[Matured Dragon] Valrigosa

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Matured Dragon] Valrigosa

Post#1 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:54 pm

Dragonflight: Blue Dragonflight
Dragon Name: Valrigosa
Aliases: Velris Dawnveil
Age: 301
Gender: Female
Adulthood: Matured Dragon
Loyalty(-ies): Her kin.
View of Heartwing: Valrigosa finds the concept of Heartwing both interesting and endearing. Having lived a life in the company of mostly herself and her own kin, she has always hoped to make amends to her nonexistent ties within the other flights. This is something she feels she can accomplish with Heartwing.
Affiliations: Wyrmrest Accord, Dalaran.

Attitude/Behaviour: A shrewd dragon with a ferocious appetite for action, Valrigosa aspires to meet and outshine all expectations people have for her. Years of discipline have carved out a bitingly well-mannered dragon who is loyal, passionate and dedicated, but also cares deeply about her craft and her allies.
Key traits: Astute- Like many of her kin, she boasts a wealth of knowledge that she is not afraid to flaunt. Valrigosa is an attentive individual, often finding herself drawn towards appreciating and observing the finer details in life.
Forthright - Valrigosa speaks her mind freely and uses a tone that is remarkably candid. Hardly the sort of person to mince her words, she will be upfront and truthful with everyone no matter how delicate the subject matter is. Despite this she can recognise when she has to be diplomatic, however she tends to blatantly ignore any chance to sugarcoat things.
Pragmatic - Despite her slight figure and noticeable lack of brawn, Valrigosa prefers a practical approach. An active individual who detests being idle without good reason, she will seek out opportunities to keep herself busy with, gladly involving herself in efforts she believes herself to be useful to.
Respect for authority: Valrigosa will dutifully fulfil orders from those in the chain of command.
Character Personality: Valrigosa’s peers know her as an methodical and bullish member of her flight. She appears formal and polished from the outset, yet her blunt way of speaking and candid mannerisms shatter the illusion of delicateness her sylphlike appearance might give.

Idle is not a word in her vocabulary. She is dedicated to her craft, willingly investing years of her life into the study and preservation of magic. What she lacks in patience she makes up for in efficiency and accuracy, she will follow instructions to the exact degree and ensures that any task she is given is completed to the best of her ability.

Without realising it, her deadpan and blunt attitude towards the faithless, work-shy and lazy can sometimes escalate into scathing disapproval. To those who know her well, she remains stern and critical in her counsel. Though her judgements usually come from the heart, it does not always soften the blow.

Valrigosa uses a logical approach to most endeavours but sometimes forgets herself and when her temper flares, she will not easily back down from a disagreement she feels strongly about. A stubborn mare of a woman, she will defend her beliefs relentlessly, engaging in debates and discussions in topics she feels strongly about.
IRL-Person Personality: Friendly!
Hobbies: Tailoring, pressing flowers, attending to and maintaining a personal catalogue of enchanted heirlooms.
Occupation: Part-time seamstress, full-time magus.
Future desired position: Accepted as one of their own and valued as a solid contributor to their successes.
Common spells: A skilled combatant in the field of battle, wielding swords, staves and both arcane magic and cryomancy. Proficient both offensively and defensively, Valrigosa has been honing her abilities for years and certainly has the skills to prove it.
Prestige spells: None to note.
Backstory Summary: Valrigosa was born in Winterspring where her family resided and guarded valuable magical artifacts. Their charge also involved in the study and upkeep of these objects, keeping reports of activity, potency and other relevant factors that were crucial to review. Valrigosa enjoyed learning the artifact’s origin stories, her father would recount endless tales to her as she was slowly introduced to their field of work within their flight, an aspect of her upbringing she believes helped keep her grounded and focused.

In her youth Valrigosa was competitive, she trained endlessly so that she would fare well against her brothers and sisters in sparring matches. Although she took their craft seriously, endless studying was not something she could see herself doing -- she understood from an early age that she learned better by doing, not by surrounding herself with tomes and scrolls. Though her mother encouraged this outlook, Valrigosa and her father had many disagreements until they finally settled on the fact - years later once she reached maturity - that they would never see eye-to-eye on the matter.

The brood that Valrigosa belonged to lived in a remote system of caverns that was shrouded in magic in such a way that would make it difficult to find and infiltrate. With that said, the sheer volume of precious items they protected did paint a target on their home, something they came to contend with over the years.

Rumours of a growing presence of Black Dragonflight within the region sparked unrest within the brood. The elders decided it was wise to move any whelps, eggs and other vulnerable individuals to another system of caverns where they would be safe. Despite her protests, Valrigosa was too young to join the efforts of reinforcing their dwellings. Valrigosa and the other youngsters were instead supervised as they helped put up defensive wards in their new home and research a migration of the most powerful artifacts to a safer location.

Allied with another station of blue dragons, her brood engaged in a campaign to rid Winterspring of the black dragon’s presence. The campaign was made up of many skirmishes and came to a bitter end when the blue dragons eventually succumbed to defeat, abandoning their home in search of refuge. Valrigosa escaped with some of her brood, a number of her brothers and sisters, as well as her father. Her mother was not as fortunate.

Once reaching maturity Valrigosa joined an agency of blue dragons who sought to reclaim, examine and produce catalogues of powerful arcane objects. Her upbringing provided excellent insight into their field of work and she operated within the collective for many years until the Nexus War when the group split. Both the leadership and members were divided by their loyalties to Malygos and Kalecgos, Valrigosa having sided with the latter.

When the Blue Dragonflight found itself disbanded, Valrigosa was disgruntled by the disorderly state of her flight. For a number of years she has operated as a lone agent, seeking the scattered remnants of her flight to offer aid, as well as visiting numerous frontlines in defense of Azeroth and the preservation of her kind. Following a successful investigation into some desecrated tombs, Valrigosa has decided to seek out to Heartwing and gain membership within the ranks, wishing to establish some focus on things she deems important.
First time at dragon roleplay? No. :3c
(IC) Reason to join: Valrigosa hopes to build relationships within other dragonflights and make some bonds with those within her own flight, at present she feels quite disconnected from her kin. Having briefly interacted with them she warmed to the idea of joining them, hoping to put herself back into a more structured environment and fight for a brilliant cause.
(OOC) Reason to join: It’s a pretty neat guild.
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes.
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes.
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes.

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Re: [Matured Dragon] Valrigosa

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This character has been accepted.
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