally small size for a wyrm, he has a large jaw that helps him in combat.
Respect for authority: Janistrasz has a great respect for authority and is good at taking orders. He will rarely go out of his way to act on his own thoughts, however, he can become quite defiant when people abuse their positions of power.
Character Personality: Janistrasz is a bold person. There is no greater joy for him than pushing boundaries and discovering or experimenting with new things and ideas. Janistrasz loves knowledge and philosophy, but not for his own sake. He loves to find ideas that are actionable and drilling into details so he can put them in use. Discussions that are completely arbitrary is something that he avoids. He is communicative, playful and practical. He is naturally a very sociable person. Janistrasz can be defiant, refusing to be boxed in. Repetition, hardline rules, sitting quietly while he is lectured at is something that bothers him greatly. He is action-oriented and hands-on. Tedious environments are intolerable to him, requiring extraordinary efforts from him to stay focused long enough. He is prone to missing the bigger picture of things. He loves to solve problems here and now perhaps too much.
IRL-Person Personality: You know me.
Hobbies: He is interested in music and theology. Janistrasz seems particularily fascinated with the religion of the night elves, as well as the tauren.
Occupation: Soldier.
Future desired position: Janistrasz does not desire any high rank within Heartwing. He simply wishes for the well-being of the island and its inhabitants.
Common spells: Janistrasz is an unusually small wyrm. He lacks any significant magic, and his flame-breath is weak and mostly ineffective. What he lacks in magical power, he makes up in physical strength. His main form of combat revolves around his claws, jaws and tail. Janistrasz has a muscular body, built for tanking hits.
Prestige spells: None.
Backstory Summary: Janis hatched a four centuries prior to the War of the Ancients on Mithres Alymna. Born as a runt of a whelping, Janistrasz was often pushed aside by his brood. Janistrasz displayed a weakness that his family had not previously seen. He was small in size, and his flame-breath did not prove itself to be effective at all. Janistrasz displayed no particular talents at any form of magic either. His parents felt pity for the whelp, but expressed optimism that his magic would come to him in time. During whelphood, he befriended Hestiastrasza, who was in a much similar situation to him. Janistrasz was hopeful that he would become a respectable healer in the future, but none of his efforts proved to be effective. He was not capable of even healing decaying plants, let alone an injured animal. His reputation was not a very pleasant one. Janistrasz was regarded as a weakling and incapable of upholding the duties of the red dragonflight. This caused Janistrasz to lose confidence in himself and abandoned his hopes as a healer. After an interaction with Asherystrasz in which he was taught that life itself has a meaning for everyone, and he just had to find what made his strength, Janistrasz decided to train to become a soldier, burdening his routine with physical exercise which he detested. It took him a great deal of time before he could properly devote himself to the strict training he had to go through in order to improve his physique. Although he deems it necessary, Janistrasz remembers the process as very unpleasant to this day.
During the War of the Ancients, Janistrasz was marked forever by the betrayal of the Earth-Warder, as well as the actions of Heliustrasz. He will never forget the sight of the blue dragonflight being blasted out of the skies by Neltharion. He found it to be an absolute madness, and Janistrasz cannot recall what made him survive this event. Even though he fled with Asherystrasz and the remaining reds, he could not stop recalling the battle and the consequences that the war had. After witnessing the Battle for Mithres Alymna, Janistrasz decided that he would never return to his home, in fear of his own death. He found it to be extremely cruelsome and feared that if one more invasion had happened, he would have perished. Janistrasz fled the island some time after the arcane barrier has elected around it. Although he had fond memories of his time on Mithres Alymna, Janistrasz thought it would be a safer bet had he found himself another home.

Janistrasz found Alexstrasza’s blessing of Nordrassil to be a gift well-earned by the night elves. Alexstrasza’s action caused him to take a great interest in kaldorei culture, and for a few centuries Janistrasz spent his days in his mortal disguise, carefully studying the elven culture that fascinated him so much. He posed as a hunter named Sholeldin Starflight for a good period of time, before deciding to hop on towards other mortal cultures. At a point in time, he studied the tauren as a storyteller, moving from tribe to tribe so that his true identity would not become suspicious.
When the high elves built their civilization, Janistrasz was surprised to see that they would be able to create the Sunwell. Although much weaker, it became their source of power as the Well of Eternity had been in Kalimdor. Janistrasz was curious to feel the Sunwell’s energies, so he adopted a high elven disguised and made a pilgrimage to the font of magical power. Janistrasz found its energies to be unique, though he was disappointed. He was worried that this Sunwell would prove to be another weapon of destruction, as the Well of Eternity had previously turned into being. Regardless, Janistrasz returned to the Ruby Sanctum some time after the genocide of Moonsong Forest, which he blamed the Highborne of Shandarai for the destruction that happened. He believed that the blue dragonflight should have been left dormant in order for them to recover, but he could not expect the mortal races to understand the peril that Malygos’ flight was facing. Regardless, he was proud to know that the blue dragonflight intended to mediate the abuse of magic that the Highborne were displaying.

Janistrasz decided not to blend in with the human races as they forged their kingdoms. Janistrasz took time for himself to further improve his melee combat and improve his physical form, spending his time in the sanctum of his flight until the War of the Shifting Sands called the dragonflights to battle. Led by Anachronos, Janistrasz battled against the winged Qiraji as a front-liner. He has received several injuries during this war which have left scars across his body. Most of the fights he had been put through were aerial. Janistrasz was relieved to see the final push into the city, where dragons made short work of the insect soldiers. After the barrier was erected around Ahn’Qiraj, Janistrasz once again returned to the Ruby Sanctum, where he took time to heal his body from the injuries he’s suffered during the War of the Shifting Sands.

Janistrasz remained inactive during the First War. He saw the orcs’s invasion as a mortal affair that should be settled by mortals alone, but nevertheless, he did not agree with the decision that the clans of Draenor had made.
Like many other dragons, Janistrasz responded to the call of her Dragonqueen, which earned him chains and shackles around his body. Janistrasz did not prove himself to be willful enough to be slain on the spot. He was used as a war-mount and fought against the Dwarvish gryphon riders. Janistrasz harbored a great deal of hate for the orcs during this time. He found them to be a craven, disgusting race, and became quite vindictive. Janistrasz’ slavery to the Dragonmaw orcs developed a vindictive mindset of his, which Janistrasz hates about himself and often reprimands himself for it. He attempted to mask obedience and complete submission to the orcs, afraid that the wrong move might earn him his death. During this time, he was used exclusively for fights against the gryphon riders, as his flames were deemed to weak to set fires to the forests of Quel’Thalas. Despite his awful flame-breath, his rider believed there could be still some great uses to him, as Janistrasz feigned complete compliance on top of being able to take the damage the gryphons were inflincting upon him, as he battled them often over Lordaeron and Khaz Modan. He later came to regret his sly behavior during this slavery, although he deemed it necessary. From capture to escape, Janistrasz hoped that one day his flight would take revenge on their tormentors. When the opportunity had finally arrived at the Battle of Grim Batol, Janistrasz crushed his former rider underneath his claws, stomping on him until he painted the ground red with his blood. He took great satisfaction in watching the Aspects battled Deathwing above the skies of his former prison.

During the Third War, Janistrasz remained inactive as most of his flight has done. He was concerned that his dragonflight may never fully recover from the hurt they’ve received during the previous eight years in which they’ve served as slaves to the orcs. Although the invasion of the Legion was something he believed that the dragonflights should interfere with, he decided to stay within the safety of the Ruby Sanctums.
Janistrasz ignored the opening of the Dark Portal. Instead, he returned to the taurens, disguising himself at one. He found them to be a kind and peaceful race, and the manner in which they’ve lived their lives was what Janistrasz deemed necessary for him to heal after the slavery he’s been put through. Janistrasz became quite communicative during this time, resuming his role as a storyteller, changing his guise from tribe to tribe, learning more about the cultural differences of each one of them. He only returned to his previous home when the Nexus War had arrived. Janistrasz did not care for the swarms of undead that were haunting Icecrown, as he did not deem to be a great concern. However, he was extremely hurt when Malygos and his dragonflight decided to end all mortal life for their improper usage of magic. After having condoning their actions for so long – and hoping that they would survive and thrive, Janistrasz was thrown into a war against them. Janistrasz took part in most of the battles at the Nexus War, acting as both a defender of the Wyrmrest Temple as well as a front-line fighter. Each of the dragons that he had to fight, it pained him. Janistrasz wanted an unity of the dragonflights, and even though Neltharion had already betrayed them, he did not expect the blue dragonflight to do the same. What convinced him that he should put his empathy behind was Keristrasza’s fate. He found Malygos’ actions to be sickening, which motivated Janistrasz to fight as fiercely as he could during the war. In retrorespect, Janistrasz is saddened that this had to happen, but he agrees with the Dragonqueen’s decision to end the Blue Aspect as well as his accomplices. Janistrasz did not attempt to pick up the arcane, as Alexstrasza vowed that her flight would pick up the duty of the blue dragonflight’s, something which he did not see himself fit for.

The absence of Deathwing has caused Janistrasz to believe that an attack on his part would soon hit the Wyrmrest Accord. When the twilight dragonflight invaded the Ruby Sanctum, most of his Janis’ paranoia had been confirmed. Janistrasz thought that his flight had been truly exposed, seeing the twilight abominations invade their most safe-guarded home. He did not know what happened to the Sanctum until it was too late, and he arrived to find it completely taken over. The thought that the future of the red dragonflight, given that the largest clutch of red dragon eggs were found in the Ruby Sanctum, could have been breached, made Janistrasz plainly frightened.
When Chromatus’ wrath fell upon the Wyrmrest Temple, Janistrasz thought that the dragonflights would have ended there. Although he hoped that the Aspects would be able to best him, this is one of the few times where his optimism had abandoned him. Janistras only defended the temple against the plans of the Twilight Hammer, afraid that he would be completely annihilated if he even came near the beast that was Chromatus. Seeing that the abomination has been neutralized, Janistrasz believed that the chances of them ending Deathwing as well were high.
As the Black Aspect took his final breath, Janistrasz was relieved to know that the world is now safe once again. But the defeat of Deathwing came with a price – and it was the loss of their powers. When the Aspects had given up the gift of the Titans, Janistrasz’ entire world spiraled into confusion. He no longer had a cause to fight. He was struck barren, unable to conceive a child of his own. He felt that the Dragonqueen had stripped him of what made him a dragon. The aftermath of the Black Dread’s defeat left Janistrasz without a purpose in the world. After so many years of fighting for a cause, or for someone, he found himself alone in the world, with his flight disbanded. Janis understood that there was nothing that could return what they once had. Nothing on Azeroth would make up for what the Titans had bestowed him with. He was supposed to re-invent himself, to become anew and find his own place in the world, but Janistrasz did not understand what that came with. He thought that he could find a new identity within the mortal races, but the more he blended in with him, the more he missed his days as a dragon. Janistrasz flew to the Vermilion Redoubt when Pandaria was discovered, seeking to find solace from the rest of the world in the outpost of his flight. The skies of Grim Batol brought back unpleasant memories, but Janistrasz persisted through them and found healing in the midst of his former prison.

Janistrasz decided not to interfere with the fight against Garrosh Hellscream until later on. Taking in the form of a tauren, Janistrasz aided in the siege of Orgrimmar and the rebellion against the orc’s tyranny. He was present in the fight against Kor’kron, but he was not there when Garrosh was personally engaged, as he had received an injury from a dark shaman.
After hearing that Garrosh escaped his trial and even tampered with the lines, Janis harbored an even deeper hate for orcs, as well as was confused Kairozdormu’s action to be questionable, though justifying to himself that this has only happened after the dragons have lost the guidance of their Aspects.
When the Legion threatened to invade the world once again, Janistrasz had fled to Dalaran, seeking to find a shelter for himself. He took on the guise of a high elf and posed as a simple merchant, figuring that the watch of the demons would not be able to find him there. He kept on recalling the island of Mithres Alymna, and how the unity of all dragonflights was promoted. Now, Janistrasz wishes to see his ancestral home once again and to find a new cause to fight for.
First time at dragon roleplay? No.
(IC) Reason to join: Janistrasz would wish to return to his home and find a new cause to fight for.
(OOC) Reason to join: I like dragon RP a lot.
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes

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Re: [Wyrm] Janistrasz

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