[Wyrm] Kalustrasz

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[Wyrm] Kalustrasz

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Dragonflight: red
Dragon Name: Kalustrasz
Aliases: Several, none active
Age: 5835
Gender: Male
Adulthood: Wyrm
Loyalty(-ies): The Red Dragonflight, Alexstrasza.
View of Heartwing: Kalustrasz sees Heartwing as his last chance of taking the fight to the Legion. With the rest of his flight focused on surviving and dealing with their defences against the Ebon Blade and other threats, Kalustrasz believes he will do more good for Azeroth by taking the fight to the Legion's base of operations. Having heard tales of an ancient Red leading a civilization of all Flights in ages past would also invoke his pride for his Flight, and he's likely to view the Tyranistres bloodline positively once he finds out of their origins.
Behaviour: Quite condescending. Kalustrasz sees the fact that the Red Dragonflight has never been corrupted at large as proof of their superiority over all other dragons. He believes it is natural that Alexstrasza should rule over all other flights, and that mortals are generally only capable of doing good when somehow influenced or directed by his flight. Because of this he's likely to refer to people by demeaning terms, related to their origins or nature.
Key traits: Haughty, loyal and rigorous.
Respect for authority: Kalustrasz is loyal to his Queen before anybody else. He will follow orders in high stake situations, but is very likely to talk down to anyone in situations where he believes himself to know better.
Character Personality: Kalustrasz is a direct and arrogant old dragon. Because of his age and experience he believes himself an expert on most subjects, which may also affect his behaviour even with regards to subjects he doesn't fully understand. Despite his somewhat rude personality, he is fiercely loyal to his flight and charge and would sacrifice himself if he believed it would be a way of assuring the survival of his kin.
Hobbies: Blacksmithing, sparring, occasionally resting or experimenting with some basic spells.
Character progression goal(s): Kalustrasz wants to fight to protect his flight and uphold his charge, believing snuffing out those who do evil is the only way he can do so. He'd try to force his wisdom upon those younger than him, with different levels of respect - depending on who he's talking to.
Common spells: Physical attacks, such as: tail whips, bites, charges, stomps as well as a particularly destructive flame breath. Has a basic understanding of enchanting and imbuing items with his own essence.
Prestige spells: Kalustrasz has mastered the art of implementing his mortal form in combat. He may shift into his mortal form to take a shot with his bow mid air against a quicker flying opponent or to dodge a projectile. He sometimes switches forms in the middle of a charge, to throw off an opponent.
Character most challenged at: In dealing with others. Seeing himself as one of the few capable dragons in most situations often causes people to dislike him, which might further his frustration with them because they are more likely to go against him.
Backstory Summary: Kalustrasz was hatched to the wyrm Catestrasza, and the slightly younger dragon Ethostrasz 5835 years ago as the only whelp of his clutch. His mother was kind and wise, but was determined of what was right, and what had to be done to uphold the Red Dragonflight’s charge. She would not hesitate to take life when needed to, and believed like most other Red Dragons that protecting life also depended on respecting the cycle of death. His father, Ethostrasz was always more playful and his caring nature made him reluctant to fight, which was something Kalustrasz viewed as him not taking their charge seriously.

Kalustrasz spent his drakehood studying the history of his flight, finding out about how the Highborne had betrayed Azeroth and brought demons into the world. On top of this he learned of the Black Dragonflight and their sudden betrayal when their loyalty had mattered most. He grew hateful, but felt helpless to do anything against the evils of the world. Always quite weak magically, Kalustrasz started finding ways of upholding his charge with his breath and physical form, training with his mother in ways to counter Black Dragons, demons and even the innocent, yet dangerous wild beasts of Azeroth. Kalustrasz became a skilled hunter, finding different ways of compensating for his still relative weakness compared to larger dragons with ranged weapons, his breath and diving tactics.

Around seventy years later, when Kalustrasz had reached maturity he had become quite proficient at working with his mother. For this reason Catestrasza and Kalustrasz had been sent to investigate a suspected Black Dragon, hiding among one of the human tribes of what would become the Kingdoms of Lordaeron. The intel had been correct. Catestrasza and Kalustrasz found themselves in combat with a large wyrm, who had cleverly moved them to a location in a narrow valley before revealing his powerful form. The limited space made coordinating attacks from the sky without the wyrm exploiting it nearly impossible. The two wyrms battled it out as Kalustrasz found himself forced to watch from behind his mother’s back, until he noticed her losing the upper hand. In an attempt to save her he shifted into his Kaldorei form and rushed past his mother, shifting just beside the wyrm to land a bite on its neck. Catestrasza finished the fight by pushing her claws into the wyrm’s eye for safety, before collapsing in front of the black leviathan’s corpse. Kalustrasz showered his mother with his healing flame, but it was too late and too weak. She just about managed to make her way north, and thanks to her son’s constant healing she reached the Dragonblight before succumbing to her injuries.

Kalustrasz’s hatred of the Black Dragonflight became inescapable and his father’s attempts at consoling him were met with aggression. Ethostrasz’s was weak. Kalustrasz hated him for surviving, and for spending time on kindness instead of finding better ways of hunting down the Black Dragonflight. Kalustrasz became obsessed with the idea, most of his waking hours spent either training himself physically or gaining knowledge that could be used against the Old God’s flying minions. It was during this time that he discovered blacksmithing and he was reminded of the events that had led to his mother’s death. The Highborne’s recklessness had made Deathwing’s betrayal more damaging for all flights and even worse, they were weak. Kalustrasz’s studies eventually lead him to the tribal tauren, who while mortal and weak were more likely to survive getting thrown around a couple of times. They had also stood strong against the Legion in the War of the Ancients and had never fallen to corruption. Kalustrasz eventually perfected his Shu’halo form, adding it as a tool to his arsenal against the enemies of the Red Dragonflight.

As Kalustrasz grew he continued carrying out the less diplomatic missions of his Queen, guarding important outposts, defending important caravans and hunting down black dragons. When he reached wyrmhood he was already quite scarred by claw marks and injuries acquired in combat in his mortal form. As he had grown in size, he had been forced to rely more on his to him pathetic tauren form, to be able to carry out a lot of missions. Because of this he spent centuries testing different weapons, improving his armour and combat strategy. It was on one of these missions he met a like-minded dragon, Varastrasza. They quickly became inseparable in their pursuit of a world free of evil, even if Varastrasza lacked some of Kalustrasz’s hateful tendencies. They got several children before their Dragonflight was pulled into the War of the Shifting Sands.

Both Kalustrasz and Varastrasza found themselves bellowing their flames down on the countless qiraji and silithid. Kalustrasz enjoyed himself a lot. Seeing as many corrupted minions of the Old Gods burned with each breath gave him a sense of joy equal to bringing down at least four Black Dragons for his Queen. That was until a corrupted titan-forged creature hurled a sword at the Bronze Wyrm Grakkarond where Varastrasza and Kalustrasz had been torching insectoids a few moments earlier. Kalustrasz would never forget seeing the wyrm tumble down to the ground to be overwhelmed by servants of evil. After helping drive back the qiraji and their minions and surviving the war Kalustrasz and Varastrasza worked on ways to protect their wings in combat. They settled on using dives and dodges as well as occasionally shifting into their mortal forms mid-flight to completely remove the obvious target from their enemies.

They continued balancing their duties to their flight with that of their family. This was particularly easy with one of their sons. Catestrasz, who was born a few hundred years after the War of the Shifting Sands, was named after his grandmother when Kalustrasz had finally come to terms with her death, several thousand years after it happened. Kalustrasz and Varastrasza taught all of their children how to best defend themselves in combat, but Catestrasz was the most willing to listen. He was a warrior, like his parents, choosing a tauren form just like his father.

When the Orcish invasion came both Kalustrasz and Varastrasza had become powerful enough to feel comfortable fighting by themselves, and because of this they were often separated for the good of their flight. When Alexstrasza spear-headed the search for the Demon Soul, Varastrasza was with her. Kalustrasz and Catestrasz had both been charged with guarding the Wyrmrest Temple, in the case of an unlikely attack. When word of their beloved Queen and family member’s capture reached them they were furious. Despite this, they were powerless to do anything. To wait for the news of their kin’s release, they took on several human aliases. But the war ended and the humans celebrated their victory without any news of any free Red Dragons. Kalustrasz was furious at them celebrating when his Queen and Consort were still in capture, and made his way back to Northrend.

When the news of Korialstrasz’s successful rescue mission of their beloved Queen reached Kalustrasz and Catestrasz they were ecstatic. This was one of the few moments in his life where Kalustrasz felt genuine joy - that is, until the details of the escape reached him. Deathwing had attacked the orcs in an attempt to steal Kalustrasz’s beloved flight’s eggs and the orcs had used their enslaved dragons to battle him, just like they had forced his consort to violate her charge against the elves and humans. When Alexstrasza and the other red dragons returned to their civilization, Varastraza wasn’t there. She had been killed at the hands of Deathwing. Kalustrasz’s fell into a deep depression. Now the Black Dragonflight had taken two of the women he loved from him, only to escape and go into hiding.

Catestrasz tried to keep his father’s spirits up, not like Ethostrasz had done millennia ago, but by sparring and helping his father work on his weaponry and armour. Kalustrasz remained in despair for several years, a dark cycle of blame turning in his head. Mortals had failed their flight ages ago and now they had gotten his beloved consort killed. They needed to be put in their place, to be subjugated or at least managed by the Dragonqueen. Kalustrasz was sure of it. When the Nexus War erupted he was glad to see the mortals doing as they were told. He wasn’t surprised of the Blue Dragonflight’s betrayal either, because of course he couldn’t trust the other flights either.

Chewing through blues got his mind off Varastrasza some days. Other days, while fighting against a particularly cunning Blue he missed having her by his side. He never questioned or felt remorse at killing the blue dragons, though. Clawing, biting and burning through them was what he was good at. It was what he was on this planet to do. Taking care of others emotions or harbouring love was for his Queen and the rest of his flight - this was the only way Kalustrasz could protect. When Malygos died Kalustrasz's already weak faith in the other flights had reached a new low, but when Deathwing was spotted after the defeat of the Lich King he knew exactly what he had to do.

Kalustrasz once again returned to hunting black dragons, for as much as his Queen allowed it. Every time he was stationed to watch over the Wyrmrest Temple, or worse, the Vermillion Redoubt - not far from where his consort had fallen, he was fuming. Every black dragon alive meant a risk for the future of their flight. When the war against Deathwing and his two evil flights eventually drew to an end Kalustrasz felt as if his luck had turned. He had been stationed as one of the defenders of the ritual that would end Deathwing. When the twilight and black dragons attacked the temple Kalustrasz chewed through them, his rage and arrogance blinding him. He forced several adult black dragons, and drakes of both the Black and Twilight Dragonflight tumbling towards the ground before eventually finding himself in front of Deathwing. Kalustrasz’s rage kept him going, bringing down another harbinger of the Old Gods before the Aspect of Death decided it had been enough. He showered Kalustrasz’s left side in corrupted flames, hitting him from a slight angle from above. Kalustrasz managed to close his eyes and keep quite stable in the air as he was hit, containing the damage to one area and protecting his wings. Despite this, Kalustrasz was forced to the ground, diving with one eye open towards the Temple. He landed with a thud, injuring his front legs even further. He limped into the Wyrmrest Temple, where he was forced to remain until the battle was over.

When he heard that an orc had been vital in defeating Deathwing, Kalustrasz was equal parts skeptical and cynical. If it was true, it was because of his Queen. And using the “Dragon Soul” was nothing new for their corrupted kind. Nevertheless Kalustrasz spent a couple of months healing and resting at the Temple. When he was ready to fly again he asked to be stationed at the Vermillion Redoubt, once again succumbing to his dark thoughts. Not only was he doomed to remain miserable for the rest of his life, but now he could never be as useful as before. He was scarred and weak. Kalustrasz remained in this state for years, but started slowly regaining some confidence in his own ability, once again thanks to his son. When he saw a corrupted planet appear in the sky and learned that he had missed another chance to fight the Legion, he decided it was enough. Whether there was any love in his heart left or not, he would not see his flight’s charge forgotten. He would not let himself lick his wounds any longer and returned to the Wyrmrest Temple. There, he was informed there was a group of dragons of several flights heading for Argus; Heartwing.
First time at dragon roleplay? RP:ed Arogos since WoD.
(IC) Reason to join: Similar to his view of Heartwing. Kalustrasz is convinced he can do more after having recovered from his injuries at the maw of Deathwing during the Cataclysm. He has guarded important places of his flight for too long and is anxious to get back into doing what he's been doing for most of his life - upholding his charge through physical might.
(OOC) Reason to join: It's nice to have an alt when Arogos goes away. Am also interested in playing something that would have been almost impossible on retail.
Timezone/Availability You know it! ^^
Are you aware of the guild rules, the content of the Tome of Ancient Times forum and the lore of your dragonflight?: Aye.
Have you understood current timeline of Heartwing?: Yup.
Do you fully understand the lore of your dragonflight, and other essential lore information: Aye.
Is your real life age over the age of 13?: Yup.

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Re: [Wyrm] Kalustrasz

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Behaviour: . . .
This section seems a bit bland. Your character is nearly 6 thousand years old, I think he deserves a bit more of a well thought out, nuanced personality. Focusing on the aspect of superiority is fine but the entire section seems to focus solely around that one trait.
Character Personality: . . .
Same issue as the above.
Backstory Summary: . . .
The backstory is very well written and organized, however, it lacks immense depth which results in a bleak and bland character. After reviewing the backstory of Kalustrasz I have found several points that require significant modification or need to be re-written altogether:

1. Kalustrasz's Relationship with the Tauren: A dragon's relationship with the race he chooses to disguise himself as goes way deeper than simple appearance. His ideals, goals, ambitions, traits, and behavior must somewhat align with the race's general theme or else it wouldn't make any sense to choose that race. Think about the following: A peaceful and wise dragon that pursues justice and equality among all races is very unlikely to disguise himself as a scheming goblin unless he has a unique reason to do so.

2. You mention that Kalustrasz has other children other than Catestrasz, where are they? Why didn't they play any role in Kalustrasz's life?

3. Following Kalustrasz's recovery after the defeat of Deathwing - Why would he specifically ask to be stationed at the Vermilion's Redoubt if he knows that he'll be useless there and just sink back into depression? No clear explanation is given regarding this odd decision.

The red dragonflight is one of the dragonflights that has received the most attention and love from blizzard which results in incredible depth and lore that surrounds the entire flight. This cannot be seen in this application. The character is solely based on hatred for black dragons and the need to feel superior which is unacceptable for a wyrm that has lived thousands of years. Despite sounding harsh, this application doesn't do justice to the red dragonflight and its amazing lore and depth. Hence why I deem this application as denied. If you have any further questions please message either myself or Jes.


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