[Worgen] Stephen Hoechlin

If you are interested in joining the guild this is the topic to post your application. Make sure to have read the rules and the lore of Heartwing before posting.
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[Worgen] Stephen Hoechlin

Post#1 » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:37 pm

Name: Stephen Hoechlin
Race: Worgen
Gender: Male
Class: Druid
Age: 21
Dragonsworn?: He is loyal to the Green Flight's cause.
Dragonflight Alignment: Green Dragonflight
Physique Type: Mesomorph
Choice of magic: Nature magic.
Language(s): Common, Taur-ahe.
Character Personality: Stephen is calm, neutral to all alive beings mostly, friendly to those who have proven themselves friendly or worthy enough of his aid. He does not refrain from fighting, only if it has a good reason though. Mindlessly killing is a thing that he is not currently approving, and will most probably never do. He believes greatly in his cause, and will never back off from aiding anyone in need of assistance or anything of sorts, showing great empathy to everything of the nature - be it animal, plant or human.
IRL Personality: I find this one of the most complicated things to do. I'm going to describe my own personality the way I see it, subjective, like any other human being.

I look at myself the way I'd look at a person who does not want to get involved in drama in any way, at his place, that will not refrain from telling the blunt truth, be it hurtful or not, with the risk of getting punished for it. I can not stand lies or anything of sorts, and I can be rude if I am being treated this way. Preferring solving issues my own way, I may not get along with a certain kind of people, but I am usually making for a neutral, maybe friendly person.
Interest(s): Mentaining the balance on the territories of the Mother Earth, protecting them and Her being, also her Creation.
Minor spell(s): Minor healing, basic manipulation of the alive patterns, creating portals, Dreamsight, alluring animals.
Prestige spell(s): Major healing and manipulation of any alive patterns, with the use of Nature magic (i.e: regrowing limbs at a faster pace, shape-changing natural items in something greater and whatnot).
Backstory: Stephen Hoechlin, a human born on the lands of the Thousand Needles, offspring of two humans, a child who has been left behind to perish. Luckily enough, a Tauren couple has found him, their hearts not allowing them to leave him alone to die, raising him into their home, teaching him the Druidic ways of the Tauren - with belief in the Mother Earth, An'she and Mu'sha, paying his respect towards the Creator of the Tauren, those who have kept him alive. However, the human has decided walking his own path through the World, using the knowledge he's earned from his foster-parents to take care of all green-sites he will ever meet in his way. Upon reaching Gilneas, something either fortunate or unfortunate has happened to him, being bitten by one of the Feral Worgen, resulting in a cursed human, becoming one of the Afflicted Humans. Seeking and being helped by the Druids in controlling his anger, Stephen has decided to continue with his goal, of keeping the earths of the Mother safe.
(IC) How much does your mortal know about dragons?: He has the ground knowledge about Dragons, who they are, what their purpose is (Depending on the Flight. He is more likely to know more of the Green than, for example, Black.) and sustains them, willing to either work with them in accomplishing something greater for the whole World, or die trying alongside worthy comrades.
(OOC) How much does you know about dragon lore?: I've always been the person to say that you learn while doing something. I've started from zero knowledge, and I've learned the lore day passing. I can say that I know the ground knowledge to be able to roleplay both a regular Dragon and a Sworn.
(IC) Reason to join As mentioned above, he is looking forwards into collaborating with beings of the same interests, aiming to maintain the balance between every alive being and protect them, with the cost of his life if needed even. He has been seeking for such a place for a long time, with people with the same goals - cutting off anything that might poison the Mother Earth, sealing her wounds if they may ever occur aswell.
(OOC) Reason to join I always liked this concept of Roleplay, yet, to be able to create something like this, you need quality over quantity, and I think of myself as capable of creating qualitative Roleplay. I have been in several guilds before, almost all of them falling because of members that did not know their place or incapable leaders. To be fair, I have heard from a group of friends of this guild and how old it is, so I am willing to test the waters myself and finally find a stable Roleplaying phase and guild.
What other roleplay have you done before this character? Depends, in fact. I started roleplaying somewhere around 2012, on a different platform, but roleplaying in World of Warcraft has become something serious for me not longer than a few good five months ago. I have started as a mere human Rogue, which through character development has given up on Void, and embraced the path of the Windwalkers, training daily and whatnot. Due to the guild's fall though, I did not find the motivation to continue with him, and I created another character, a human Arcanist, and Pyromancer at that, which I am still Roleplaying and enjoying the character overall.
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Yes.
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yes.
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Yes.

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Re: [Worgen] Stephen Hoechlin

Post#2 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:10 am

Greetings Stephen!

I am Shendormu, an Officer of Heartwing, and will review your application today.

While I'm reviewing your application, I'll be using a certain color code. Green will show exceptionally good things I like about the application, Yellow will show things that'll need further explanation, and Red shows things that have to be drastically changed. So let's get started.
basic manipulation of the alive patterns, creating portals, Dreamsight
Elaborate what ailve patterns are. Additionally, dreamsight is an RPG ability. Therefore it is considered non-canon.
manipulation of any alive patterns
Requires elaboration, same as the comment above.
regrowing limbs at a faster pace
At a faster pace? Worgen cannot regrow limbs at all. Only Trolls are able to regrow limbs and even that, at a very slow pace.
shape-changing natural items in something greater and whatnot)
Requires further elaboration. This is too vague and undefined.
Backstory: ...
Controlling his anger does not allow him to control the curse. Drinking from the waters of Tal'doren is the only effective method of maintaining a permanent balance between the worgen side and the human side. While anger can initiate a transformation, it isn't the source of the problem.

Until the necessary clarifications and changes will be made this application's status is pending.
You can elaborate and clarify in a reply below, or through discord. Preferably in a reply below.

Shendormu: Alive
Varethius: Alive

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